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  1. My whole thing about this update is piling on more and more ore production with nothing to do with it or any real means to take it out of the game in any meaningful or impactful way without just layering on more and more sinks or punishments since NQ does not know what to do to make any of this work properly. MU's were a chore/job as is and yet instead of removing the chrages they through "Quality of Life Improvements" want to turn MUs into 1/3 more of a chore/job since you can further expand your mining opperation since you can opperate more MUs, and on top of it via harvesting you will get more ore per calibration, ground rock harvesting, and it will destroy the economy just that much more faster than its plummiting now. Since ore does not matter, parts dont matter, and we keep churning otu more and more junk than anyone really needs, wants, or does not already spec mass produce via industry already it really is kind of pointless if they dont really take anything out of the game. I often call mining in this game the root of all evils as it first held the game back with the finite ore pool race to stripmine the game before the geometry reset, and now we have traded onworld mining for filling the landscape with the same amount of voxels, elements, etc since we have infinite ore nobody wants or needs and nothing better to do than fill up as many cores with junk nobody will visit since there is no real purpose to building things other than industry or mass buying tiles for mining opperations for no real reason when it all could have been done in a minimal amount of tiles or MUs that actually mined decent amounts which again turns into sky mining and filling space with more junk. Proper sinks further turn the game into a chore but I really think that Charges need to go as the efficiency limiter and be replaced by fuel consumption for all forms of mining so it costs something to get something moreso than taxes. Mining tools should cost Nitron to harvest onworld and Kergon should be used for asteroid mining. I also think that players should really need to use oxigen in space or underwater to also further slow down people or make use of the thousands or hundreds of thousands of KL of oxigen people have no other use for. But also that they should really bring back Destructive Elements that is either 1 death or the first death is free kind of approach which should include cores since the first time cores skyrocketed in price. That was a good way to take a lot of elements out of circulation and it kept the market pretty healthy. Really there is no real risk in this game or environmental factors involved that add any element of danger. Rotating asteroids, wind, hostile environments, etc that slows down how much we can gain or that how much is leaving the game. It does not need to be made into a survival game as much as it is sort of needed as a solar system should be a brutal punishing and unforgiving place in general and not a complete goldylocks zone of total enhabitable exoplanets. But also that PvP in of itself is completely optional or avoidable and by large has no point when ships cost too much to just throw away with PvP being put solely on the backs of players and orgs. PvP beyond the sparce blockade has no real bearing or impact on the game beyond the random small scale combat or predatory gank here and there. If NQ wants to make it a think they are actually going to have to develop that part of the game to do so and to give meaning to the economy to take elements out of the game rather than just making sinks and punishments. They really need to decelop some kind of planetary residency system as all ores are barely stategic if you can live or set up a base on every planet, mine all ores with your org, and stockpile or mass prodece, sell items with no end game goal in mind for getting rid of them. On top of taxation without representation or real purpose to taxes being levied other than griefing new players or small orgs it needs a lot of work to turn into into a full fledged pipline feature of the game. Such as creating planetary residency system or group of planets that are part of alliances of planet faction like orgs that allow players or orgs to be bound to a specific set of planets that is completely optional. Joining a planetary alliance should make all players unable to PvP alliance members but offers orgs within the alliance for miners, industrialists, logistics, and police/military sub alliance orgs to bind themselves to if they dont want to opperate independantly. To which all taxes collected serve a purpose in funding missions for the different sub alliance orgs that players can join all 4 if they want in their chosen alliance to pay for ore shipments, turning the ore into products, moving it to ship dry docks that act like industry to build fleet ships, and then the PvP orgs take those ships and fight other planetary alliances to ease the burden of PvPing from players and orgs to using the actual taxes collected to use the actual economy and talents of roles players already like doing and completing the gameplay loop so that throwing away dozens or multiple dozens of ships per night is a fun experience rather than potentially game ending if you lose a hauler worth multiple hundreds of millions on top of the hundreds of millions of cargo vs mass quantities of ore/elements already bought and paid for by the alliance and protected by the alliances as it is in everyone's interest to do so as a primary feature of transporting, escorting, or getting revenge or assaulting other alliance transports. Until that happens layering on more and more ore production with no end goal makes this game more and more pointless other than just filling the world up with stuff until you hoard as much as you can with nothing to use it on, nobody to really fight, and a graveyard of bored players who have passed on to better games this game origionally wanted to mimic.
  2. Its good to see the QoL improvements for MUs and giving more options that running an AFK mining op by opening up harvesting as a path to mining that should have always been an option to slow down voxel based mining from the start. The animation simplification was also a good step forward as it felt like you had multiple screens that were all essentially the same thing. Personally I thought they just needed the base screen and hitting calibrate in the same screen without opening up any other screens and then the output ore could all have been done in 1 simple screen without all the time spent making the animations. As far as suggestions go: (Mix & Match or take your pick) A: Adding Sinks to the entire mining system Mining has long needed a sink beyond the fuel consumption needed to get to a mining location or MU pickup/calibration locations. Mining should at the very least cost fuel depending on if you are in atmo or space but also that it should require the same tier or higher boring or drill bits to actually dig through the rock as well as via harvesting in order to gain resources. Mining is always the root of all evils in this game and before when it was finite resource based not having sinks for mining across the board while needed at the time was not as much as a priority as much as it is needed now with infinite resources and different avenues of mining with Asteroids, MUs, Calibrations spawns, or Harvesting culminating to having so much of an influx of ore coming into the system that is generated automatically over time, or by burst gains from calibrations, rocks, or mass influxes when asteroids repop. Something needs to give to take ore out of the system. Calibration Charges only serve to slow down that process by only allowing so many miners to opperate at 100% efficiency for so long limiting how much ore can come in by the tile L/H rate. All forms of mining need an energy source to opperate: Solar Panels & batteries to both keep MUs opperating during the daytime but also that you can add more panels to store up enough energy during the nightime and having battery 1-100% charge being the efficiency so that if you have max efficiency for free. Generators and fuel Tanks so that you can link a generator to the MUs on a tile and have Fuel Tanks linked to the generator to power the MUs consistently at the cost of fuel to keep a consistent 100% effiency Tools need to run on batteries or fuel as well so that harvesting tools, scanners, detectors, mining tools or a sifting tool needs some sort of power source in which to opperate and dig. Solar Panels should be able to also chage battery cells that can be used instead of fuel but should run out more quickly or drop in efficiency the lower it goes vs fuel always running at a consistent 100% and if you are in atmo then it uses Nitron and if you are in Space then it uses Kergon. Add in Boring Bits, and drill bits to the game: Boring bits should be a means to increase the static base rate of L/H of an MU so that while it has a base sink of fuel or power to run the MU or Tools it has a component that you can use a Boring Bit for MUs that increases the L/H to overcap production at the cost of a consumable resource that is based on whatever tier you are mining you need an equivelent tier Boring bit or higher. So if you are mining T1 for instance you can use a Boring bit that is T1-5 and get a much higher yield using T5 Vs T1 or that T5 uses T5 boring bits and adds minimal gain so that lower tiers are worth over capping since you would get a much more extended use out of the bits before they wear down. Boring Bits should wear down slowly with Every 10-100KL mined so that the more you overcap the boring bits the longer they last vs equivelent tiers. The more you overcap the boring bits you get +20-25% more per tier that so by using Boring Bits you can double the yield to 125% for the cost of using equivelent or higher ore based Bits. Boring bits should come in XS-L sizes, Basic-Unique grades, and come with Indusrial, Durable, or Diamond tags for addtional perks or specializations so that it lasts longer, does it faster, or give more gains or by going with higher grades or tags wears out faster and has a lower threshold of how many Liters it can gain before it wears out unless you go with a Durable tag vs gaining more or cutting time. Drill Bits should be the Tool Based version of the MU boring Bit but are used exclusively for Mining Based tools like the Harvesting Tool, Scanner Tool, Detector Tool, Mining Tool, or Sifting Tool so that while it has a base sink of fuel that must be present to even opperate those tools in atmo or space the player can opt into using drill bits to customize their mining tool so that they get more out of the experience in a faster time, get more, or can do it longer since the bits are more a conumable based mining buff that is a semi sink but more carrot than stick than the fuel sink as a trade off players can use or not use. Destructive Elements. Destructive elements should become part of the game again and could also be part of the buff system to extend the life cycle of elements either by temp or permabuffs when spending calibration Charges to improve something. B: Make charges into a temp or permanant buff system: If sinks like fuel and energy are added to MUs/Tools then it opens the door to converting Calibration Charges into a much less tedious and more meaningful System in general if instead of giving temporary efficiency gains it could be used as a buff based system that is either temporary or permanant in nature. For instance if it is treated as a temporary buff based system using a charge on say a rail gun could for example boost its stats temporarily by 25% for 24 hours, or calibrating a container could lower its weight by 25% for 24 hours, or calibrating an enine could boosts its stats by 25% for 24 hours, or an engine, adjustor, industry unit, you name it by 25% for 24 hours in which you have choices on how to spend the temporary buff on a much wider range of elements vs MUs alone by the role you like to play most to get more out of your gameplay. Or save them up for a rainy day to blow more charges at once or group boost haulers PvP fleets, MU operations, or Industry by what you actually want to do rather than being bound to MUs as a netflix version of DU that constantly nags asking "Are you still playing?" Or reversely converting Calibration Charges so that it is more like a leveling system in which you can add stats directly to elements when you use a charge and select which stats you want to permanantly buff if say for a rail gun you wanted to boost the range by +10KM, or +damage by +1000 to a