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  1. AND what day would that be when you could give us "more concrete" news on a reset???? Could you perhaps tell us that??? Yall are trying to address the problem without addressing the problem, and every time you release a statement that is not an answer to the wipe but another "we are still discussing it" you prove that point. Once again you have released a statement that is no statement. I have been a subscriber since the first beta weekend and have never been more frustrated. I know there are plenty of people who have supported this game longer but I think most of us want to know that answer to only one question more than any other. You are looking to things that will release when? after launch? before launch? that wasn't answered. I finally canceled auto renewal on all three of my accounts because there IS NO POINT IN PLAYING when we don't know the future or even about when these plans will be in place. I would love to play this game with my friends when we have a goal. but as long as the "reset" (wipe) is uncertain there is no goal I can think of that may or may not be wiped. You may not care but you will get no more money from me until you answer those questions. I have never spent more time on a game than I have with DU and this is so frustrating and upsetting. I am not yelling as I type, just sad.
  2. I think the number of responses in this forum says it all. There are a total of 30 comments across three days (31 with this post and two of those days were over a weekend) and the OVERWHELMING MAJHORITY of the response is... Dear NQ; Please give us the answer we have wanted for over a month. This content might has well have been no content. I think some of us would have felt better if it wasn't made at all. Yes you are working toward a goal. A goal with no timeline that your community knows of. Yes you are working hard and the work is not necessarily easy to complete, However if you "hear" us then the perception is you don't care, or the leadership does not care. Please answer the question we have asked collectively as a group over and over, or let us know when you will have the answer. I think what is more telling in the feedback forum though is that a significant number of the usual characters have not even bothered to give you "feedback" precisely for the reason that you don't care. Perception matters and that is the perception I get from reading this entire forum. As a player since the start of beta I have canceled all of my subs and will not be logging back in until we have this answer. Really at this point I am not even angry any more just sad
  3. This is an excellent quality of life improvement! and it worked great in the PTS
  4. Please dont take the talent points. I agree that this is the reason for the paid subscription. I dont mind a wipe on everything else, and in talks with my org have even gotten a little excited at the prospect (and would thank you for tearing down some of the old constructs and that would have taken hours) but the talent points are ALWAYS the breaking point for me. We should absolutely keep those. What has been most annoying about the last month with the game is absolutely the uncertainty. Take the feed back set a date where you will have the final conclusion.... GIVE US THAT DATE.... and we will wait to hear but not knowing is becoming more frustrating every time another post about this comes up. Also please clarify on "removing schematics" because it sound like you mean doing away with the schematic mechanic entirely but I think you meant removing existing schematics that players have already purchased... Definitely want some clarification on that
  5. The market UI should attach names of players or orgs to buy orders at least. Trolling buy orders should have to have player names attached, just like the mission have a rating system.
  6. Considering that the underground nodes will be removed it seems that the 15 minute timer on claiming territories is now useless and a hindrance if we want to deploy cores and set up miners for a recently claimed tile. I would also agree with the problem of existing scan giving larger orgs a large advantage.
  7. 20% is a huge over correction and if this is intended to make an impact on the pvp end of things warp should happen from spool up after ship alignment, the ship should not stop during spool up but keep its trajectory up until the moment warp starts
  8. Some much needed love to pvp. PVP fleet battles have easily been some of the most fun I have had in this game. Please address the known and still existing bugs. Having a more balanced pvp will not help if all you register is misses with 100% probs. This was how my last battle went.
  9. just curious, I thought the mission system was suppose to be released as part of 0.24? Was that not true? I really like playing DU but it does seem like talking about 0.25 before the full release of 0.24 is creating confusion for me at least. Is NQ going to finish the release of 024? is the mission system coming? What is the NEXT thing happening. You keep speaking about the "Road map" but it doesn't seem very clear to me. are we getting the second half of 0.24?
  10. I am happy to see NQ actively engaging with the DU community again. Knowing that the support is there if you need it restores confidence in the game. I am not really sure how a player could use one fetch command per day as a exploit or /unstuck to teleport in any reliable way as an exploit. I still play every day, and am glad to see some of these safety nets restored. I would also like to agree with the gentlemen's message from above though. Sometimes the ticket system does seem like a black hole
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