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    Ghangi got a reaction from Wyndle in RESET NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT - Discussion thread   
    You can add game time codes on top of whatever package. So if you really wanted that exotic pack, you could apply 12 month GTC and a 1 month GTC.
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    Ghangi reacted to NQ-Ligo in DEVBLOG: ATHENA LUA IMPROVEMENTS & ADDITIONS - discussion thread   
    Hi everyone!
    Well before starting, I would like to thank you for your feedback, whether it is positive or "less positive". I will try to answer your questions in a general way, hoping to bring the hoped answers.
    First of all, I must respond to the critics:

    I can totally understand that this aspect of the game is secondary for you, and it's normal, not all players are interested in Lua, just like not all players are interested in pvp, or industry, voxelmancy ...etc. 
    But remember that in a studio, not everyone is working on the same thing at the same time. People who work on Lua, and myself, are multi-tasking but not necessarily working on pvp, or content, or art...etc at the same time, or even just for some like me, pvp/content/art is not in their work domain. It do not means that there is nobody working on these aspect when we do some Lua changes.
    Core to core data exchange & elements LOD
    This aspect is really complex, when Lua is run locally by the client, it always has to interact, get data from elements or control them. So the more access you want to add, the more data you have to constantly load/request. This can be very tricky on the server side.

    Imagine, having the ability to get rangefinder or radar data from a building at a distance of 10 SU (for an absurd example), you have to get ALL the buildings around the target, terrain voxels...etc! That's a lot of data to query, load, update, etc.
    And on top of that, even with all the good will in the world, it is really complex to keep everything loaded all the time. That's why we've even added a build limit setting, to allow players to adjust it according to their bandwidth and computer configuration.
    Anyway, even if we could, I say could, rework systems for receiver transmitters, we will certainly not be able to allow the loading of a remote construct and the proximity environment ... etc. So to answer, say, really complex problem.

    Static image URL
    I didn't saw this thread @Juvenius Drakonius (do not hesitate to tag me on Lua related stuff, even if I will not reply every time obviously, it let me know the subject and let you know that I saw that). 😉
    It's an idea, something to consider 🤔 Potentially, if we could add a way to update an image on the "upload image" page of your profile, it could do the same thing. I'll discuss this with the team. No promises, we'll see.
    But one point is the validation process of the image, it means it would have to repass by it to be sure the player do not upload a forbidden image.

    Industries, dispensers next ?
    As you may have read at the end of the devblog, we've outlined the fact that we think the item API approach can be good and would like to get your feedback on it since we could then apply it to other aspects of the game.
    So, the aspects affected could potentially be, if the item API formula works: industries, containers, elements in general, and dispensers ...etc.
    That's one of our goal behind the item API, so potentially if you feel this approach the good one 😉.

    Camera direction function not working ?
    Don't worry @Modgud,it's not a bug, it looks like you're using the wrong function for what you expect.
    Indeed, getMasterPlayerForward returns the front vector of your character, not the camera.

    To get the forward vector of the camera, you should use getCameraForward() or getCameraWorldForward () depending of the coordinate system you want to use  
    (These links reach the awesome online CODEX made by a community member, it can help you a lot).

    An other word
    Finally, I'd like to address this word; keep in mind that we'd like to do a lot of things too, and a lot of which come from our players' ideas, but there are multiple issues and constraints; both human in terms of available resources; Lua remains a secondary feature, as well as community; some want to push the dev on this, or want this or that freedom, there are multiple opinions similar to yours and multiple opposed to yours.
    Especially on Lua, some would like to not hold back from breaking a good part of the API to improve it, and others are totally against it because it would break their scripts. That's why it's important to tell us what you think about these devblog threads, so that we can know if a majority prefers this or that approach. 

    Anyway, thank you all the same for welcoming the evolutions we make on the Lua and for sharing your ideas and desires. 🙂
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    Ghangi reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in DEVBLOG: PANACEA 'REMEDIES' ON THE WAY   
    Dual Universe’s Panacea update is right around the corner, bringing with it a sizable variety of changes based on feedback from our community. 
    Ahead of the update, however, we are immediately introducing revisions to territory upkeep and mining units. 
    Read on for the full scoop! 
    Taxes will be effective again starting Wednesday, January 26th.
    The day before, we are going to deploy three adjustments to address the issues mentioned in the Community Feedback regarding Territory Upkeep.
    Territory Upkeep Reduction: 1 MM --> 500k.

    Territory Upkeep was first introduced in the November 2021 Demeter update. After reviewing community feedback, we announced that territory upkeep payments would be postponed for two weeks to allow the Design team time to dig deep into the metrics and fine-tune the system accordingly. 

