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    Ochiniwa got a reaction from JoeKing in Buy order for industry machines please   
    By stack I suppose you will actually put the all there on a platform (not in a container)... well if everyone does that, lag will certainly make NQ move
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    Ochiniwa got a reaction from Deintus in Buy order for industry machines please   
    By stack I suppose you will actually put the all there on a platform (not in a container)... well if everyone does that, lag will certainly make NQ move
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    Ochiniwa got a reaction from Daphne Jones in Buy order for industry machines please   
    By stack I suppose you will actually put the all there on a platform (not in a container)... well if everyone does that, lag will certainly make NQ move
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    Ochiniwa reacted to Daphne Jones in Roll Back   
    I'll do it for cost of the schematics plus twice the warp cells it takes to get there and back. (I have a light warp courier - 8 cells to Thades or Madis round trip)
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    Ochiniwa reacted to Emptiness in Buy order for industry machines please   
    No. Bot orders should be entirely removed.
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    Ochiniwa got a reaction from Underhook in Let's talk DU events   
    Events can be like regularly randomly popping up of new sites around the planet or even throughout the system where even a solo, single player can bump into such a ship/wreck/site and salvage it. Players could salvage and bring it back to the Arc Ship for a reward which is based on the number of items/things salvaged including some random reward. There are plenty of games out there who solve this issue quite easily and nicely, get some inspiration
    So in a nutshell have that big event together with smaller events spread all over the place over several days/weeks and the end-result/effect be depending on the number of participants/type.
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    Ochiniwa got a reaction from NQ-Naunet in A day from Explorer's life   
    And you did not give him a like :)?
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    Ochiniwa got a reaction from NQ-Naunet in A day from Explorer's life   
    I actually think he said it in his description as an "explorer" when he said: "Where is my box of Gold". So the point is that once you find such a ship you should have a reward worth it. Basically if you go mining right now, you can mind T1 ressources on Alioth and go sell it to the local market for a certain price. You can basically calculate the time spent/value generated. Well finding wrecks should at least be equivalent with again (I mentioned that in another post already talking about events) a random generated reward which sometimes turns out to be a container full of T1 scrap of a container full of Gold... and everything in between. The time spent should be beyond the fact that you can write a nice story on this forum of how many days you spend looking for a wreck and how disappointed you are once finding it ;-).
    I was actually myself considering going to look for such wrecks, but believe me, after this thread I drop it and go back to mining. Finding a large T3 Node of Petalite and mining that out in a couple of hours generals double digit million of isk, I mean hankas... can become boring but at least it is rewarding. Finding a wreck right now sounds like boring and not rewarding .
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    Ochiniwa reacted to Umibozu in A day from Explorer's life   
    Let us begin ,
    When return of the wrecks has been announced my exploring senses started tingling.
    So i have began:
    Every time i have been visiting new places during my journeys thru the system , i have been flying slow and low, straining my eyes on the lookout for the even smallest signs of the wreckage.
    Days have passed with nothing being found,
    I have expected that, 100 or so wrecks scattered among the dozens of planets and moons, fully knowing I am not the only one searching.
     2 weeks passed...
    During that time i heard bout some been  found, some selling location to make additional buck , i kept searching...
    Finally , when almost given up hope i saw it...
    Small piece of metal that i have initially thought to be a rock.
    Hurried to the spot and started carefully checking surroundings, Yes i have found it, I have beaten others to it, I am THE FIRST.
    Feeling great sense of accomplishment, i have found a wreckage.
    Started carefully uncovering the exteriors, broken armament here and there, damaged hull, made me work slower...
    I am witnessing resting place of once proud Pirate ship...
    Finished uncovering the exterior....
    Nothing out of ordinary, damaged parts I have seen dozens of, i produce most of them myself and supply to the markets.
    With one exception , anti-gravity pulsors, this baby is big.
    I dive inside , carefully removing soil from interior making sure i don't make a wrong step.