specific type, Or to buff your shields to absorb a certain damage type. Same could be true for anything in the game for thrust, atmo heat resistance threshold, lift, L/H on a miner, fuel cost reduction, -weight, +HP, and anything else you can think of that makes things better over time sinks we dont have destructible elements and it gives a good avenue of improvement across the board for all elements from PvP, Piloting, Mining, Industry etc that still conforms. Though I think that the only real difference between applying a temp buff vs permanant stats increase should be done by if the element is claimed and bound to yourself or your org in which personal ships should get better boosts than orgs since you could in theory group buff an element with permanant stats which should be a thing vs temporary buffs that are only applied to unclaimed elements. In regards to spending Calibration Charges as Buffs to the Destructive Elements system in Permanant or Temporary buffs the life cycle of how many lives an element has could be built into the Charge Buff system in the sense that if you calibrate the core you could add +1 break to the core for 24 hours or if you claim the element you can then add +1 break as many times as you want to essentially make it unbreakable to losing it and needing a replacement just as any other element if you so choose but at the same time making destructible elements more of a feature of the game in which unless you calibrate cores or any other element you get only 1 break and or that XS-L cores cost more, Basic-Uniuq costs more, or tags like Military, Freight, Maneuvering, Industrial, Durable, Efficient, etc also costs more chrarges inherantly vs the temprary buff and permanant buff respectively. Change Calibration Charges to a Buff based System so that instead of being a cap to mining it becomes a larger part of the game that makes things better for a 24 hour period or permanant for small boosts to all stats on any element in the game Temp Buff based Calibration Charges apply to any element you have not claimed for yourself or your Org. If it is bound to you via claiming the elements then you can spend Calibration charges to inherantly buff the Element for 24 hours only and can stack up to 5 or T5 buff any element in the game via group calibrations. Pera Buff based Calibration Charges apply to Claimed elements only since there is no real way to distinguish stats improvements easily on the market and should be reserved for those who are not selling those elements and since they have claimed them for their person or org it should allow players to improve elements with permanant stats increases which cost a charge to add minimal stats over time or to add more break counts to elements. Depending on the stats it should either upgrate the cost for percieved tiers once you cross a certain threshold so that T2 stats upgrades cost 2 charges or so on with no upward limit so that you could theoretically have T100 stats if you have an entire ore funneling their charges into a PvP ship or Fleet where it takes 100 charges per tip for an upgrade you can bank as you go. If destrictive elements were added back into the game any break could/should reduce the buff counters across the board by 1 so that it is in a way permanant but at the same time there is at least some form of a death penalty that reduces the break counter by 1 but also any additioanl buffs to allow stats by -1 or a break and a loss to 1 random stat by -1 regardless of tier or focus on the furthest calibrated stat to degrade. Mining Units & Calibration Buff Charges should also give buffs for L/H for unclaimed MUs opperating but at the same time Claimed personal or Org MUs should allow for players to upgrade the miners for mining specific tier ore outputs and also being allowed to spend charges on claimed personal and org TUs to also upgrate their tiles or add other ores available to that planet to their tile as well by adding a small amount of L/H respective of the tier to how many charges it costs to at say 10 L/H to the tile permanantly so if you want to add T1 ore L/H it costs 1 charge to gain +10L/H vs T5 ore costing 5 charges to add +10L/H to a specific ore available to that planet. Or making it cost a lot more charges to potentially add an ore not available to the planet and penalizing charges so you only gain +1L/H instead of +10L/H as well as additional charges for the priveledge so tiles are always static to what was generated but also that you can add value over time or tie the L/H to the tax system for upgrading the resource pool of the tile so that Every 100L/H per ore is 50-100,000h added to taxes above the base cost to allow for upgrades but also to take quanta out of the game for those who want to do more with fewer tiles to be more in line with owning more tiles or eventually being able to add more miners to one tile as you get more ore as well as make more use out of low L/H ores not really worth mining on select tiles. In general this would open up a much more fun and robust use of calibrations so that it removes the time stop for calibrating MUs exclusively and allowing all elements to take use of the system as a buff rather than a punishment or time restriction if all mining tools/units required a fuel or power source, could be buffed or upgraded depending on if they are claimed/unclaimed so that they can be sold and allowing for both a temp and permanant buff system or research system to be added to all elements to make every role in the game more fun in general wether you are a miner, pilot, industrialist, or PvPer everyone benefits rather than one role in the game being punished. C: Bring Back Territory Ore Pools Territory Ore Pools should be added back into tiles beyond the L/H ores and while there is no longer voxel based ore, the tile can then be made to either spawn ore each day or require and Ore Generator to pull that ore out of the ground and seed it as the calibration rocks so that you can make more use of how much ore you can pick up from a tile per week as well as per month if ore pool respawn rates are replenished so much during each tax cycle so that if you mine out all the spawnable ore in a couple of days each weekly tax cycle will respawn 25% of the ore in that tile each week and 100% every 4 weeks on top of the potential ore pool you can spawn on the surface via Ore Generators to suppliment between cycles so that there is always something to do. And while onworld voxel ore has been moved to asteroids and NQ wants to keep the foxus to running asteroids I think that over the course of a week you should with effort be able to pull similar numbers you can with quick gains on asteroids in terms of KL via MUs generating ore constantly costing fuel and depositing ore directly into containers vs having to chase down calibration rocks, but at the same time offering an Ore Generator that will also constantly spawn rocks on the surface from the ore pool that are the calibration rocks to actually make surface mining worthwhile on top of the talent upgrades so that Asteroid mining is in line with MU/OG combo production and spawn rates over a week period with 25% of the spawnable tile ore pool being replenished each week or 100% every 4 weeks in a steady flow. Tile ore pools should be added back into the game MUs still use the L/H model but since Charges wouldnt be needed in the meta if fuel/energy were the efficiency metasink the Calibration Rock Spawns should just be added into the L/H across the board as you dont or shouldnt need to chase rocks ever if all that ore just went into a container directly like it should the MU is collecting. Ore Generators should be added to the game so that with the ore pool number after each ore type L/H number should be what the OG can spawn on the ground rather than the 20L rocks so that harvesting is actually worth doing and made better by talents. OGs should be the other half of MUs to where MUs generate ore into containers and OGs spawn the ore underground directly onto the ground with the calibration rocks without having to do calibrations so that either you want to mine the ore or you just want to collect it and since you can do both its a better system overall. The Tax Cycle should be the metric by which how much of the ore pool Ore Generators can spawn each week. Since MUs just constanly produce on L/H the ore pool should also have a consistent replenishment that is once a week that when taxes go through it adds 25% of each ore back into the tile so that if you dont touch the ore for a month you can drain it all and spawn it on the surface as slow or fast as you want and it has a finite amount you can grab at your leisure. There should be options so that if you dont like chasing calibration rocks you just run an MU and all the ore just goes into containers and the calibration rocks are just added back into the L/H directly since fuel/energy since would make charges obsolete with converting it to a buff system and would nto need to calibrate for ore it should go into the container and not need to collect rocks onless your container is full and it just keeps spawning the ore around it. As well as having another option via a tile ore pool for org miners to have something to do each week that is actually worth doing if the ore pool is tied to an Ore Generator that has a sepperate ore pool to spawn additional ore onto the surface you or your org can mine that is similar to the old tile ore pools that replensihes the pool each week that also runs on fuel/energy to allow for surface ore mining even if its not voxel based to be similar to how much you could mine and if you own multiple tiles it always gives something to do. D: Tile Spawn Tables: Rocks dont need to be the only thing that can spawn in a tile as a potential resource that can be collected by players. Many other things could also be added to the spawn table of tiles that have a % chance of spawning like any other MMO as far as spawns go and can be another form of salvaging as well. Instead of just raw ore Pure Refined ore could also be made into rock forms so that you get more bang for your buck every so often. Scrap can also be turned into random boken looking parts that when harvested simply generate scrap of that type in your inventory. Broken or damage parts can be spawned instead of rocks that a player can use the repair tool to locate on the ground that must first be fixed before the harvest tool can be used to put it into your inventory since it could be considered abandoned parts, space jump that fell down. Rusted away ships where most if not all parts are permanantly destroyed and voxel parts are missing for sections of ships or wrecks of whatever size have ended up somewhere in the world. Actual damaged/undamaged ships that spontaniously end up on your tile that could as a substantial amount of your ore pool instead of spawning rocks, pure rocks, parts, etc that have a cost associated with your tiles ore pool that can spawn randomly at a low spawn rate. Adding the rocks and ore calibration rocks to asteroids as well that do not show up on scanners but com in the form of 20L-25kl you can encounter between nodes that also come in raw or pure ore from harvesting them. Static cores could even be used as spawnable salvageable constsructs as well in the form of vaults, satililies, or any sort of thing attached to a structure above or even below the surface that was not there before that is static in nature. Even things like treasure maps, wreck locations, or even scan results in random containers could be used as spawnable elements where it does not have to be a physical thing. Higher than T5 parts could be deployed as salvageable parts or random things like XL cores could also be part of the spawn loot table for tiles Alien crash landings, alien ship parts, ancient elements etc that are T6-10 could also randomly be introduced as well to spawns. This would be a lot more insteresting than just mining raw ore if you could come across pure ore a lot less frequently that comes in the same sizes as the calibration rocks as well as scrap, broken ship parts spawns, undamaged ship parts spawns, parts of ships, wrecks, damage or damaged ships that have the abandoned system in play before you can claim it makes for a more insteresting system than just small Liter amounts in rocks. As above so below as they say and I think the same should apply to space as well with the wreck system or asteroids to where it might show up as a basic asteroid but when you get there it could be a pure iron asteroid, it could be some kind of massive ship that looks like an asteroid, it could be some kind of weapons platform