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  1. Still having an A W E S O M E time. I do realise this game is not for everyone, so if you hate dealing with issues or other difficult tasks you might be better off playing Doom Eternal or Mario Carts.
  2. Support chat in it's current state is not working as it should. Too much talk about other stuff there. At the moment there is just too much confusion with many players and I feel bad about it. Support is extremely important to keep the player base happy and satisfied. Things can and should be improved. Maybe the chat channel labels can be more clear, maybe add a description with the purpose for every chat channel when a player gets online and sees the chat channel for the first time. Also players should get bans for a few hours or so if they abuse the chat channel's purpose. Maybe there are not enough employees at NQ to moderate the chat channels all the time, but maybe NQ could work with volunteer players to moderate some channels. Chat channels should be moderated. Here ar my thoughts: player support for stranded peeps should be in a channel called: "local support" (I will not fly to Madis to help someone stranded while I'm on Sanctuary...) player support (no local help needed) should be the channel: "support" there should be a discussion chat (universal) to chat about DU wherever you are. Channels: "discussion EN", "discussion FR", "discussion DE". No chitchat in the support channels, do it somewhere else... (discussion, coorporate, local) Rules are there to make life easier and more clear. Just a few thoughts, sorry about the rant.
  3. Good stuff! We need a way for a creator to be able to transfer their “creatorship” to another player/org. As a creator you should be able to rightclick on the core of the construct and produce a 'proof of creatorship' which can be transferred to another person or organisation. What still needs to be answered is the question: if you transfer creatorship, will you (the original creator) still be creator or will that right/privilege be removed when he passes the 'contract of creatorship'? Possible answer: we need to be able to share creatorship, let's say we call this 'share of creatorship' and we need to be able to full transfer creatorship, let's call that 'testament of creatorship' Just my two cents... As for initial privs/flags... I think everything should be protected by default. If you don't want protection, take it off. We cannot have it the other way because people who really need protection can forget to activate it and that could be a disaster for a ship designer. Taking DRM off, should be easy for all four elements: core, honeycomb, controller and screens. Just right click on construct / advanced / remove DRM and then the question "are you surely sure sure to take it off?" and then I think we're on track.
  4. I think there is a bug on paying tax while putting down a Territory Unit to claim a territory. I don't know the exact amounts, but when I put down my first TU it was like 125,000 h. I put down a second and it was 250,000 h. I put down a third and it was 500,000 h. I removed the third and... ok no tax refund, which is fine. I want to put the third TU which I retrieved on a third territory ....aaand I pay 1,000,000 h !!! why? I would expect the 500k and not the 1m, that would seem logical, right? Is this a bug? could you please fix this NQ? if not.... 😭
  5. What game (don't say space engineers...) will let you build stuff like I'm building? I totally love the voxelmancy and I love to design ships, so yeah I'm happy with the game in its current state. I'm seeing a lot of features like LUA scripting and specific talents for designers to build better ships (because they trained these specific talents) which I absolutely find awesome. Also I love the scenery. I'm currently based on Alioth in the tropical region (as you can see in the image) and it's just beautiful. So... nothing suspicious here... I'm only saying I love what NQ does, but that's just because I love those specific features which I find really sick. I do understand there is still a lot to be done to this game and I hope (I actually expect...) that NQ will continue to improve the game. So I'm gonna mention it again: Thanks NQ, I'm grateful for this game. I do hope it will be better with the economy, pvp and so on.
  6. Is tax for putting down Territory Units bugged? or is it by design? I removed a TU from one plot and was going to put it on another plot and I noticed another 100k is added to the tax although I'm not getting more territory. I hope the @devs will look at it. Thanks very much!
  7. Ok, I found the channel, now waiting to be accepted there. There is a timer to prevent bots I guess.
  8. It's not to complain, but I think it would be nice if we were informed on how long we need to wait. Today I had a day off, but to my sad surprise I could not go for it.
  9. Can I get an invite to the discord server so I can join there? Thanks!
  10. See the topic title. I've been waiting for hours until the server is up, but it's still down. I would like to know why it is down and what the estimate duration of the downtime is. Please. Is there if fixed topic about this?
  11. I totally agree with you, Samlow. 👍
  12. Hello DEVS, I would like DU to give us a banking account so we can see what we spent and how much quantas we gained through gifts, paid services, purchase or sales in the market and so on. And it would be great if we have labels on every record like "market transaction", "player transfer" and so on. Not only would we like a bank account for our personal stuff, we also would like a banking account for our corporation. But for starters a personal account would be great. It would be nice if we could filter on the label "market transactions" and see what our turnover from market sales was in the past month. Or check out what we spent on fuels last month.
  13. Suggestion for the DEVS on the market UI: When we click on the market container, please only let us select a market where we actually have stuff in the container. If I should forget in which market I bought stuff, then I don't want to try all market containers to see if my bought goodies are in there. It's unpractical PLUS it creates overhead on the database while querying every container. Thank you.
  14. Playing for more than a week now and the fps is much better when you're out there. I'm having a great time with DU at the moment.
  15. Nope nope nope, I'm still loving it. Dig into voxelmancy bruh and then YOU will change your tune. 🤩
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