    With anticipation of great haul i move slowly from command deck, past living quarters towards cargo hold and engine room.
    When I finally get there, containers are empty , engine room only holds basic engines i have seen hundreds of.
    Where is the "gold" , where is the Anti-gravity unit? i have seen pulsors outside!!!
    So i went back and forth checking every room , every corner of the ship.
    To my despair found nothing , no great spoils, no reward for being first.
    So much time wasted ....
    Angry and disappointed , i return the surface to the state i found it in...
    Then slowly walk away with a tear in the corner of my eye.... never looking back...
    The ( not a happy) End
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    Ochiniwa reacted to NQ-Naunet in A day from Explorer's life   
    I'd love to attempt to reverse the punched feeling, if I can!

    What would make wrecks feel the most satisfying for you? What *should* this event look like, in your opinion?

    I posted elsewhere about this (I believe it's in the feedback thread re: GO_D ST__), but the current version of any event we run is in no way indicative of what'll happen in the future. Right now we're trying to figure out what works and... well, what doesn't. And you've all been great about helping us understand what doesn't work. 😂

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    Ochiniwa reacted to le_souriceau in Let's talk DU events   
    First -- great thanks for detailed answers!
    About 4).
    I perfectly understand difficulties -- I was doing same (on obviously more amateurish level) leading MC server event team. One powerful solution -- adding layers to event, aimed for different types of players. Let me explain on example of your last event.
    1) Race part. Fun/competition for organized/pvp oriented people, some daring solo explorers. You can keep it completly same. Its ok. 
    Yet once it over, serious chunk of players felt completly "late to the party" and, considering all valuable content was copied/shown in screenshots and videous -- without much of reason to even visit event location. So let's do 2 easy things (I think they pretty much within powers of your event team toolset):
    2) Add despenser or two, so every player in game can get some memo item, like UEF flag or poster, or other "devs only" minor decorative asset. Leave it acceccable for week.
    It gives solo/late players "collector" reason to actualy visit wreck and get their little thing and be participant of grand story (even if humble one). 
    3) Then ask art team to make several very quick, utlra rough stetches of 2-3  "UEF ships". Lets assume its by lore -- personal sketch albom of second leutenent LaBarr, found on wreck. Publish it. Make it building contest -- ask players to build ships based on this sketches. Builders (who may never even be remotly interested in "race" part) will be delighted too and become involved in content.
    So now, with very little added trouble (I hope) we have generaly same, but more memorable event with much larger player base covered/busy/happy/not salty.
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    Ochiniwa reacted to NQ-Naunet in Let's talk DU events   
    Excellent questions, @le_souriceau ❤️ I passed this feedback along to the team this morning, and have returned with some answers.

    1) You're right, and this is a goal we're actively striving to meet.  (As the NQ team and game grow, so to does our ability to develop better processes/alignment between Community, Marketing and Game Design; the trifecta of event-related departments.) Put plainly, we're getting organized and finding our rhythm. The earlier events are announced, the better. (Unless of course we purposely want to sew the seeds of mystery & surprise.)

    2) This one is tougher to do at present, but it's not out of the question in the future! Running events in/for DU is obviously a newer experience for us, so the first handful we run are not indicative of what will happen down the road. We'd love to try some weekend events eventually, we just have to do some serious finessing on our current iteration of events. Once we've hit an events 'sweet spot' as it were, we can staff for weekend coverage and go to town. Right now however, we want to stick to weekdays so everyone at NQ is at their desk and ready to jump in should anything happen.

    3) We're heading in this direction! It's always been our desire to hold events that last for long stretches of time. This particular event was obviously limited in some ways, but again - that's not indicative of what you can expect for every future event. We're just getting started.

    (If I may add a little comparison for point 3: we've seen the community ask us to please prioritize the fixing of bugs before the implementation of feature changes. This is the philosophy we're applying to events, essentially. Fix any issues with events first, THEN upgrade to weekend event 'features'.)