that fires at you that appears like an asteroid, or instead of just a soil/ore asteroid it could be a massive meganode of ore with a thin sheet of soil. There really needs to be a lot more variance rather than 20h-500h rocks that go up into the 10-25kl rrange. For instance NQ could also spawn tons of rocks on/in the asteroids in the dirt between ore nodes for example that dont show up on a scanning tool that could be the same as ore calibration rocks that also are a lot bigger that take longer but have a random payout up to 25kil that could take 5 mins non talents to mine and perhaps like 2.5 with talents before the gain boost. E: Sifting as a feature: Even during when voxel mining was a thing players either didnt collect the massive quantities or dirt or only used dirt, sand, snow, or canyon soil for teraforming which was a missed oppertunity for the most abundant and yet least used resource in the game that oculd have been used to slow down mining so that the dirt, sand, snow, and canyon soils could have been used in a nanocrafter or industry sifting unit to gain small trace amounts of ore via sifting as an actual feature of the game. But now with no voxel ore in the game there is another chance to turn it into a feature that does not rely on actually digging anything or to turn dirt into another unintended form of mining in the process leading to the same pitfall of needing a geometry reset. Sifting like all other mining tools should rely on fuel/energy in order to generate resources that should intentionally be made specifically different from existing soils and be called differently from them so people do not dig up sand, snow, dirt, or canyon soils and be named something like Soil, Sediment, Clay, Peat, Chaulk, and or just rock so that it has a distinction that can be collected from a Sifting Tool The Sifting Tool simply is just a cloned Mining Tool that does not actually dif and has two functions of Collect or Sift in which it generates the different materials and like the scanner tool it has options to where you can just collect the resource, Collect and Sift, or Sift as its three options so that you can simply choose what you want it to do on the fly hitting tab and selecting the three options like the Scanner tool selects ore types. A player must have the collect dirt option turned on in their inventory to generate the resources into their linked container. If you are just collecting the player will generate more soil resources faster or they have the option to collect and sift at the same time which slows the collection and sifting process down to do both at the same time, or once the player has filled the container to a certain point without filling it can then switch to the sift function to turn it all into small amounts of ore with each craft so that it creates another way in which to generate different ores that still uses gas as all mining tools should. Add a Sifting Tool to the game by cloning the Mining Tool, making it not actually dig and still generate resources, give it three options like a Scanner Tool so that you can Collect, Collect/Sift, and Sift that relies on fuel/energy to opperate that generate clay, top soil, chaulk, salt, or rock depending on location that is different than sand, dirt, snow, or canyon soil to avoid dirt mining leading to another geometry reset since a Sifting Tool does not actually dig vs generating siftable resources to a linked container. Sifting takes the different resources and generates trace amounts of ore for each type in 1-5L per sift up to 25L max with takents every sedong or could of seconds at the cost of fuel/energy and uses 100L worth of the resources to consistently generate ore via RNG. Sifting could also be a way to generate the gems NQ once wanted to add into mining to make it worthwhile to do that could be used in various crafts Thes new types of sediment could additionally be used as new forms of teravoxels even if they arent traditioanlly gained from digging or be base elements for making rock based ores like taking rock+Chaulk and making limestone for instance (just a thought). Sifting could also be a way to add some kind of industry type units to ships such as having industrial sifter Elements on ships in a Scoop based element that collects more of the soil resources without digging, and an actual sifting unit that runs on hydrogen and oxigen (H2O) and fuel in order to have some kind of exclusive industry type system for ships to make ship based mining a thing. This type of system would do no actual damage to the game but still offer a new type of feature in which if you have MUs running, you have already exausted your Ore Generated tile ore pool, and are waiting for asteroids to pop you still have something you can do or go exploring on your planet or any planet, or as a new player you can sift on land you own/dont own that does not really affect anything but still generate roughly the same equivelent amount of dirt a mining tool did via talents in terms of speed/gain, size, etc but uses clay, salt, peat, chaulk, or rock it generates as the sifting materials so people dont dig out whole moons again to sift. F: Ship Bsed Mining: With Sifting adding a Ship Based Mining component that like all suffestions here uses fuel/energy as its source as both a sink but a power source can be used to allow ships to also become a mining source when MUs are running, OG ore pools are exausted, or waiting on asteroids to pop you can still have something to do to generate more resources. I touched on the Sfting Tool and also the Ship based element for the scroop/Sifter elements that could be used to collect new different soil types from dirt, sand, snow, canyon soil to produce trace amount 1-25L and -5L potentially per tier per sift and maybe more for industrial ship mining elements. But Ship Mining Elements could also be in the form of some kind of tractor beam or magnet type element to where if you are hovering over ground rocks or even the calibration rocks the Ore generator produces it could act like alien abductions with just a blue light that shines down to where the tractor beam automatically collect a number of rocks per second or X amont of liters in rocks per second with the tractor beam or by some kind of magnet. G: DROIDS! I think that it is time to start introducing NPCs into the game via droids as pets that serve a multitude of functions that a player can only have one out at a time to suit the need at hand. Droids should come in ground based hover, or flying droids in which can do various things like a player can such as repairs, harvest/mine, refuel, fly, act as a targeting comuter/gunner, Industrial assistant, combat droid (if when hand weapons are introduced), etc in which they can do things up to a certain range independent of the player but acting solely on their behalf and can use the players inventory to help do its tasks. Repair/Refueling droids could fix broken parts automatically or top off MU fuel tanks, ship fuel tanks, create fuel if needed or repair broken elements, turn permanantly broken parts into scrap, as well as repair org members ships as well as refuel depending on what droid you have out. Mining/Harvesting droids would help dig tunnels on asteroids when they find ore or harvest rock spawns on planets or when a player comes across harvestable rocks or gems inbetween asteroid nodes. Onworld they would fly around and auto collect rocks to a certain range to help aid in resource aquisition outside the players spheere of harvesting range so tht they dont constantly mine the rocks you can. Mining/Harvesting Droids could also set waypoints to good densities of rocks as well or point you to the nearest rock with some kind of resource waypoint if there are none nearby with some kind of blue waypoint. Droids would run on fuel/energy and cannot heal themselves unless an org member is in the vacinity with a repair droid. Droids could should have some kind of upgrade system of XXS parts that are the same as ship parts scaled down for droid scale and perhaps XXXS parts that players could potentially attach to themselves as a means of customization like putting hover engines under their shoes or the rocket boosters on as a jetpack or like wings for glding or additioanl lights to their helment/shoulders. Droids could be another charge sink if Calibration Charges we changed to a buff based system that was permanant or temporary if the elements are claimed or unclaimed for permanant statsgains or a temporary buff. Droids would help make things a lot easier if it cut down on monotony or aided in what the player is already doing and have it help do that much more on top of it. H: Mining Instances Since voxel mining does too much damage to the game to be persistant onworld mining should just require a mine elevator Element that has a surface component that must be planced on the ground with the base of it in the ground itself in which players can enter the mine shaft hit the button to go down and when they do the doors close and it then it starts to descend down at which time it loads the instance which is just a small starting area around the exit to the mine shaft elevator. I think that such instances should either have a time component or a structural integrity component that the more the player digs and destroys up to a certain point the mine loses integrity and a mine collapse is immanant and the player has to decide how much is enough or they risk collapse and death and losing what they would have gained. Perhaps there could be other components like using the flattening tool along with the smooth tool and being able to build structural supports, beams, and minecar tracks that can persist between mining runs so that players can keep structural intedrity as much as possible until the area is dug to the point it collapses anyways. But props like beams, lights, rail tracks, mining carts (containers that can be pushed), and other mining elements could make for a cool experience tht just requires the player to leave and have a linked outside inventory large enough to fit into or the overflow will be lost. It could also create a group mining/building/engineering game until it collapses due to being dug out too much and a new instance is created. A mining instance could simulate the old version of mining in a way that saves on the escalting costs of of a persistant versions of the old mining system while still offering the same experience within tiles. If a mine collapses it should have a 2 week to 1 month cooldown on each tile a player/org opens up. Digging should deplete the structural integrity meter in the instance the more tunnels or shafts you dig unless players spend voxels to create structural beams or using some kind of structural beam element that maintains a small amount of integrity to be able to keep mining. Track systems should also be able to be placed that are element based that comes in straight track, curves, switches, cross tracks, etc that mining carts can be placed on that act as a mobile pushable inventory source for mining within the tile that has a shorter range than a traditional container. Potentially mining train engines to move the mining carts. Being able to place other elements like lights and other things in the mining instance. When structural integrity is low enough there should be some kind of temor type sound that plays according to the structural integrity meter as an audible que that the integrity is lowering or collapse is immannt if the sound is loud enough at which time it is either your opportunity to pack up all the elements, bank the ore, and cut your losses or risk losing all of what is down there. On the other hand this type of system could be used again in an instanced simulator in many of the same ways as a VR type experience in some kind of distant solar system to where a mining colony has been established and requires surrigates to VR to this solar system and mine. At which point players collect as much as they can in very much the same way as they do now and should have the ability to create mining carts, beams, tracks, light sources, etc and place them down to keep structural integrity in the area and players can work together to mine and in exchange since you cannot take the ore with you NQ pays your account in credits or quanta instead of ore which you could use to buy ore or whatever as a sort of persistant instance that still collapses every so often due to players digging too much and a new mining location is generated the following week and collapses at the end of the week if players dont keep the integrity high enough for it to continue to persist before it collapses.
