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  1. discordauth:p9S7evqqqe9DQ1eRLDT2JDl2dLu4TxS2Zusply6t5Sk=
  2. hey hey everyone, I'm loving this game so far. Can I have access to discord please? thanks!
  3. Degradation of materials and constructs seems like it would be necessary in order to sustain a player-built economy IMO. Otherwise, scarcity would continue to be forced downward, as would prices. Entropy is a fantastic sink, and I really like the idea, especially allowing for wide variation across materials/components/etc. Don't want to grind on repairs? Pay someone a fee to cover the market price for mats and overhead of repair systems. Or keep spares. Don't have a trusted mechanic? Buy your own mats, bots, and equipment and cut out the middleman. Don't have the money but lots of time
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