    4) Noted!! One team member raised a good point that I'd like to volley back to all of you: "right now, it's tough to design an event that works for solo/new players that also can't be overwhelmed/overrun with more experienced folks". What say all of you? What kinds of solo events would you like to see during Beta that can't be taken over by groups/experienced players?
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    Ochiniwa got a reaction from NQ-Naunet in Let's talk DU events   
    First of all I am quite happy about these types of events and that such events are organized. So this is all thumbs up for NQ and the excellent work on this (not sure they will actually read this :))
    Now to the "critical" for this event:
    I have been informed by a co-player that such an event happened and it was notified in-game at the moment it happened.
    However when I logged in many hours later, there was no information nowhere and no confirmation of any event. Talking to my corp, I was informed that apparently additional information was available on Twitter and here I just skipped it all. If this is true that information is available on Twitter, that is a no-go for me, I have no Twitter account and I do not plan to have one and I do not expect this game to give any information outside of the game itself. Even having to watch Youtube or go to the forums is actually already a no-go for me as all this information should be available to all players equally in the game.
    Second thing is that following this message I was unable to get any additional information and therefore just did not bother to follow up on this.
    I actually am quite thrilled about these types of events but I agree that content should be created for all players equally and not necessarily on a first come first served basis (not really sure if this is the case as I have little information indeed). Also it should not be on a "winner takes it all" basis.
    Events should actually be: the ones who play a lot and long should get a lot and much, while casual players should get casually something. Of course a "random" effect should make some players "luckier" but eventually no one should go out empty handed as this will just mean that some people will not even bother as they will be discouraged.
    So this is all about communication in the game and do not point me to any forum threads or communication in there, lots of people are paying to play the game, they do not pay to read the forums.
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    Ochiniwa reacted to Daywa1k3r in Let's talk DU quits   
    First off, I'm a PVP Junkie!  With that said, I personally think it's not the PVP that's lacking (not talking about the minor tweaks that need to happen).  I think its just fighting in general.  There is no PVE fighting.  Think about it.  Take ARK, ATLAS, MINECRAFT PVE for example, even the avid PVE players have stuff to fight and blow up to seek rewards.  We don't have that here.  It's not necessarily about fighting one another.  Sometimes its about just about going out and blowing off some steam and having some fun.  A person can only eat so many green M&M's before they say, " I WAN'T A RED ONE!" 
    I understand there isn't a true "endgame" to this game.  You are supposed to be able to build up however you want, use your imagination.  Again, even in Minecraft you can almost build anything you could think of, and there is still something to fight.  ARK, ATLAS, yes have "endgame" or END TIER" loot, but even on PVE they still have something to go fight.  I think the player base might grow more, or sustain better with just some of that basic content.  Some people hate mining, but would build a ship to go "farm" AI to get whatever they have off of them.  Ya, might not be efficient as mining, but still beats mining, and they also got to see something go boom!  To me that's a win win.  
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    Ochiniwa got a reaction from CptLoRes in Let's talk DU quits   
    I could not agree more with you on this!!!
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    Ochiniwa got a reaction from NQ-Naunet in Let's talk DU quits   
    I could not agree more with you on this!!!
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    Ochiniwa reacted to Eternal in Let's talk DU quits   
    I totally agree! I just watched another recent dev interview just before writing this and I don't think they see how important addressing this issue is. Most people who are not into PVP are builders. This is a civilization-building and PVP MMO! They have a priority in addressing the lack of PVP contents but what about what is lacking in civilization-building? The biggest problem is the building editor itself. Those builders would be more likely to stay, join this game, or continue playing for the long-term if the editor improve to be more intuitive (easy to use), robust, and productive, and the extensiveness to be available without the complicated and time-consuming method of voxelmancing. Nobody wants to put up with voxelmancy and creating voxel libraries from voxelmancy because of the time-extensive and difficult process. Please see the importance in this!
