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  1. discordauth:OoOkLZ6gl-_Og29M1WNFYjI3Zr9QuCuLf5I9QnLaRlo=

  2. This is the exact reason I used to only be able to enjoy like 50% of certain mmos I used to play. I was so afraid of pvp due to losing armor that I would never participate in fights and only ever be involved in pve incidents.
  3. ^^ This is a respectable way to ask haha. Is it worth losing sleep over for a first impression?
  4. Oh my god I love louis (as a comedian) Some of his comedy skits about his kids made me laugh so god damn hard!
  5. I wish I had the time to read them. I do know though, that reach as a game was the greatest thing under the sun at the time. So sad they ruined infected in halo 4
  6. Regardless of where it belongs I cannot WAIT for halo 6 on PC. Omg so hyped. Just as much as this game. Going to be a blast to play with friends! (provided I can make some before DU comes out )
  7. I know you already have plenty of recommendations but as Aetherios [/size] said sketchup is the bomb. That is what I am personally using to design ships pre realease.
  8. I would personally run like hell. There is no way a ship like that is not heavily guarded with a kick ass big guild. I ain't dying trying to be bold
  9. xD. You are the worse kind of person. I myself, if I happen to like the game (ie find it worth paying the monthly fee) will hopefully build a comfortable ship, join a faction, have a nice house on some planet, and enjoy playing with friends I make throughout the journey. We shall see though. I look forward to it all
  10. I'm just a nub when it comes to this but I would like to get involved with this community . My input for the whole biome thing is as follows. I come from a very plain town in real life with very little going on. I love to dream of places where there are objects as tall as the eye can see and places where you could hide if ever need be. Creating a home just to get away from it all. I think building within a mountain would fit my style perfectly. Even just digging a hole and having the necessities when I wouldn't be working on my ship would work wonderfully for me.
  11. #pops one of the previously placed nuts into mouth. "Danm these nuts taste old. So what brings any of you to this side of the galaxy?"
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