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  1. PenroseLabs:6037506181302A1DDB9C71BBD81A2DF9

  2. With a debuff system, it may allow you to use the skill for good reasons, but you have to see that they are its limits. I know they are inspired by EVE for DU which is very good
  3. Cronael

    Public Event

    I agree. We have to wait to see how these categories will be proportional with the number of players.
  4. I think the implant system is thinking well to be able to include a multitude of applications, but the hacking is too extensive if you do not put a limit from the beginning. It will frustrate many people to know that you can be broken without being able to protect yourself. The good old method of fighting will always be the most attractive (sensation level).
  5. Cronael

    Public Event

    Except that most people who think to destroy or only pvp, without generalizing, are people without work "no-life". So they always have a head start and can build that.
  6. This with a sound signal in a room with a guard, i think easy to make this and good
  7. Cronael

    Public Event

    I do not underestimate the game on the contrary, but must always think of some eventuality. But yes he will find his place, I am sure
  8. Cronael

    Public Event

    This is reassuring Thanks
  9. Cronael

    Public Event

    And if the game does not get enough people to be able to be even its event? how are they going to hold back others? I am not pessimistic but must provide "exit doors" .. solutions in advance.
  10. @supermega You have summarized well Strongly agree
  11. If you do not stay on a pessimistic view: 1. it's not a bad idea 2. We are here to discuss it and find the best solution. If the weapon or metal detector is not automatic, it is not broken. A prevention tool ... nothing else if it is usable only by a person.
  12. Anyway the first who wants the piracy to implement, will be the first to complain about being fooled by this technology. He still thinks destroying others but when it happens to them they are not happy ... it's a sandbox, no one wants us to easily destroy what we create. Where is the pleasure when all is easy? It is surprising to me that some ATVs want it.
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