  3. NQ did not understand dynamic world generation, solar systems, dynamic resource generation, planet cores/makeup, or what players can and will do if you give them the opportunity to do so at every turn when you create generic systems for off loopholes, exploits, and no thought to the systems they built as much as just trying to float content out there since they were behind the 8 ball constantly due to time constraints and limited budget and a half functional game when it was created. NQ never did their homework about shallow horizontal progression games work or the pitfalls of voxel based games in general on how to take out as many voxels/elements coming into the game as need to go out of the game or to properly sink things to maintain what is in game as DU would have been better off being a survival space PvP game than a pure builder with optional PvP in it. They wanted a single shard and dedicared the full game to a solar system rather than a universe since the single shard they built and lack of checks and balances or systems to slow down people with the most simplest of mechanics led to them being unable to do more than a solar system. With escalating costs, dwindling player base paying subs that wasnt playing for free, and JC running the game into the ground leading to cost cutting measures and removal of content rather than doing what needed to be done which was sinks, destructive elements, wear and tear, mining costing nitron, world healing, environmental considtions, or needing tobreathe air under water and only available on certain planets they can only remove content at this point and are forced to dedicate a good portion of their budget to cutting costs at this point rather than tempting players to fight each other to remove it or taking a break it you bought it approach to take elements out of the game. Punishing players and imposing limits since they did not set a standard or expectations other than spoon feeding their backers with systems like territory scanning with no limit on ships leading to people scanning 27 tiles at once (max range) and then strip mining mega nodes and juice tiles around the clock, building giant industries, and compounding the prolem and economic problems in a finite resource pool at the time without imposing limits or sinking the systems properly. And most of all the lack of understanding of PvP which is the anser to all the problems and since they dont understand the concept of civilizations, laws, industry loops, economies, and the psycology of gamers as much as pulling in landmark refugees and catering to non PvP players constantly without offering a PvP and PvE servers with different rulesets people dont like PvP, can avoid it like the plague, and will not participate large scale due tot he nature of the game taking days to weeks or a month to produce the parts, build a ship, and throw it away since the total cost is always on the backs of the playerbase rather than on a collective faction or the mission system in general that should be building faction fleet ships you can throw away hundreds of millions or billions a night and not think twice about since the faction takes the losses not the players. There are many other problems but those are the biggest of them that has made DU this bad and needing to downsize their budget and as a result their playerbase.
  4. Q: Why does NQ always want to hand all your hard work over to other people? NQ calls people's builds and hard work trash which is kinda insulting on its face but like anything else why do they not simply just turn it into a golden blueprint that can only be placed on their territory so players do not just respawn it back onto the pad or treat the pads like a dockable construct in which once the construct has been turned into a golden blueprint cannot land on the market pad it was compacted from? Or just compact it into a golden blueprint and impound the construct via a script that does this automatically with a repo vendor or screen near the market keosks that charges rent via number of days? NQ has done quite a lot of damage to the game and some people might be playing other games since they could be waiting for progress and why does NQ not have a system to notify people when patches like demeter or panacea drop where you are potentially going to lose your base or constructs via en email or text? Kinda bogus if you ask me? Q: Why does NQ always go with the free candy approach to salvaging? If NQ spent as much time with systems like salvaging as they do routinely trying to cut people's airbrakes, obstruct them, or nerf PvP into oblivion it might be a decent system, but as it stands it seems like they are just handing out jackpots of ore, elements, or bidding wars for ships which again compounds the problems of wrecking the economy even faster by doing so. Nq again just seems to want to hand out free lunch as a bait and switch to just bait people into PvP and why make them wrecks instead of making players fight somekind of rudimentary PvP script that will fire on players that come to check it out and force the player to risk something to get the rewards and reward based on how much danger since NQ can break their own rules and create a wall of railguns with a huge jackpot of ore if they wanted or make armadas you have to actually "wreck" to loot them. Its kinda dumb that NQ does everything they can to not introduce NPCs or rudimentary NPC scripts for PvP, Travel, etc to make this work and there are so many scripts they could use that requires nothing more than making the actors or flags to make their scripts persistant vs 1km and have ships, weapons platforms, space stations, ship fleets you have to fight in order to just cash in your jackpot lotto ticket rather than just handing over "Free Loot" because it sounds cool and NQ thinks we need free candy or a cookie. If NQ put as much thought into things like this as they do for cutting peoples airbrakes every chance they get, Obstructing people forno reason, or nerfing PvP this might actually be a fun game.
  5. I would rather have: Element Scaling Tool Element Selection tool to select groups and copy paste Teravoxel add/delete tool Voxel to Element Creator Voxel to Element Blueprint Creator Conversely Element to Voxel Creator Voxel Parts Creaor that has presets tomake wings, hovers, engines, etc within set shape dimensions. Teraforming tools like chisel 1z1=5x5 square tool. Teraforming Squart voxel Replacement tool Teravoxel to voxel replacement tool for things like roads, bridges, runways, etc that should not need cores within your territory
  6. Without any kind of law system, faction system, NPCs, or a space map and elements that allow players to broadcast they are under attack to their fellow org members or the GP there is a myriad of other issues plauging DU that are far beyond the playerbse's control to make a mission system or the game at large less boring to add any kind of meaning to the game let alone a mission system that makes any kind of sense that does not simply hand out free quanta for shuffling around fake generated parts. Without a law system to where those who attack people endlessly or a way for orgs to wage war on each other instead of just going outside a planets protective zone to blockade players is the first root of why this game is so boring. If you attack people you should be a criminal and since there is no org based factions, planetary or regional factions, or factions in general it makes it pretty pointless for territory wars if taxes are doing it already without firing shots and bouncing players out of the game even before things like territory wars, org wars, or planetary wars come into play if doing negative actions have no legal system for killing and looting players or selling or using their cargo or parts has no impact on being able to buy or sell or opening them up to PvP and still being protected by bubbles at the end of the day. Or that there is the missing half of the game to make things more interesting which is NPCs, or space stations half way between planets or any kind of police/military forces that give meaning to protecting others if everyone is inherantly your enemy with no negative pentalties to need/want to work with others on a planet for mutual sel defense since everyone is protected. Npcs are what normally would mix things up and give people a bunch of different paths they could choose to play to help, stay out of their affairs, or attack for quanta, parts, ore, and or helping the NPCs build structures in a building game like bases, spaceports, space stations, orbital/ground defenses, etc for other players to attack since it does not matter if an NPC faction gets destroyed since they could just pump out more missions to build more and pay players to help them or to attack opposing NPC factions via police or military missions. But also that the fake parts and the generic mission/quest system does not use any form of actual real existing ships, unbuilt ships, parts, components, metal scrap, refined ore, or raw ore to take those things out of the game or to use those as the reason missions exist to create meaning to it since you could transfer those things from markets to markets on a planet that have an excess of those items or to transfer those things to other planets to balance the influx of those items to restock markets, or to fulfill crafting work orders to make the items for missions, transfer them to dry docks that make ships like industry rather than just spontaniously spawning things into existance, or to make a reason for escorts, intercepts, police patrols, scanning other ships, assaulting other ships, stations, structures, and or defending them. Currently there are nothing but systems to prevent all that from happening as there is no reason to throw away millions to hundreds of millions for no real reason since you can pretty much live in the bubbles and build and never really need to interact with anyone since people are so spread out and there is no reason for 9 hospitable planets when most solar systems only have a handful of habitable planets before gas giants or exoplanets too close to the sun other than NQ needing them all to drop all the ore on. But most of all NQ's idea that players would build the game and make our own content was always a bad idea since players make terrible devs or content creators and without it being standard features in the game, submitted to know what is in game or that it does not make secret societies or that any player in the game can purchase the scripts in game via a script market to help balance the guarded scripts and things for advantages really does not make for good gameplay and relies on there being enough coders or people capable of making scripts to exist in game. NQ should be doing more to make the game then they do and the simple things they do like MUs are not fun and they dont take the best scripts and make them standard or make use of them like the autopilot scripts that npcs would/could use to make the game more interesting thatn MU mining, Asteroid Mining, Giant Industry, Build ships/buildings and sell as the meta for the game with no other purpose and making everything as tedious and limited and unfun as possible. Untilany or all those things change this is a dead univ- I mean solar system.
  7. here in general is just a good spot as any unless you want to post it in the lost forgotten realm of the idea box. For the most part NQ has their road map set in stone and are hell bent on doing pointless things so adding features to that list might be a challenge. Now if your feature removes content from the game like they seem to want to do naturally im sure they might be all ears.
  8. DU is a fad based game. They wanted EvE but they ended up with Space Landmark and it fails at both aspects since anything we build beyond industry has no purpose with resource generators and bad PvP. Lol the worst thing that can happen is they actually could make a game more than 1000 people play if they actually developed something.
  9. MUs introducing efficiency drops via time and running constantly either needs to be applied to everything in which you need to pick what you want to calibrate with every element in the game to keep it running or it needs to be adapted to some other meta since HP is efficiency with 1-100% HP doing the same thing. If there are unused elements that is a good thing as there should be no reason to run hundreds of thousands if not 1 million industry units all the time that never require upkeep, efficiency drops, or fuel to run them constantly churning out parts or elements without some form of sink. Its the same with ships that never get destroed via skill or warpong to avoid PvP taking any resources or parts out of the game to keep the health of the market stable between knee jeck system NQ adds before they vave into removing them. Its like owning a car that you need to keep the gas tank full and that parts break down over time, some parts like tires need replaced x amount of miles, oil changed x amount of miles, and that over time parts wear out and need to be replaced. There is also a big difference between a Honda Civic vs a formula 1 race car in how quickly parts wear out or fail and how fast you need to swap out the tires in the case of size XS-L as well as rarity of basic-unique and also if it has tags of being military, freight, or maneuvering. In terms of ships or airplanes they require constant maintenence wether its a cesna, a beoing 747, or an F-22 with those pushing the most speed power etc being damaged more quickly. But also that all ships or industry/MU elements should never always be running at 100% but that wether it is running 24/7 or if you are flying to the market with temorary use should cause damage to elements in use so that it not only takes more resources out of the system but the efficiency drop on the elements should create an element of danger in which creates considtions that are constantly changing stats on parts as you go.
