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  1. By stack I suppose you will actually put the all there on a platform (not in a container)... well if everyone does that, lag will certainly make NQ move
  2. and there we go... courrier is booming 😉
  3. If something is done and it is damaging why would you expect to do it even more. If in the past something is done wrongly it does not justify to keep on doing it at all, on the contrary. Anyways I ahve lots of machines myself that are not used, they are stockpiled in many Large Containers. One day I will be using them again and there will be new players coming and might sell them. But I do not think they are really worth being sold.
  4. 70% of the poll post will stop playing? can you link that I would be interested in how far this is representative of the player base. We are a bunch of people playing that game for quite some time now and we are not really annoyed by this change. Ok we loose like many many hours invested in this game but we are in a beta and I expect everything, even a complete wipe down the road in a couple of months or even a year. Expect the worst and hope for the best is the motto here. I see a lot of people here saying that they do not like this or that change or would like to go a certain direction, that is fine. That is what the discussion is supposed to be. But it is a company producing this game and they do what they want and if players do not like it, they leave and do not play, as easy as that. If too many players leave, tough luck, the company goes bust (or the game dies). It is just sheer impossible to do all the changes that players request as they contradict themselves. (just like I do now when I say I like the changes). So my conclusion is, state your opinion, see what happens, you do not like it, leave it be and find another game to your liking. Cheers
  5. check the RDMS there is an new option in there to allow people to insert Schematics. So if the machine is not yours... you might need to get the rights for this.
  6. The whole discussion here is based on the current market prices. People have been producing the Warp cells like mad and are now celling their stock because the think the price is gone up by like 50%... but if it is really that expensive to produce them, the costs of the Warp Cells will just go up and that's it. And I agree 140 Days is not that long.
  7. I am sure there are people out there that can get you those schematics from other markets for a small fee.
  8. I agree, there should not be any bot orders.
  9. And you did not give him a like :)?
  10. I actually think he said it in his description as an "explorer" when he said: "Where is my box of Gold". So the point is that once you find such a ship you should have a reward worth it. Basically if you go mining right now, you can mind T1 ressources on Alioth and go sell it to the local market for a certain price. You can basically calculate the time spent/value generated. Well finding wrecks should at least be equivalent with again (I mentioned that in another post already talking about events) a random generated reward which sometimes turns out to be a container full of T1 scrap of a container full of Gold... and everything in between. The time spent should be beyond the fact that you can write a nice story on this forum of how many days you spend looking for a wreck and how disappointed you are once finding it ;-). I was actually myself considering going to look for such wrecks, but believe me, after this thread I drop it and go back to mining. Finding a large T3 Node of Petalite and mining that out in a couple of hours generals double digit million of isk, I mean hankas... can become boring but at least it is rewarding. Finding a wreck right now sounds like boring and not rewarding .
  11. Events can be like regularly randomly popping up of new sites around the planet or even throughout the system where even a solo, single player can bump into such a ship/wreck/site and salvage it. Players could salvage and bring it back to the Arc Ship for a reward which is based on the number of items/things salvaged including some random reward. There are plenty of games out there who solve this issue quite easily and nicely, get some inspiration So in a nutshell have that big event together with smaller events spread all over the place over several days/weeks and the end-result/effect be depending on the number of participants/type.
  12. First of all I am quite happy about these types of events and that such events are organized. So this is all thumbs up for NQ and the excellent work on this (not sure they will actually read this :)) Now to the "critical" for this event: I have been informed by a co-player that such an event happened and it was notified in-game at the moment it happened. However when I logged in many hours later, there was no information nowhere and no confirmation of any event. Talking to my corp, I was informed that apparently additional information was available on Twitter and here I just skipped it all. If this is true that information is available on Twitter, that is a no-go for me, I have no Twitter account and I do not plan to have one and I do not expect this game to give any information outside of the game itself. Even having to watch Youtube or go to the forums is actually already a no-go for me as all this information should be available to all players equally in the game. Second thing is that following this message I was unable to get any additional information and therefore just did not bother to follow up on this. Conclusion: I actually am quite thrilled about these types of events but I agree that content should be created for all players equally and not necessarily on a first come first served basis (not really sure if this is the case as I have little information indeed). Also it should not be on a "winner takes it all" basis. Events should actually be: the ones who play a lot and long should get a lot and much, while casual players should get casually something. Of course a "random" effect should make some players "luckier" but eventually no one should go out empty handed as this will just mean that some people will not even bother as they will be discouraged. So this is all about communication in the game and do not point me to any forum threads or communication in there, lots of people are paying to play the game, they do not pay to read the forums. Regards
  13. I could not agree more with you on this!!!
  14. As far as I have understood the Voxels, some of these are not possible. Just know that each Voxel has only 8 points, so for example c) is not possible as it has 9 points. I have seen some other figures up in this thread that are technically not possible unless the complete engine is adjusted. However what I would want to see in game is quite straightforward, take a Voxel in a seperated editor and be able to manually display each corner individually. This is currently technically possitble in the game with the "reactors", but this is such a p*** in the ***...:-(. It would be quite straight forward to do this in game and I do not understand why this was never implemented. It would give "amarteur" builders like myself such a powerfull tool. Right now I am going through hours of videos and different Voxel galleries, without being able to do what my weird mind comes up with...