    I used to be a hardcore and dedicated player. I've been following this game since 2017 when I first heard about it and I backed this game up 3 times. Furthermore I own 3 high-end computers on 1 large desk all capable of running this game. I've been playing/testing the game before for atleast 8 hours everyday and I do have a very demanding job. Right now, I've transitioned to being softcore (casual) because the building editor is terrible. What was once a male lion that will eat anything is now a pussy cat. This is not a good sign because I am losing my interest in the game. To restore my dedication, the editor needs to be improved so content creators like myself can produce designs and build at better quality without the ridiculous and unnecessary effort that it currently requires.
    I'm still playing the game but I'm now playing it very casually. It is not that I cannot put up the time (I do have the time), it is that I'm losing my interest.
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    Ochiniwa reacted to blazemonger in Let's talk DU quits   
    This is a big part of what is happening and it's not new as us backers know all to well. And no disrespect to fresh blood bringing an attempt to get this fixed but if the core of the  company does not change it's trajectory it will not have the effect we may all want to see.
    The latest example is the changes to the forum but it is a trend throughout, NQ comes out with " here's what we are looking at, what do you think" while in fact the call is already made. Then when community members bring up arguments against or to improve these actions it's pointless as the action is already set in motion. NQ does not engage in discussion with the community at all ,they do not talk with/include us in any way. The just talk at us and do what they intended to do anyway if it's not already done.
    So many just do not bother any more and others just gave up and left. NQ seems to be oblivious to this and just keeps going in the same way they have for over three years now. It's just somewhat painful to see some who frantically and sometimes passionately opposed me and others bringing this up early on now pretty much coming out and voicing the exact same concerns and being disillusioned because NQ is not  listening at all and seems to just not care.  Frankly there is still time to fix this but NQ will need to make some tough and possibly painful choices (and do that quickly) to right the ship and be able to bring what is such a fantastic vision and concept to and over the finish line.
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    Ochiniwa reacted to blazemonger in Let's talk DU quits   
    The game has an extremely high initial bump which, combined with the very rough state of the game's development and rushed move into open and paid "beta" makes it hard to get into. Much of what is missing or what is not working well has been brought up and discussed long before beta started. NQ has never acknowledged any of this and has never shown any indication of being able or willing to adjust their development plans to accommodate this.
    Most of the game is very much still in Alpha state, if not pre-alpha. When a "major overhaul of the UI" is announced, what basically happens is a reskin of it. The core UI is very basic and not suitable for several of the intended uses cases, most obviously the talent system. It does not appear there is any central management of the project and it appears "coding" devs are tasked with designing the UI and UX which leads to too much information and overly complex actions with too many clicks and important detail 2 or three levels down where they should be at the surface. The general UI design really has not changed at all, except for a different theme, since pre-alpha.
    It's not helpful when, from the occasional communication, NQ paints a picture which wants to tell a story of "everything is great, we're pretty much on track and where we need to be" when the facts in front of us show that that is not the case.  And now we hear JC pretty much roll back core promises and vision for the game where "unlimited possibilities" have now become "we will limit what you can do to preserve performance". The amount of work NQ has set up for themselves combined wit he mountain of work that needs to be done to clear technical debt and core issues in the game should be a guide in understanding that it is not possible to get to the state NQ claims the game will be in a year when they intend to "release". The stubborn attitude of not wanting to move the roadmap out and by now plain unrealistic expectation being set by NQ is just not good and will make (new) players tag off and disengage.
    I get that much of this will probably be due to the fact that NQ is not in a very good situation financially and needs to work on a very tight and limited budget, but it's hurting the game's progress quite obviously. The amount of work needed to be done to work around the roadblock of "no wipe until absolutely required" for the sake of keeping people subbed is causing ore pain than NQ is letting on. Th underlying tone of NQ having pretty much beg for players to get back to the game or fill out a survey where NQ should and probably does know very well what the pain points are is rather obviously  a PR stunt more than anything else.