  10. Mix & Match or take your pick. 1: Instanced based mining via MUs Honestly they could have a version of onworld mining that uses instances like the mining tutorials for mining. Honestly they could create a tile size instance that is 1km deep that is like traditional mining that relies on the calibration scans for where ore is located and allow players at the end of the calibration an option or chance to actively mine what shows up in the scan. This could be achieved by introducing also some kind of element that is like a mine shaft elevator that acts like the entrance to the instance that eats or uses a tile scan result or after the calibration results linked to a mine shaft elevator element to generate an underground instance in which loads as you go down and when the ore has all been mined you go back to the elevator and it takes you back to the real world so that it has all the elements of controlled mining as well as how much ore is generated to have voxel based mining onworld since it was removed for asteroids to create a more active version of mining that closes after you jump back onto the elevator. 2: Retrofitting the old mining system to MUs without voxel based ore. NQ should really consider retro fitting the old system of voxel based mining (minus the voxels) to match more with how MUs work now and have finite ore pools that are in line with random tiles you would find before demeter and tier the respawn of tiles to the weekly tax cycle. Where if you look at MUs as they are now where there are ore types to choose from instead of the L/H limit they have a pool of ore in line with pristine tiles you would find pre-demeter with scan results from territory scanners. To where each tax cycle it generates a new pool of ore you can mine as fast or slow as you want with how many calibrations you and your org have at your disposal to make best use of what ore is on the tile that changes each week and you have a week to clean out the pool with as much or little amount of miners as you need to do so. 3: Generating L/H from MUs directly onto the surface on top of the production into containers First I want to say that all the ground rocks already have a generation script every 24 hours and in its current state is useless to have billions of rocks spawning that bogs down performance that nobody will ever realistically mine that needs to be rendered and loaded in multiple territories around you wherever you go even if you pay attention to them or not. They have never really been needed or wanted or made use of since they are all 20h ea. With that said I think that all those rocks should be removed from the game to streamline performance and instead of the rocks the calibration charges spawn the L/H output of MUs should spawn those rocks onto the ground instead so that you can gain ore from what the MUs generate already as well as the calibration charge spawns, but also that the MUs on all your territories should automatically spawn the equivelent of the L/H additionally onto the surface so that there is somewhat of an onworld mining component in place that you can collect at your leisure that is actually worthwhile to do rather than rocks that do nothing. 4: Sifting as a feature Since you dont want to create an incentive to basically turn sifting into voxel mining 2.0 sifting should not actually dig into the ground as much as clone the mining tool that can be used in owned or un-owned tiles that generates some alternate resource like sediment, strata, clay, stone, etc that distinguishes tera voxels vs a different resource that can be generated without digging as a sifting tool instead of a mining tool. SO basically you could walk around running the sifter to collect different sediments and as an alt function of the sifting tool actually sift it so that it creates a more active mining system that is more user friendly than collecting rocks on the ground but also at the same time sift sediment to produce ore, gems, or different things as well as the potential for industry sifting units that have better gains. 5: Prospecting to upgrade tiles via prospecting Taxe as a quanta sink do not target those NQ sought to drain quanta from and instead targeted New Players, casuals, builders, and crashed the economy since it created a treadmiill of needing to make as many millions as you and your org have tiles for abysmal ore gains unless you find a legit workable tile and unless you do you are stuck with barely sustainable tiles. 500k per week is much more doable in taxes. NQ should have a quanta version of the talent system baked into each TU where players can spend millions willingly that is not a stick as much as a carrot that player choose to spend their quanta to upgrade the ore L/H @ +1mil per ore tier for +10 L/H per hour of that ore or being able to discover another tier ore that wasnt origionally found there for +10 mil h per tier to open up +10 L/H of that ore. This would do many things like instead of needing 30 tiles you could upgrade 1 tile to support all your miners or making more use of existing tiles that players can invest in their territories that also bakes those stats into the tiles themselves making them worth more by creating a sort of real estate market as well. 6: Changing MUs in general Calibrations need to either be applied to all elements or be removed. No other talent tree has this much tedium and people would rage quit if you had to constantly calibrate ships for 3 days/300 SU of use or industry units every 3 days. Even though I think that there should be some kind of system to slow down how much can be produced via industry I think NQ has set expectations and the industry should remain as is. The other side of MUs is it does not seem to be for miners as much as the quickest talent progression to allow industrialists to mine without mining as much as remove voxel mining from the game since you only need to grab rocks when calibrating and it really does not have any real form of active mining component similar to asteroid mining or mining in general. I think that if you are only wanting to afk mine the calibration system should be changed to just constanntly run off nitron, kergon, or rocket fuel for whatever miner to opperate the miners and rocket fuel as a sort of nitrus boost type fuel if you choose to use it. And linking fuel tanks in whatever size you think you need directly to miners and just letting them run for those who want to just afk mine and collect ore in the output containers instead of the efficiency drops it at least would use something tangible to keep miners constantly running at full efficiency with a resource sink rather than a time sink if taxes aremeant to take quanta out of the system fuel consumption does essentially the same thing since it take mats out of the game to keep the ore being sold worth more and gives those who just want to afk collect ore the ability to do so without having to collect the rocks from calibrations. AND since if you are just running the MU on fuel it is pretty much in use. BUT if you have MUs in your territories that are not actively producing ore then you should be allowed to do active mining in which you can keep playing the mini game to spawn ore to actively mine with a 15 min cooldown like territory scanners. If not doing the same thing if you link 1 territory scanner to 1 MU that spawns the ore so that it has an investment and time cost to spawning ore and an active mining component. 3-5kl every 15 min and then having to run and find it is still less than the old voxel mining system since you could get easily a container or two of ore per day it should be similar for MUs as asteroids are a weekend thing only unless you like wasting time chasing down mined out asteroids. 7: Mining Talents should also apply to ground rocks and calibration rocks Its baffling that for whatever reason NQ does not consider mining ground rocks to be mining since you are "harvesting" ore and those with actual mining talents should get more ore since they have the talents for it as well as reduced time amounts since that is also part of the mining tree. The mining tree in general is mostly filled with non mining talents as is and is the least developed tree in the game vs piloting, weapons, ammo, or industry and again it feels like MUs are more for industrialists rather than miners who get no additional benefits even if they have specced into mining or dredging talent tree branches or that everyone and anyone can take a month or two for the MUs and pretty much compete with asteroid miners at the cost of quanta. Asteroid Solutions 1: Changing the Nature of Asteroids in general The makeup of asteroids seems counter productive to the actual makeup of asteroids in which they are not made mostly of dirt, snow, or sand and should be made almost exclusively ore only as there is no real reason whatsoever to have dirt persisting in space for a week at a time that is the reson voxel mining was removed in the first place even though asteroids were dropped before the demeter update. Asteroids should be more like a jaw breaker in the sense that the makeup of the asteroids of basic, ucommon, etc should have the outside layer being whatever the lowest tier ore is with inner layers being higher tiers if there are any. Personally I dont think that the DSAT system should even give a distinction of rarity in ore tiers should be distinguished as much as there is an asteroid there and you find out what is there when you get there so people dont just run to the better asteroids and it creates a bit more randomness to what you can find once you use the ore scanning tool. 2: Core Based Asteroids If asteroids are just ore and are a version of teravoxels like dirt asteroids could and should be core based in the sense that the system can spawn asteroids via an unlimted golden blueprint script where it spawns an asteroid the size of various cores from XS-L or XL when those cores become available and since you cannot pick up a core until all that is contained inthe core is removed NQ can make a script for asteroids that checks every so often like 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, etc so that if there is nothing left on the asteroid it will count as being despawned and added back into the que to be spawned again. The cores can be invisible or collectible if NQ wants to reward players for mining out the full asteroid for a prize at the bottom of the box as it were. But it also allows for the asteroids to be both static and dynamic so that you can add some kind of element of danger if you come across dynamic core based asteroids if they have a rotation added or if they get caught in a planets gravity or are give some kind of speed component and or also a waypoint system toa ctually create a moving rotating asteroid belt as well as static asteroids. Making higher tier ores more dangerous to collect if they are either moving or rotating and you have to land on them. NQ could also use this system for meteors, and asteroid impacts if they spawn dynamic core based asteroids they could litterally send them anywhere they want with a auto pilot script to bombard planets and if the core is given a PvP weapon based script to punch a hole in the ground like a giant teraforming tool or to burn up in the atmosphere depending on the speed or angle they come down on a planet would be an interesting option to seed voxel ore on planets even if it does no actual damage even though it would be interesting if it actually damaged elements or destroyed voxels. 3: Adding "harvestable" versions of asteroids or asteroid fragments NQ should consider making asteroids like the ground rocks just massively larger in the sense that they should add in ship based elements for either both space or onworld that lock onto these asteroid type harvestable asteroids like PvP but instead of blowing it up it just has a harvest tool like wuality that if you are in range points a giant lazer at the asteroids to either break it down into smaller chunks until they hit the size of your ships mining equipment to harvest and you just collect giant chunks of ore without needing to spawn voxel asteroids to do the same thing or on top of voxel based asteroids.
  11. Yeah I get it. It will take elements and a waypoint system at the very least to standardize racing. The PvP aspect within tiles is also a needed function for scrims or to add another needed layer to racing. To me it should all be self contained within the rest of the mentioned things to streamline the whole process and aid with quing up that is a needed function for other aspect of the game for mining or PvP with whoever is active combined with the auto healing features which have been needed for some time to break up the tedium or return to home functions as well. Most of that stuff already exists in scripts people have made and taking those and adding it to elements into the game is really the missing half of the game.
