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  1. Im have this exact same issue. Tried all of the above. Im in Australia I had thought it was something to do with the anti-cheat software. I elevated it to trusted in kasperksy total security and was able to play for hours, but then I loged out and a few hours later tried to log in and got the login timeout again. It possible that it just appears to be firewall or anti cheat related. Perhaps there is something wrong with the login process that cant deal with higher latency connection. My connection is good, I have no trouble playing other online games, but being in Australia means that my ping is between 250-400 for US servers.
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  3. This seems like a reasonable approach. I have seen similar way of balancing pve-pvp for players. The one thing that bothers me is that, if I'm correct higher level resources are in pvp zones? If those resources are required to make end game or worse, mid game content then your forcing non pvp players to enter pvp. Trading for the resources usually does not work very well since everyone will have access to the resources in pve. There trade value is usually very low. Don't know if I'm being overly half empty here.?
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