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  1. Damn NQ after reading that post again I have just lost motivation to play the game, cant even be bothered logging in please make a decision on this soon
  2. No wipe for me, I have way to many dynamics that I love and I'm too old to start again. Seriously NQ just make the decision so I can decide to waste my time here or on another game
  3. So you two do not argue, can I take his stuff ?
  4. I'm with this guy, in thoughts well said. Just don't shoot me when you see me in PvP space please haha
  5. I so hope NQ is reading this! Best idea yet and it harks back to finding ore in SWG, the good old mining days may be coming back in a new game called DU.
  6. Hello NQ, Lower the weekly tax rate per tile (much lower) Leave the airbrakes alone The rest I can handle Thank you
  7. I'm in for the long ride, enjoying the journey I would like to see these Q&A's regularly. If you do make a mass change at release please don't take all my assets/stuff away
  8. I know it still beta, I know it still crashes, I know I'm still loving the game please keep building, keep us updated with the roadmap and where it is going.
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