  12. A G Force system could easily simulate stress based on what sort of stress elements are put under for sure but it really only works in atmo. Personally I am more in facor of a wear and tear based system that is based on SU traveled vs G Force systems as it does small amounts of damage to all elements being used in atmo, in space, as well as in static cores in general. For damage done it just needs to be based on the size, grade, rarity, and tags so that: XS Ship Elements take 1hp per SU in atmo or space S Ship Elements take 2hp per SU in atmo or space M Ship Elements take 3hp per SU in atmo or space L Ship Elements take 4hp per SU in atmo or space XL Ship Elements take 5hp per SU in atmo or space Basic Ship Elements take 1hp per SU on top of the size HP damage in atmo or space Advanced Ship Elements take 2hp per SU on top of the size HP damage in atmo or space Uncommon Ship Elements take 3hp per SU on top of the size HP damage in atmo or space Rare Ship Elements take 4hp per SU on top of the size HP damage in atmo or space Unique Ship Elements take 5hp per SU on top of the size HP damage in atmo or spac Maneuvering Ship Elements take 1hp per SU on top of size/grade HP damage in atmo or space Freight Ship Elements take 2hp per SU on top of size/grade HP damage in atmo or space Military Ship Elements take 3hp per SU on top of size/grade HP damage in atmo or space I think all other static core based elements should also follow those guide lines along with different elements like doors, switches, MUs, and Industry Units every time ore is produced per hour, parts produced, or every time you go through a door that should reduce hp and also increase production time, lower efficiency, and take longer for doors to open and close based on 1-100% efficiency. This type of system focuses on those who use things more ofent, fly more often, produce more, or mine more as the MU efficiency should rely more on the HP health of the element as the actual efficiency as it is essentially the same thing and does the same thing as the OPs proposed system only really effects atmo based elements as 0G vaccume of space is a limited approach to a system that should degrade with use based on size, grade, and tags of all elements not just atmo parts.
  13. Personally I dislike how the asteroids have been handled in general as now that mining has been removed, MUs added, and the focus and sole means of actually getting decent amounts of ore is only reserved for the weekends and since NQ goes home for the weekend any issues such as not respawning proper amounts or issues. Personally I think that not really being able to mine on planets other than Calibrations is a huge issue since there is no other way to really actively mine ore other than asteroids unless you mine rocks. Just having one spawn per week is a terrible idea imo even if they want it to be a draw for DU should have been daily or perpetual or with RNG based spawns so they arent wiped out in a day or two and you could mine as much as you wanted as constant content. Really they should have has asteroids aver being discovered and being broadcast with their locations start a countdown timer in which would automatically remove dead asteroids and then que the number of dead asteroids to the spawn and ore generation script to automatically repop asteroids perpetually with a random number range of asteroid spawns each 24 hour period. But beyond that there really needs to be some kind of active on world mining system that is actually worthwhile between weekends since MUs should have a Calibration type instant spawn but also it should also randomly spawn those rocks tied to what the MUs are producing to make active ground mining for the other 5 days of the week when asteroids aare mined out so that if there are issues like minimal asteroids being spawned there is still other options of actually gaining ore even if you cant dig into the ground.
  14. Warfare is an important key feature that NQ uses to lure people into the game and has never sold this as a racing game and while I am sure that there could be some kind of draw to racing or space racing as a genre I think doing so could be done to an extent. NQ would need to: Making a proper waypoint system that allows for multiple waypoints as a list and an element that players can interact with that with a yes/no checkbox to download the coordinate list. Another element that has a que list of players interested in racing as well as a number of participants for each race. Some kind of security system that you can have public ships for racing that if they try to leave the territory it will automatically enguage an autopilot to take it back to a preset location for that ship. Some kind of auto repair system so that while in that territory the ship can be linked to a container within the teritory that will automatically repair damage so that ships are good to go with minimal or no effort. A auto placement system for qued players to where it gives them temporary access to racing ships and removes access once a race has been completed and will automatically take all ships back to the starting race positions for the next race. Some kind of perms to flag PvP within specific tiles as part of a racing system for races that lasts until a race is complete and tied to the racing Que Element in which a tile owner can have PvP flagged, set up teams or independent teamless options as well as the allowed weapon types or sizes as well as what can share perms in terms of what can be damaged in the case of interactive portions of races like triggers for collapsing parts of tracks, obstructions like voxel walls, etc as you could also allow the spectators to man turrerts orsomething. Many of those things have many uses beyond just racing as NQ should never shift their focus to any one thing in DU with so many things missing or being needed in game beyond racing.
  15. I would say that first it really comes down to different types of sub, ftp, p2w MMOs or hosting companies vs actual non-asian studios in which any sort of updates or the ability to change mechanics vs having a different culture of gameplay in updates that may or may not have matched with the different markets of US, EU, SEA. All the game I have played have had upsides along with downsides in terms of expected game play time requirements or the fun during the downtime waiting for CDs, mana bars, etc or raids vs solo play and how much each game let your character break the game in general that led to many of the fun experiences. I also think games that were full PVP vs PvE vs PvPvE also had different memorable experiences as well as bad experiences in terms of FFA loot, corpse runs, and siege mechanics that made things fun. As well as the actual events most games held that were most memorable or exclusive loot that was obtained during events. I played Runescape, Ultima, EQ1, Priston Tale, Ragnarok, Shadowbane, Ashrons CAll, Age of Conan, GW1, Lineage 1, Lineage 2, Guildwars 2, SWG, EvE, EQ2, Aion, Blade & Soul, Archage, Perfectworld, City of Heroes, Crowfall, Mortals Online 1&2, Neverwinter Nights Online, Bless Online, Black Desert Online, Dynasty Warriors Online, Landmark, Elder Scrolls Online, Path of Exile, Skyforge, Warframe, Fantasy Star Online, Rift, Age of Empires Online, RF Online, vindictus, Maple Story, New World, Bubble Ninja, Planetside 1&2, Ryzom, and like 10+ other MMOs I can no longer remember. It really depends on what kind of genre you want to choose. For the most part older games had more community based gameplay incusivity that required groups or raids to accomplish and keep buffs up and running in terms of PvE games that demanded long camp cycles and to me the gameplay itself wasnt that great as much as being trained by other people trying to steal your camp or a puller that just so happened to aggro a bunch of mobs. But mostly it was more about actually having the time between medding mana in which made the game since you had typically 20-30 mins between repops depending on how good your groups were or the makeup of those groups. I think the other half was basically how broken classes were and how much more you could do with skill vs whole groups of people or doing self raids or the items that later got nerfed and the clickies you had that made for fun experiences pulling and soloing whole zones. I would say the downside to older PvE games was how long it took to level, how much the death penalties hurt, how much exp it took in AA points, how rare drops were or the spawns of rare mobs themselves, the corpse runs, losing bodies, the kill stealing, rivalries, raid timers, and just general monotony over the last 20+ years of endless clones that all touted "next gen" whatever that really had like 1-2 really unique features vs all the rest of the clones out there. It wasnt all bad tbh depending on how theme park or grind core it was. As far as PvP games it was siging other peoples cities in which with a disciplined spec group 10 people could easily kill 100 or more people in games like shadowbane where you could just streamroll huge groups of people with stealth classes and track people down or bait more people with specced out hp/def heavy characters with damage shields and all sorts of fun things you could do. I didnt mind Full Loot, Corpse loot, durability, etc as most of those game made it such as minimal grind got you a couple days worth of battles though some games were more forgiving than others. In large though massive battles were most memorable and even being jumped was hilarious in most cases like in RF online where you could overlevel your pet and reverse jump people 10 levels higher than you or again broken classes where different classes attempting to jump you had no chance. The only real downside to PvP games was always the constant breakup and shattering of guild/clans in which they constantly formed, broke up, and reformed again creating different factions of factions. Or that suddenly guild leaders would loot banks and nefarious shady things people naturally do. Losing cities or ships, or space ships was always a constant thing but typically I always had enough to keep going and never hit rock bottom. For the most part I always loved games that had goot marketplaces with low taxes or games which allwed people to buy in-game currencies and then trade that for diamonds or whatever cash shop currency via an exchange system that could be hella exploited that was by far the most fun since you could bypass much of the grind by wheeling and dealing. On the reverse of that I disliked games like Aion whichi had fluxes which had content gates as it made things too each to control top tier gear simply due to some arbitrary content gate in the markets even though it was really profitable it ended up causing a lot of friction between faction members or even core group members. And most of all the bane of my existance being RNG jesus cursing me with factors beyond skill or control which always made it so that if it was possible to fail it was like 99% sure it would blow up weapons, armor, epic quests, or whatever. I think another main factor was growing up with MMos and gaining maturity as the years went along and seeing the same systems recycled over and over again or the same broken systems again and again with each clone that came out or games that got rushed to market via investors wanting returns in the case of conan. I dont really think the the games really made it as fun as the people I played with making all the games more then they were even if they were simple or complex or the rivals or nemesis's you came across in many of the PvP games. You can say that the first MMO you played was always the most memorable but for me I would say that its the top 10 unique games where the developers actually had real vision and took chances or that back in the day each game there was nothing like each subsiquent game like UO, EQ, SB, EvE, SWG, RF, and a couple others that were cutting edge that were unlike anything that came before or since for that matter that really made the experiences fun and memorable by what each allowed you to do in game or the scale of combat that was allowed and the lag, rubberbanding, glitches, etc. I can keep going but I think that pretty much sums up my experience.