    The upkeep rate per territory will be reduced by 50%, from 1MM to 500k quanta. Player feedback indicated that people felt they were having to sell ore too frequently to generate the funds needed to pay upkeep. In halving the upkeep costs, we will relieve the pressure to make frequent trips to the market as well as the need to sell large quantities of ore.
      Calibrations Charges:
    Base calibration charge slots increase : 5 --> 25.
    Talent calibration charge slots increase : 1/level --> 5/level.

    Also introduced in the Demeter update, mining units were designed as an alternative to digging endless tunnels underground for ore. To keep them producing at their peak capacity requires occasional calibration; however, initial feedback from the community told us that further tweaks were needed for the calibration process. To this end, we’ve made the two changes mentioned above.

    This will change the total amount of stored charges from 10 (5 base + 5 max talents) to 50 (25 base + 25 max talents).

    The intention behind the charge cap was not to force a behavior in which you felt like you needed to spend charges in order not to “lose out” on charges by hitting the cap and wasting your recharge. 

    In view of that, both the base and the talent bonus are drastically going up. This will not only allow you to store more charges in general, but specifically allow you to store a much longer period of time in charge recharge time, giving you much more breathing room to store charges and not waste charge recharge time.
      Calibration grace period: 48h --> 72h
      The calibration grace period is the amount of time during which a mining unit does not lose calibration. Similarly to charge slots, the intention was not to aggressively require you to calibrate mining units every 2-3 days. In our initial calculations our goal was more to hit the 5 to 6 day mark depending on what efficiency curve the player selected, and how many mining units the player was trying to maintain.
    We are changing the calibration grace period from 48-hours to 72-hours. 
    This change should bring us closer to the initial values we were looking for and give players more breathing room to calibrate when their mining units seem to be producing less than usual, indicating that calibration is needed.
    Using industry units on offline tiles

    The intention of requiring online territories for industry units was not to negatively impact industry units on planets. We initially saw it as further incentive to pay for taxes, but it was not a core requirement. This is also why industry units on Ssanctuary and space cores were left untouched.

    We understand from player feedback that requiring you to operate mining units on a territory in order to not run industry units at a loss on that territory was an annoyance and many players did not want to run their industry units on the same territories as their mining units.

    In view of the preferences expressed, we have decided to allow the operation of industry units on all offline territories. In combination with HQ territories, this will allow you to effectively run industry units on offline territories for extended periods of time.
      Faster extraction animations
      We are also addressing the feedback we’ve received regarding the time it takes to complete a calibration minigame, specifically the frustration from the long loading animations when calibrating a number of mining units.
    An option has been added in the mining unit UI (tick box) that will let you significantly reduce the time these animations take, drastically reducing the period of time the animations run.
    Additionally, a number of mining unit mini-game animations have been slightly reduced in duration, thus allowing a faster minigame completion.
    New talents for surface harvesting
      In order to further incentivize harvesting surface rocks, and to be able to specialize in it, we are adding four talents linked to surface harvesting that will touch on harvesting speed and output.
    The main goal is to create some surface harvesting specialization for those players who enjoy it, giving them the capability to harvest better and faster, and for longer periods of time.
    New surface harvesting controls
      To further address surface harvesting issues, we are working on quality of life-type improvements that will allow a degree of auto-harvesting similar to normal mining as well as other changes to reduce control and UX-based frustrations during surface harvesting. 
    Watch for additional details as we refine our plans!
     New mining unit surface harvesting, rocks spawning behavior
    Lastly, we are looking for a solution to simplify the process of gathering rocks. This is in direct response to player requests to eliminate the hassle of having to comb their territories after calibrating a number of mining units. 
    While this is still in relatively early stages, the solution we are looking at is to spawn the rocks right under the mining unit beam, where the beam hits the ground. Players would then be able to rapidly harvest surface rocks. 
    Don’t forget that there’s a lot more to Panacea than the changes and tweaks discussed above. It’s also got some cool new stuff, like the Vertex Precision Tool which we’ll be talking about in the next devblog! 
    Meanwhile, please join the conversation on the forum here to tell us what you think about revisions we’ve presented in this Devblog.
    We’d love to hear from you! 

    The Novaquark team
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    Ghangi reacted to Archaegeo in DEVBLOG: PANACEA LUA CHANGES - discussion thread   
    Side Note:  Removal of lua logging will not stop people reading the logs and using things written to do stuff.
    If logs exist, and they record things like a core turning on and off, or any producable event in game, the log can still be used for nefarious purposes.
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    Ghangi reacted to Novalok in DEVBLOG: MINING UNITS 101 - Discussion Thread   
    Good move clearing old scans!
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    Ghangi got a reaction from killthrush in INSIDE NOVAQUARK: DEMETER EDITION - Discussion Thread   
    In the video you can see that each of your territories has a wallet that the fees will be withdrawn from. If there's no quanta in the account, then it goes through the different stages of non-payment.