    From podcasts it seems that NQ in general overthinks what we, as the community brings up in the rarae cases there is a response, which is generally only happening on an ad hoc basis when confronted with a live question, and the "solutions" are often overly complex and in effect miss the mark as far as addressing the intended problem. IN general, NQ seems hellbent on reinventing the wheel over and over while solutions are often readily available.
    An example is the call for better building tools, NQ will mostly translate this into "we want a vertex editor" and then go into detail on how difficult that is and how much resources it takes. What we actually need is more options to build without resorting to voxelmancy.. More brush options like slopes broken into two voxels, corner pieces and things like that. Making smooth and beautiful ships using voxeltech is great and some designs are amazing but there is no middle ground here between that and basic blocks/boxes. Why can't we have basic shapes like the ones we see in (or instance) Space Engineers? Why is there no single voxel size tetrahedron making it possible to make corners. here's basic block which IMO should be readily available in game (old SE source but valid here)..

    The "general" public is not looking for a vertex editor, they just want/need more variation in basic blocks and would be perfectly happy with these. The argument "use a voxel library" pretty much rolls back to my earlier comment about NQ (and a good number of experienced players) not seeing the issue of  this being to complex for an entry level player.
    What we need is:
    In build mode, select voxel placement tool press E to cycle though basic shapes press-hold E to bring up either a radial menu, use scroll wheel to cycle through all available blocks or the option to "click and pick" from a more varied choice of block "brushes"  
    Another example is power management. It has been discussed with some good suggestions provided since Alpha but NQ never acknowledged any of it or engaged with us on these ideas.
    Then, while it's unfortunately a meme by now, the question is a valid one, where is the canopy glass? Why has NQ not ever acknowledged this and why is this element on display in game but not available to players? It is another simple option to make designs easier to make "pretty".
    Lastly, it is _very_ disappointing and a tell tale sign of how NQ thinks that the NDA forum section has been archived and is no longer accessible. It means a wealth of information and content which could be reused in beta is now lost. Arguments to maintain access to these clearly, and frankly expectedly, fell on deaf ears as NQ does what NQ does regardless of what we, as a community think. Why make a post in the tone of an invite to discussion when you really just make an announcement?
    If you, as NQ, intent to do things your way anyway, why pretend to care enough to ask for our input/feedback. I know this post will no doubt trigger the fanbois in the community once more but he fact I get quite a few messages from community members when I make posts like this saying how they agree tells me I'm not wrong. What we're seeing now is pretty much what happened when Naerais joined and it lasted for maybe a month or two before NQ fell right back to being their usual self. I hope I am wrong and this time NQ will move in a different direction but I reserve the right to expect they won't and it's just a temp  band-aid before it's back to business as usual. I'll be happy to be proven wrong though, we'll see.
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    Ochiniwa reacted to Poliwopper in Let's talk DU quits   
    I haven't played for awhile because the core features are extremely unsettled and I don't want to spend a bunch of time on a project only to have the core gameplay change. But it's Beta.... it is what it is. That's just the stage of the game.
    The core issue with DU, though, is in my opinion that it must choose between being a building-with-friends game and a game that people play who enjoy challenging progression. It feels like it tries to be both, which I do not believe is possible.
    As someone who enjoys progression, I played a lot of DU but simply ran out of things to do. Everything is far, far too easy to get. I don't have an issue with the *amount* of content, for a Beta game... But the ease with which you can get to late-game content really seems bad.
    Some players want to play more or less in creative mode, and if NQ adds 10x the content depth those players will want everything to be 10x easier. This is a perfectly reasonable thing to enjoy and a reasonable game to make, and it looks to me like the direction DU is going.
