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  1. My mind has changed on this: I used to be completely anti-wipe but now I would support it. I have not played DU in months for a combination of personal reasons and because the core gameplay is still being developed (I effectively quit when the upvote site went up that revealed that all my work setting up complicated factories was going to have to be re-done when the industry functionality got changed), and also because... I had kinda reached the end of the content. I do believe that NQ effectively promised no wipes, and I do worry about the cost of them going back on that promise.
  2. I haven't played for awhile because the core features are extremely unsettled and I don't want to spend a bunch of time on a project only to have the core gameplay change. But it's Beta.... it is what it is. That's just the stage of the game. The core issue with DU, though, is in my opinion that it must choose between being a building-with-friends game and a game that people play who enjoy challenging progression. It feels like it tries to be both, which I do not believe is possible. As someone who enjoys progression, I played a lot of DU but simply ran out of things to do. Ev
  3. I don't really feel like wiping out the progress of everyone else would help me if my (factory building) progress were to be wiped out, so I'm not in favor of a wipe, given the promises that have been made. It's just a little frustrating to see systems I thought were settled being reengineered. I proposed in the "upvote" site comments that they leave current industry functionality alone (apart from possibly making recipes a bit more expensive), and then introduce new T2 industry elements that would require recipes to be bought from bots, that would be more efficient in terms of mat
  4. This is why this game needs pervasive PvP. This kind of theft should very much be a part of the game... and Vifrevaert should now be on everyone's KOS list.
  5. First off, about the industry: NQ, please decide what you're doing with industry ASAP and communicate it immediately. The changes mentioned on the upvote website are not "balancing", they are a major redesign of a core feature. I haven't participated in enough Betas to know if this is normal, but even if it is, it is certainly frustrating. I'm kinda torn on the merits. On the one hand I feel this game has been way too easy to get into in general, and that hurts the game. On the other hand the way the markets have operated it has seemed that there have actually been too *few* indust
  6. Is your factory near a market? Are other constructs (including dynamic constructs) visible nearby? There's an occasional bug that I've seen near markets where all constructs go invisible, temporarily (for all players). They eventually come back.
  7. Appreciate the detail and straightforward communication, very much.
  8. I think the markets will be liquid on most planets, particularly due to the market bots, but let's suppose I (a potential customer of your bank) want to take the ore I mined on Jago to Alioth and sell it there, due to price differences. If I (and other customers) can put ore in your bank in Jago and withdraw it on Alioth, you're going to need to be moving ore from your Jago branch to your Alioth branch, or buying ore on Alioth and selling it on Jago. In other words you will be losing the Jago/Alioth ore value spread! That would be a great deal for the customer but not a sustainable
  9. This is a very interesting idea, I have some questions... This seems a little bit like trading, with Extra Steps? I can envision several use cases for customers (enumerated below) but am struggling to see how this will fit the customer needs. I have only just discovered DU so if I am misunderstanding any mechanics, please correct me. First, I will assume the markets in the ores in question are liquid (buy/sell spread is small, enough buy/sell orders that trading is easy). 1. Let's say I, a potential customer, have just mined a bunch of ore but will not
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