  16. NQ really has no idea how to institute sinks properly so that they arent just knee jerk reactions to problems that they initially created due to again not knowing what they were doing and compounding the problem. The thing is they could have started with 100k taxes per tile and stepped it up every month to find the sweet spot but instead they just went and made casual players and new players so cumbersome trying to wipe the server of constructs they should have seen it being a problem but instead the devs litterally laughed as they introduced the system and said suck it your going to pay taxes even when the players were like this system is not going to work and will destroy the economy since it was going to create a treadmill to flood the market with ore that would eventually need market manipulation to take all that ore out of the markets which again compounds the problem they initially introduced with missions and the tax system that was going to take it out by then needing to give more unlimited quanta to take the ore out with more unlimited quanta. NQ just throws things out there with little to no consideration of the actually systemic issues plaguing the game. They know they need to do something to avoid a wipe but they cave too easily when this game needs sinks just not so in your face and linking needing 100 territories vs 1 tile with 100 miners and taxing miners themselves or industry units rather than tiles directly since the real problem is everyone is spamming out too many things people dont need in general since nothing leaves the game ever unless you are the 5% of the people who actually PvP. The thing is that they need quanta sinks, resources sinks, wear and tear sinks based on parts usage, and a slow erosion based system in conjunction with a simple tax system that is 100K per taxes with mining disjointed from the main tax factor. What MUs needed was a prospecting system: 1,000,00h for 10 L/H permanantly for T1 ore on 1 tile 2,000,000h for 10 L/H permanantly for T2 ore on 1 Tile 3,000,000h for 10 L/H permanantly for T3 ore on 1 tile 4,000,000h for 10 L/H permanantly for T4 ore on 1 tile 5,000,000h for 10 L/H permanantly for T5 ore on 1 tile 20,000,000h to add T2 ore to a tile permanantly with 10 L/h starting 30,000,000h to add T3 ore to a tile permanantly with 10 L/h starting 40,000,000h to add T4 ore to a tile permanantly with 10 L/H starting 50,000,000h to add T5 ore to a tile permanantly with 10 L/H starting Its all about the carrot and stick approach. When NQ just doles out stick based punishments like taxes and laughs and sais suck it your going to pay taxes and at the same time drops a half baked mining system rather than making it something people would be happy to spend millions or billions gladly on like the prospecting system above to get rid of huge amounts of billions or trillions out of the system for minimal gains that could lead to having all your miners on a single tile or baking in the taxes so that each upgrade adds 1-5,000h per upgrade so that you dont need 100 tiles but can get the same production over time as 100 tiles and only needing 1 tile and using your org to upgrade 1 or more tiles to make them actually viable is another story rather than just making each tile pretty much worthless by large so you need to pay taxes to actually break even, progress, and still have enough resources left over to make parts or voxels. But NQ makes half baked systems with no fore thought to the consiquences or the band aid fixes to problems they create. The only reason they are reversing course is because they are losing players like many told them would happen and they thought they knew better and as per usual they simply dont. Like they could have set up destructible elements to have more than 3 deaths or by tier that or grade or by tag so that they were reasonable but then went and didnt single destroy cores that broke the system. Sure it was based on user error for the most part but during that time there was a lot of lag, bugs, glitches that broke parts and still randomly break parts for no reason to this day or blew up your ship or where your ship randomly just decides to fly itself and blow up. It needed to be more forgiving but they went ham on 3 strikes your out. Its the same with taxes. Its too much too often the same as it is with the MUs. Taxes would have been more acceptable if it was every 2 weeks or the same with MUs where you get a week of efficiency at 100% and have to touch them once a week. The problem is that you spend more time then not at sub optimal efficiency and having to run all over the place not being able to do what you want most of the time and then what time is left you are picking up and selling ore for no real reason just to cover tiles and you have little to no time to actually do what you want in game that is the real problem with the taxes. Calibration needs to go or be changed to requiring nitron or other fuels to just keep MUs running so you dont have to touch them after the initial start. You dont really get much ore as is other than the calibration ore which should just be either automatically spawned every hour or just added to the output of the machines since every 36 hours you get the equivelent of 4.5 tiles and it is far too tedious as it stands. It also chains players down to wherever you set up the tiles as you need to be within range of the tiles since the bonus is dependent on the size of the cluster and since you can pretty much keep up 13 or so tiles along with using the HQ tiles to get more bonuses on border tiles to make it worth it. Seeing as anything below T3 no longer matters it proves that ore does not really matter in the long run or the geographic location it comes from and since you can pretty much farm T1 ore and trade up to T3 at a 1:1-1.5 exchange rate it shows that the ore really is not worth it or that people are still holding onto large sums of hoarded ore. Seeing as even T4-5 ore is 4-6:1 T1 ore why even go through the trouble of mining and transporting the ore when you dont even need to jump through all the hoops for the same byproduct at the end. I just wonder what the next knee jerk reaction is to all the problems they have created will be.
  17. Ships for the most part lack any sort of aerodynamics other than building slim since voxels sont really seem to matter in terms of speed in atmosphere or atmosperic burn in general and it would be nice to have elements that help in that regard. Obviously its thrust + Lift vs weight + drag that makes something fly but we need some kind of element that lessens drag since vovel shapes do no account for drag. Part of the equation of lift, thrust, weight, and drag is how the rounded shapes or nose coness on fighter jets reduce drag by cutting through the air and allowing the ship or jet to cut through the atmosphere to allow for more speed to occur. In most instances in DU the atmo burn is far too low even with aerodynamic shapes. Either we need Aerodynamic elements or atmo burn resistant options in either parts like military, freight, maneuvering, and add in supersonic based parts. But at the same time there is so much parts bloat for anything outside space and atmo parts like wings, adjustors, brakes, foils, stabilizers, hovers, etc in which if there were practical parts lines with basic-unique and military, frieght, maneuvering, and supersonic parts you wouldnt need like half the parts needing 1/4th the engines, etc leading to the whole bloat of parts/weight ratio in addition to not being allowed to choose the metals that make up the parts to choose between HP, Weight, Lift, weapon type resistance, or heat resistance in general. Perhaps any time you crash an element the type of scrap you use should matter in what sorts of metals do what based on how much scrap is used in terms of the resistances as you are adding the metal back into the parts and what scrap and how expensive or rare the tier based scrap is should matter. But either way the atmo burn on most ships is far too low for its own good. Sci-fi elements aside from the modern supposedly futuristic flight sim should not be this restrictive.
  18. NO to market manipulation as the anser is and will always be resource sinks as the problem is much more systemic than just handing out even more quanta like candy without addressing the real issues as to why the market is broken, why we needed taxes and market bots, and the introduction of infinite ore for everyone compounding the problem people tried to warn of when they talked about this system. There needs to be resource sinks in the game to keep the ore markets moving as it is the only real economy in the game at this point since most people can make their own parts and nobody needs this much excess in the system without resource sinks like destructible elements and wear and tear. If they go this route without resource sinks you can expect taxes to be raised as if you have missions still pumping out unlimited quanta, unlimited ore coming in, and unlimited ore being bought by NQ bots the system will need to take that quanta out via more taxes unless there are sufficient resource sinks as there are no punishments or death penalties in this game other than loss of ships in PvP but nobody really does PvP in any degree that impacts the market.
  19. There are so many better ways they could have implimented MUs since it was supposed to make mining "less tedious" and instead made it a lot more tedious. In terms of building you first get a whole lot less ore than you used to in general that you then have to sell a portion of to cover taxes, then choose between making parts, elements, and then voxels, and then dont have much time to do anything since its going to take you an hour and a half to blow 10 charges, chase down the ore and potentially have to delete parts of your builds if the ore spawns in the floor, and then waste time going from rig to rig and trasfer ore the MUs have produced. Its a lot of BS for no gain and screens you cant skip as the MU loads up. On top of it all you have to pay taxes to keep the whole thing going. There are so many things they could have done better to reduce the tedious nature of the MUs in general or taxes: Instead of Taxes NQ could havve built in some kind of prospecting tile upgrade system to get money out of the game to upgrade the resources on your tile. If you are on Alioth for example you could pay 20,000,000h to buy the upgrade to have Malachite on your tile or 30,000,000 to put Acrinite on your tile, and 1-5,000,000 per ore tier to add 10 L/H per ore to a tile and it would have instantly burned out most of the money from the game without the need for taxes and created a prospecting system to where you dont need to calibrate if you had trillions or billions and made baked tile stats more lucrative for building the land up. NQ could have made the MUs just spawn the rocks per hour onto the ground instead of needing to calibrate anything since it should essentially do that automatically without a time based "Are you still playing" mini game. Since rocks arent barely even worth picking up as is with 20L per rock it should take some effort to actually mine if you have to mine anyways and with the rocks that spawn should have been based on the nodes in the mini game on how much it spawns per hour until you wanted to swap resources. MUs should have only needed to be used to initially start a MU and then it should have just run off of Nitron so you dont have to babysit MUs so much since you are essentially chained to a location since VR does not let you get bonuses or talent perks and you end up wasting the charge essentially since you will have to do it more frequently with the efficiency loss. The Charge duration should have given a player a week between starting an MU before the efficiency drop even starts so that you can actually do something else rather than this new boring meta that industry or anything else in the game does not require this much tedium to do anything since there really is no other mining substitue beyond weekend asteroid runs or cutting to the chase of just running mission to get money and just bypassing the whole MU treadmill or kicking rocks. They should have allowed more active MU mining via Dynamic Cores so that you can actually fly a ship around land and mine three tiles at once and used the amount of MUs you wanted to put on a ship and the mini game minus the charges to just locate a virtual node that has actual sizes and ore pools built in without the voxel ore and let the MUs go to town until the node finishes and the MU lazers stop and you rinse and repeat. Chaining people to a grouping of tiles is not good for the game. The whole MU system is lacking, boring, and time wasting and it either needs a serious QoL pass, buff, upgrade, or whatever to make it more viable or run off of gas or whatever to negate the need for charges since it should just produce more in general rather than playing the mini game since no other element in the game for industry, piloting, pvp, etc uses this BS to do anything. Its not our fault NQ didnt know how to make a viable mining system that had world healing, proper resource seeding, that eventually turned into unlimited ore and quanta via the mission system that required removing traditional mining from planets to begin with. Lol less tedious my ass.
  20. I would say if you want you could skip the train scene and FF to 6:10. But watch the walk through the lab and try to not see the textures, props, elements, effects or sound effects in DU and see how sad DU is vs a game back in 1998.
