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  1. I wonder what percentage of the planet tiles have either been scanned or had at least one node mined from them. This week I've scanned over 100 contiguous tiles on Jago in the middle of the oceans, as far from any markets or obvious settled bases (multiple tiles claimed) as I could. Barely any high end resources and I've mined through at least 6 mega node empty caverns (and those are the ones I've randomly encountered). I kept going further and further to see if I'd get into an untapped area and just fell into another mega node cavern. The problem with this mining experience is not only is it RNG to get the high end resource you might need, but the odds of finding them continue to decrease with time. We are barely into the launch of the beta here and great swaths of the planets are scanned and cleared of the best resources. Yes, I'm sure there are "many" untapped tiles out there but the odds of finding one are continuing to decline. This is not a good experience and will only get worse over time. Yes, new planets might help, leaving this system a resource desert. I really think some kind of ground healing, random resource respawn system is needed.
  2. Similar to the ability to reset dynamic properties, a button, tool or some other function that enables handling bonuses to be applied to elements and more importantly to industry that's already in place would be very valuable. As it stands now, picking up and replacing elements breaks links and resets recipes which makes upgrading a large complex factory very time consuming. Related, would be the ability to see what bonuses are already applied. Adding rights associated with it would also open up a more reasonable path for a player to offer their skills as a service to those that might want the bonuses applied.
  3. Suggestion... dramatically reduce the repair cost of purely cosmetic ship elements. his would at leas remove some of the penalty associated with making ships look interesting vs. voxel cubes. I include all windows in this category. Nobody uses windows as any kind of protection. Having 2781 hp to repair on a small armored window only impacts people using them for cosmetic/design reasons since they have little to no use in PvP and a light bump in flight destroys them. (This suggestion brought to you by the crash I've been repairing all day. 10 x small armored windows, 2 Bay windows, and other purely cosmetic hull elements all needing to be repaired has me thinking that they should only be used on ships that sit in museums! And yes... I've also noted that I should never crash again as a best practice.)
  4. Suggestion... code the fuel intake to be linkable to a fuel tank and then allow refuel tank filling at the intake. Would allow for more flexibility in ship design and tank placement.
  5. Hello there! I've been playing just a few days here since the start of the beta but am already pretty hooked. Looking forward to seeing where this game will go. (Also looking for NDA access. Thanks!)
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