    So, to answer the other person's question, it does look like you'll be able to prepay some amount of your territory's fees.
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    Voxels make up almost everything you see in the world of Dual Universe. Currently, most creations are made using the basic tools we provide with standard shapes such as cubes, spheres, cylinders, wedges, and tetrahedrons. 
    More intricate designs can be achieved through the art of ‘voxelmancy’ where players customize the shapes of voxels using a variety of methods and techniques based on how voxels react to each other when placed. This very advanced technique allows voxelmancers to place each corner of a voxel exactly where they want it. To do that, they use what is called a ‘voxel reactor’.

    Voxel reactors, as amazingly useful as they are, have three major drawbacks:
    They are time consuming to use. They are not very intuitive for beginners. They are laid out in a checkered pattern in all three dimensions.  
    The last item on that list poses some technical problems. 

    When we are effectively applying a checkered pattern of voxels of different colors or even air, it creates a relatively large amount of small surfaces. This doesn’t really pose a problem for a single reactor, but can be a performance burden for some voxel libraries that consist of thousands of reactors.
    With more and more detailed constructs of complex design being built, it’s become problematic for the ‘mesh service’ system that generates the shapes that you see when not in build mode. On a few rare occasions, highly-detailed constructs may not render at all or their honeycomb will disappear. 
    To prevent this from happening, we will gradually implement a limitation to the complexity that can be created in a single chunk of voxels. It will start with a simple complexity gauge in Demeter:
    With the launch of Demeter, you will start by seeing a new feedback gauge while building which highlights the region you’re actively working on and will appear as a bar in the HUD that indicates the complexity level of that region as a percentage.  In a future update (exact update number still to be discussed), we will introduce the eagerly-awaited vertex precision tool (Known to many of you as the fabled vertex editor) as a way to ensure that the limitation to voxel reactors doesn’t hinder players’ ability to create amazing constructs in the game. (More on that below.) In a subsequent future (and yet undefined) update, we will enforce the complexity value limit to be 100% for any new voxel operations. As such, old constructs and blueprints will not be altered by this but may become unalterable if they are above the limit in a region. Rest assured that if you have an existing construct that’s above the limitation, you will still be able to use it as is.  
    With all that out of the way, let’s get to the fun part!

    There is currently a bit of a gap between learning how to build using the basic tools and more advanced voxelmancy techniques, something we’ve wanted to address for a long time. The introduction of the vertex precision tool in a future update will allow you to take any vertex (a corner of a voxel) and move it to a new location on any of its three axes inside the vertex's moveable area at different resolutions. This will provide an intuitive way that fills that crucial gap between basic building and advanced voxelmancy to fine-tune your builds.
    See the video below for a demonstration of how this works. Please keep in mind that the video only shows an early prototype, but we think it’s already promising enough to make you as excited as we are about the possibilities of this tool.


    I came, I saw, I voxeled 
    We hope that these voxelmancy changes, along with all of the great new Lua functions added in the Selene update, will inspire and encourage you to make even more amazing things than you already are. 
    Check out our Tutorials page for even more ideas and tips on using voxels to bring your creativity to life in Dual Universe. 
    As always, we’d love to hear your comments and answer your questions on the forum. 
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    Ghangi got a reaction from decom70 in INSIDE NOVAQUARK: DEMETER EDITION - Discussion Thread   
    In the video you can see that each of your territories has a wallet that the fees will be withdrawn from. If there's no quanta in the account, then it goes through the different stages of non-payment.

    So, to answer the other person's question, it does look like you'll be able to prepay some amount of your territory's fees.
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    Ghangi got a reaction from jkspartan in INSIDE NOVAQUARK: DEMETER EDITION - Discussion Thread   
    In the video you can see that each of your territories has a wallet that the fees will be withdrawn from. If there's no quanta in the account, then it goes through the different stages of non-payment.

    So, to answer the other person's question, it does look like you'll be able to prepay some amount of your territory's fees.
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    Ghangi reacted to Zarcata in Apollo & Ares - Question Thread   
    Battles between ships take place at a distance of ~2su - how could you jump from ship to ship at this distance? That would only work if the other ship had lost its propulsion and you could approach it, but at the moment that would almost mean a completely destroyed ship.
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    Ghangi reacted to NQ-Pann in Market Clean-Up discussion thread   
    Questions or comments about the Market-Cleanup announcement? Post them here. 
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    Ghangi got a reaction from Habitant in PERMANENT REMOVE SCHEMATICS FROM THE GAME   
    No, I like them.
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