  21. My whole thing is that you would think that if NQ/JC were actually smart they would have built this platform with actual tools that arent short sighted and doomed to end up the same way as DU that is the byproduct of how NQ thinks and implements software vs actually making a game. There are so many things missing as a front end platform solution in terms of World/Space generation or scaling, Resource seeing, Limiting or finding a better way to mine that does not take away part of the main selling point without finding better solutions that other teams or studios would need if they go that route that NQ should have tried vs wasting time/money/resources making and deleting system mechanics. IF NQ were a legit MetaVerse Company they would have something to sell and if they did what would stop us as players from banding together as a studio and liscense their platform and make a better version of DU and potentially a better game. I think if some AAA studio picked up the tech it might be better but I think at this point if NQ has hoop dreams of running a Metaverse platform then they should really think about selling the DU IP to a better studio and focus on the platform. Either way the platform or the game suffers since both are lacking and NQ is not cappable of doing both.
  22. Perhaps but it comes with more players playing the game. Some just want a casual experience or PvE allows parents to play with their kids or just builders who dont care about PvP offers more subs for that experience. P2W would pay for itself and then some if there was an option to buy materials, quanta, or straight up ships that have inherant better stats, and of course the same servers we have now. Its why most games offer a PvE and PvP based server to cash in on both crowds. P2W is one of the most lucrative of models. There is a reason Star Citizen has billions to develop their game since they sell a ton of ships and they arent afraid to make money. And why not allow players to host their own servers of micro solar systems with a 1-5 Tier package for paying for their own server connected via star gates or jump gates and Tier package based on how many planets or ore setup? NQ wasnts to be in the metaverse club so why not host servers that players can pay for to make up the costs of running one?
  23. They could Charge a sub and have Premium tiers for $5+ each tier that gives up to 25% tax breaks or up to 5 free tiles and charge 25 a month for T5 sub and bank. They could sell parts for a month before it goes live to the server so they can make more money to develop more parts and pay more people with that money to make things needed to the game since they have said before they dont have the budget. They could sell fluff items, tron die pigments for $1 per use for each color and since you need 5-6 for the avatar thats $6 they didnt have before for customization, XXS utility avatar addons, pets, skins, etc they could be making money off of instead of recruiting friends in some kind of pyramid scheme people would have bought if they had an option. They could litterally sell resources if they wanted to as gold farmers are doing the same thing and they sell 1 mil quanta for $5. Although the last part I wouldnt do but NQ needs to make money and with all the beta keys out there its more a free to play game right now than a Sub model game and NQ does need to make money to pay bills, hire people, and finish the game. Customization or utility things like avatar suits, skins, tron dyes, etc are harmless vs selling burner ships or different exclusive elements. Not making money doing this does not help the game and not having pay to develop elements can only help the game even if it is a head start with parts 1 month before they go live. Or they could continue not making money they otherwise could be making right now and using it to improve the game. But I would go as far to say that NQ should consider opening a second server that is P2W as there is no downside to doing so along with a PvE server for those who just want a chill place to build and explore the game as all 3 types of having a PvP/P2W, and PvE could all be lucrative in their own ways and not having options cuts off segments of gaming populations they could be banking on. Sure its not one single shard or 3 single shard environments but having money to develop the game is better than having a small team that seems to only be working on reactive punishments than actually making something fun to play.
  24. Well since NQ has taxes per week they could do rent based parking at markets that will charge constructs per week by how long you are there. If you go to the market and leave before an hour ticks since we also have a rate per hour with MUs NQ could start a timer based on how many hours you are at a market and charge players 1 mil in rent per week if you are there for a week straight to cut down on free parking at markets. If they impose a 1 mil tax for parking at markets they could add another little tab for storage in markets that acts like an inventory you can link to at the market to push players to storing items there without all the container clusters under the market to improve performance around markets and if you really want to sell a ship then you have the option for 1 mil per week or just storing an unlimited amount of things at the market for free. But at the same time there is a need for being able to have a type of golden blueprint and a secondary ship based marketplace to where you can make a ship and like the golden blueprints players need a silver blueprint in which you can make a ship and pack it into a silver blueprint that can fit in containers along with being able to be put into a ship marketplace that is easier logistically to buy a ship without needing to buy all the parts, elements, voxels in one BP that you can just make silver blueprint it, put it in a container or 10 link of containers, transport it to a market and list it so that another player can buy it at their own ease to simplify the whole BP/token meta as the ship market could do all that automatically and the player can then spawn the actual ship when/where they want if they have a ship capable of transporting it or just spawning it on the market pad, filling it with gas, and going on their merry way. Not everything in the game needs to be so tedious but there are situations like keeping ships from being virtually rendered via transport or putting most of the ships being sold onto a market until sold and increasing performance from having box clusters, ships, structures, or whatever all being in the game being rendered running scripts when NQ could have markets either auto golden BP ships or charge people for parking.
  25. Agree 100% I dont know how NQ managed to fill the screen with so much stuff and still somehow make it half useable or that mods for ships like gyros, radar, etc dont work half as well as it should. Personally if given the choice ill fly in 3rd person over 1st person and half the data they have in the cockpit does not transfer over to 3rd person like it should. or that: Inventory is in a massive window instead a rescalable pop up window you can move around even if its 1 single row thick that does not occupy so much space on screen. Opacity or choosing the background color of things like the mini map or waypoint or the color of the waypoint. Or having waypoint chains or other things you want displayed at the same time like a group of players, ships, or POIs that are color coded. Adding/Removing parts of the hud/UI, scaling the size, and moving every bit of it around to where you actually need it. Having all the general data from the cockpit instuments transfer to 3rd person with things like the gyro, altimiter, terminator, etc without limiting how many can be added to a ship in terms of parts that have functional use to flight standard in ships built into some kind of combo units that are displayed on screan without needing 3rd party scipts. Building in an auto pilot system into the UI standard. The tutorial is the same thing as the academy and yet it forces you to do it twice for some reason to start the game. Think of any other game that you have player that throw this much of information overload immediatly onto the player and then forces them to fly to another planet to finally actually start the game. Its pointless and it should be streamlined that has all the same functionality of learning on the fly in some kind of active mission that takes you directly to the starting point. It would be a lot better if NQ has some kind of 1 hour mission that is heading to sanctuary directly and dropped you off on an open tile on sanctuary. For instance make a tutorial instance that is both active and reactive to different things you will be expected to perform on a hauling run from some planet directly to sanctuary that uses TTS or voice acting with a 10 man crew of 2 pilots, 2 gunners, 2 industrialists, 2 miners, and 2 mechanics along with the player who wakes up from some sleep pod. When the player wakes up they hear the npcs talking on the coms about each aspect of the game as the 2 npc pairs start talking back and forth about mining, industry, PvP, building/ship building, and flying that the player can hear along with NPCs that are just avatars sitting in jump seats, pilot seats, or gunner seats having conversations and have basic scripts to look at the player while they are walking around or at each other when they are talking with some basic emotes so it isnt too static. To where the game automatically spots open tiles on sanctuary and directly puts them onto the pre selected tile with everything they need by the end of the instance as a salvaging experience via a crash site that has everything they need to start the game. The mission should be in a S dynamic core hauler that has enough space for a 10 man crew and the player with 10 jump seats with some filler NPCs that are just player avatars with different color schemes tosignify if they are pilot, miner, industrialist, gunner, or mechanics with a spot for the player to sit but also 1-2 evtra NPCs with one sleeping and the other how says nothing. The NPCs talk to each 2 person pair about aspects of mining, industry, PvP, building/repairs, or flying so that you hear common questions a player wouldhave but also get the chance to hear the answers as well. Each aspect of the game should have a Q&A phase of TTS/voice overs and then have the player do some kind of action. Such as pilots talking about how long the flight is and then they has the player "Hey kid/rookie/etc would you mind going into the cargo hold and grabbing some fuel and taking it to the engine room to refuel the ship?" and so when the player goes into the engine room the builders talk about the mechanics of linking to a container like "Right click the container and link to it and then hit I and click the paperclip idon" and when the player goes to head to the engine room they are linked to the container and the door is broken and the builders say "yeah we have been having problems with the door hit the 9 key and target the door and you should be able to fix it pretty quick" to enter the engine room. When you get there the pilot say "hit the 5 key for me kid and you should be able to fill the tanks". At which point a player should have refueling and repairs understood and then should be tasked with needing to put something down like a rez pad, and activating it, as well as putting down some kind of element like a switch or sensor to the door to make it open automatically. Or tasked with reloading ammo containers from the regular containers. There should be some kind of dialogue from the pilots during the whole time about shipson radar and eventually it becomes clear the hauler is being targeted leading to needed the ammo being loaded which triggers the fighter to target the hauler and the lights in the ship start flashing red. Then some part of the ship gets hit by a missle and the gunner starts firing back at it but cant take it out before the next missle takes out the second turret and the player is asked to jump in having loaded it and the other gunner that is left talks the player though shooting it down as different parts of the ship is hit like the sitting area that sucks out someof the unnecessary npcs. After the player blows up the fighter they are then tasked with repairing what they can as it has destructive elements and shows the damage PvP can do to other ships with destructive elements for parts the player shouldnt have starting out and setting expectations from the start. To where after the fighter is destroyed gravity takes the ship down and starts a crash landing since there is no longer enough engine power to sustain lift and it begins a crash landing sequence and after the crash the player is the only person left from the crew. At which point there is a fully destroyed ship and the player can choose what to salvage off the ship by harvesting rocks and turning it into scrap and taking parts off the ship or repurposing the voxels and gaining entry to the containers that have parts to make a ship and some industry, MUs etc for starting a base right on sanctuary in an unclaimed tile that the crash site is the starting location randomly selected from unclaimbed sanctuary tiles that is enguaging and more interesting than the tutorial now.
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