    Other players (like myself) prefer to struggle, to need to work at progress, to lose ground every now and then. To fight for resources, to team up for protection. Doing this, after some *years* of playing, it should be possible to reach late-game toys.
    It looks to me like DU will never be satisfying for players like me, at least not for long. Prioritization decisions made - leaving PvP for last, the balance of resources in the game, the ease of crafting, the balance of recipes, etc. - have cast this die already.
    But I hope that NQ does not continue to try to straddle both gameplay styles, because that cannot be done. You cannot have creative mode on one or two planets and challenging progression gameplay on another. Whichever style of gameplay DU will be, it needs to be a choice and it needs to be baked deep into the design of the game.
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    Ochiniwa reacted to blazemonger in Planet Resource Deserts Are Not A Good Experience   
    The thing though is that days into the "early start" for backers (as has been well documented), mostly due to a number of oversights and NQ being their usual overly optimistic and "you'll need years to do this" SELF, a lot of high tier ore was not only mined but pretty much removed form the game in order to fill up bank accounts. Even today, selling T1 ore and some easily crafted goods to bots is in many cases still a profitable and viable way to fund other activities, sinking massive amounts of resources into the black hole of the markets.
    NQ had an opportunity then to fix that but decided it was all fine. now that they find players are pulling material out of the ground much faster than they expected (again, naïve thinking), they find themselves wit he dilemma of pretty much having removed the easiest way to resolve this from their toolset by not excluding wipes but pretty much making it a very hard sell for them to use that option and not run into an ocean of tears.
    What will probably happen is, yet again, the general player base will see the fallout in overarching limitations and further nerfs and increase in cost to do basic stuff in game. Industry will probably get a lot more expensive and no doubt T2 industry elements will be brought in to further discourage the average player form making their own stuff and forcing them to the markets. And all of that because NQ really doe snot want the "Satisfactory" feeling the game currently has to become the predominant gameplay loop besides building ships (it's currently the only one really).

    All of this and the needed balance passes really can only lead to one thing, a wipe. If NQ doe snot change their position on this they will just find themselves in a position where they can't properly balance the game and they will find themselves outpaced by the player base as far as how fast they will need to bring in new content and features which they will then need to rush through which will cause more balance problems. NQ said they will not wipe unless they have to and guess what.. They will have to, and sooner than they think.
    It will be a very tough sell and there will need to be a lot of sweetening to make the wipe get through without to much of a riot buit a wipe will need to be done. Frankly, if they let us keep blueprints and put talent points back into the pool I honestly see no problem with it. The problem is that NQ seems to keep pushing the "no wipe unless absolutely needed and even changed their plans, sacrificing the game's visual quality, to do so.
    Man up NQ.. I really believe it should be obvious you are not getting away from this, so bite the bullet and plan for a wipe, maybe sometime before Xmas. Good time to encourage new subs to come into a fresh, new and improved world and create some much needed revenue in the process.
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    Ochiniwa reacted to MaxTheGrey in Planet Resource Deserts Are Not A Good Experience   
    I wonder what percentage of the planet tiles have either been scanned or had at least one node mined from them. This week I've scanned over 100 contiguous tiles on Jago in the middle of the oceans, as far from any markets or obvious settled bases (multiple tiles claimed) as I could. Barely any high end resources and I've mined through at least 6 mega node empty caverns (and those are the ones I've randomly encountered). I kept going further and further to see if I'd get into an untapped area and just fell into another mega node cavern.
    The problem with this mining experience is not only is it RNG to get the high end resource you might need, but the odds of finding them continue to decrease with time. We are barely into the launch of the beta here and great swaths of the planets are scanned and cleared of the best resources. Yes, I'm sure there are "many" untapped tiles out there but the odds of finding one are continuing to decline. This is not a good experience and will only get worse over time. 
    Yes, new planets might help, leaving this system a resource desert. I really think some kind of ground healing, random resource respawn system is needed.
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