  15. I have been playing this game now for about 3 weeks and I tend to disagree with that statement above and rather agree with the initial statement that the game is too easy. If the above was so true, then you do not need any skillpoints at all. Basically I think a lot can be done around the skills and I am inspired by Eve Online and would have loved to something similar here. However what I found is that everyone can do everything from the beginning and the skills are "merely" done for them to do it better (more efficient, faster, better). I would have loved that skills unlock certain things like for example: - Lower skills you can only place XS cores and interact with ships of XS cores. As such some people might focus on smaller ships and only later go up to Large Cores - Lower skills allow you to only produce certain products and skills unlock products - Lower skills do not allow you to mine/refine certain minerals - Lower skills do not allow you to use certain voxels, -... etc... the possibilities are infinite here I hope you get my point, basically the skill based tree brings you through the game slowly but surely and within a certain amount of time you are able to do most of the things and then focus on specialisation. (I.e. copy the skill tree of Eve Online which I think is the best skill tree I have see up to now). This will also avoid that players within 3 weeks do have warp drives and can go anywhere they want and do anything they want without worrying about any PVP. my 50 cents. PS: I am in favor of a restart even if it is shortly before release....
  16. The resources issue is becoming in my humble point of view the major issue currently in the game. However there is a second one which needs to be combined with this one which is that any "consumption" economy is based on the "destruction" of goods. This needs to be balanced out, there should be eventually infinite resources somehow due to random respawns which are adjusted according to the level of "danger" of the planet (More dangerous-difficult to reach=more resources) and the destruction of goods. As such currently only some resources are "destroyed" for good, such as fuel or scrap. everything else ever constructed stays in the game for ever and cannot be destroyed or lost. I am not sure the economy will work on "scrap" and "fuel" only (and Ammo). I have seen various suggestions that "ships" which are damaged should eventually incur permanent destruction of its parts, makes perfect sense to me. Anyways I have seen many suggestions for the game to be improved but the main driver, in my point of view, is the management of the economy and the resources. Both are currently apparently "broken". No destruction of goods means no need of new resources means stagnation, frustration (especially of newcomers). my 50 cents.
  17. I am not sure they are talking about resources here but just to mine away the planet, including non valuable terrain. So basically to mine the planet away ... but I might be wrong on this. Ressources on Alioth are really still plentyfull but since you do not find all resources you need to travel to other moons/planets.
  18. Sounds like a good advice. Thanks
  19. Well that is quite an positive and constructive post. So everyone who has not started playing the game right now should be "blamed" for not playing it earlier. That is a statement that would eventually kill the game as new players will just not be able to play the game the way they wanted to play it. So not playing the game earlier is not my fault but my choice, a choice which I took without knowing the consequences of the so said "late" choice, same for the comment not using the market. It is not my fault but it is my choice. The game advertises all types of gameplay but eventually some does not seem viable currently. But generally you miss the point somehow of my email. I try to highlight some issues the game might have and which new players might encounter. The major one is that some moons/destinations are actually without any use currently. Why would anyone go to a moon that is more than 10% claimed and 99% (?) farmed of its rich resources? Basically it is useless content currently and if NQ does not do anything about it, they will stay useless "forever" somehow.
  20. Dear all, and Dear NQ, I agree with some of the posts here that state that it will take ages to mine out all the resources and the example which is given is Alioth. I have been playing a couple of weeks now and we are a small group of 5 people trying to make our way through. In terms of resources we have met a major frustration currently. We have been trying to get some more rare resources, like for example Gold or other T4 or T5 resources within the reach of new players. We have identified Madis M2 for our target and it was a real adventure to get there and to land but an utter frustration once we starting mining and scanning. This Rock (too small to call it a moon) seems completely empty of anything else than T1 Resource's. So as such this Moon has become completely useless in terms of gameplay as there is no obvious reason why you would be mining T1 resources which are quite abundant in the whole solar system including Alioth. So this was a complete evening of gameplay with no outcome fun to start with but ended with frustration. So our next target was Alioth Moon 2 to try and find some Rohdonite and here we have been digging for 2 hours long straight through the planet while another member of the team ran multiple scans. So that were 4 people digging and one scanning with no result whatsoever. We only found T1 resources. Another evening of fun ending with frustration. I have seen many players with the 3 scanner method to scan 3 hexes at the same time only to find the high value resources. So if players are only targeting those, they are going to be mined away in no time and I have the impression they already have been mined away, at least in the pvp-free zone. So my conclusion on this is: 1) Yes it will take years to mine all the resources but only if you talk about ALL the resources 2) The rare resources (T3-T5) seem to have been completely mined away already by the players which have been playing over the last years. So as such some moons have become useless to the gameplay. 3) For newcomers in the game there is no other option that to go into the PVP zone and try to grab some interesting spots for ressources In a nutshell the system seems to me to be to small to support already today the number of players. So the only current way to get the better resources is to buy them on the market at a quite high price while selling off cheaper resources at a quite low price. The concern with this is that a small group of people do not seem to be able to play that game on the long run. The joining of a larger corporation does not seem to be an option but an obligation if you want to be able to see all the aspects of the game. Fundamentally I would have preferred the game mechanics where for example all resources are available in the PVP-free zone but at a quite lower rate, permanently available, while going out in the more dangerous zone would bring a large opportunity linked to the risk,. I know there is a lot of speculation out there about what NQ will be doing with ressources, but I am playing right now and starting to feel the frustration of hours long playing and travelling with no result because some planets definately seem to have been completely mined out. And as an example I defy you to find Gold in the safe zone other than buy it on the market. So I would really appreciate some kind of official feedback on the issue of ressources as it seems key in the game right now and already leads to frustration of new players within 3-4 weeks of intense gameplay. Kind regards, Ochiniwa
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