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    Emptiness got a reaction from Serbet in [Discuss] We've Heard You!   
    And yet again, NQ has proven they're out of touch with how the players have been playing the game.
    Setting up a factory to produce everything one desires is just the first step, for many of us, through ensuring we have a reliable supply of elements and material with which to build our ships. The market is unreliable or too time consuming. Why would we spend hours traveling to different markets to pick up various ship building parts when we can just mine ore from our tiles and make what we need?
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    Emptiness reacted to Warlander in Warp removing any risk from pvp needs to end.   
    This thread has it all wrong. The sense of entitlement here knows no boujmds either.
    I didnt kill your precious PvP, you did when you chased off most of the feeder fish or made them all quit
    I put hundreds of millions into my ship and mined for a month, you didnt and you are not automatically entiteled to what I ear without effort
    I am required to potentially piss away 32+ mil per round trip as a cost of business to avoid PvP, You are not required to pay anything for the priviledge to fight me
    This isnt a PvP game, this is a strange new genre NQ created that is Player Vs Crafting with PvP as an after thought and a poorly concieved one at that.
    Hate to break it to the PvPers here, but you have killed off the PvP before it ever got going and as a result killed off the weakest of the T1 Basic prey. Welcome to the T1 Advanced grade of PvP in which you forced everyone to go with warp. That was you who did that not me. You made it through EZ mode ganking/griefing defenseless new players, mining crews, or those too poor to afford or get to the point they could structure warp cells into the cost of doing business. That was you not me so deal with it. Are you going to cry foul if NQ ever gives us proper defenses when you come at us too when suddenly every hauler you go after is now a superfortress defense platform? too?
     In any good PvP savanah sim:
    The lion/serial killer has to stalk their prey to find prime locations to hunt The lion/serial killerhas to ambush their prey and kill quickly Once the attack starts the prey is presented with the chance to fight or flee Once the chase begins the predator has to run down the prey and kill or the prey escapes Its the most basic formula there is to understand and if hunting animals or people were easy.. O wait it is! All you realistically have to do is camp Alioth and wait for the prey to come to you in a 1su killing field where all you need to do is do some homework and camp some lanes and use police wolf pack traffic tactics with a spotter and enforcer paradime whole shooting fish in a barrel like a bear snatching salmon out of a stream. And because you ate all the salmon that were easy you dont want to put in the work to run down the gazelle you are now required to chase and run down before it runs away and warps.
    Guess what tho. My gameplay role gets further and further out of reach the more time goes on and the resources run out. The difficulty level gets harder by the day. Why not your gameplay loop? Why should I just hand you over my 120+ mil ship? Why should i not be able to have the choice to run especially if I am forced to pay a luxury tax to do so? Why should I have to mine a month of my hard earned effort over to you with no chance to keep it?
    Essentially what is being asked for here is the ability to break my legs before the chase sequnce starts so that you can get free sack lunch handed to you because you dont want to put effort into the 300mil payday I represent. Months to fight the building tool to get the placements and parts to fit, optimize, and months to get the talents to fly it with putdowns, and all so that you can just rail all the ships out of the sky all day for what?
    It would kill this game in 6 months if NQ hands over the disruptor when I still have no defenses in game to even slow down the loss of my ship. I still need quantum encryption, self destruct sequences, cloaking, traps, proxy mines, auto turrets, armor plating, and shielding, amongst other things like guns, rocket launchers, turrets, and basic quality of life defense systems. At the very least I should have the choice to blow my ship up to prevent you from taking my cargo. Let alone the ability to make that harder. Right now its either warp or lose months of effort or progress because the devs hate how I play and dont want me to be able to do anything when pvp happens needs to change.
    You already have the easiest pvp experience I have ever seen with the coming territory wars to steal everything else and you want to end the game in 6 months from the point the add the disruptor all so free sack lunches can be passed out to 1 segment of the population until they run out and this game is dead? I already hate being forced to keep up with the 10hr mining requirements to meet production off mining constant 4kl nodes. You take one of my ships again and our org is pretty much gone. I am sure after the first, second, fifth, or tenth time 90% of everyone else left will too.
    There needs to be a sepperation of weapons and armor dedicated to if it is an Attack Dynamic Core (L-A Dynamic Core) vs a Defense Static Core (L-D Static Core) so that different sepperations can be made like requiring the same class weapon (XS, S, M, L+) items are matched to the scale they should be should also allow a L-D Dynaic Core to have the most defense over weapons an A core should have as a fighter or bomber. Haulers need to become super fortresses that can repel attack and not just fall victim to sack lunch handovers of my hard earned work.
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    Emptiness reacted to blazemonger in Warp removing any risk from pvp needs to end.   
    As there is _no_ counter to attacks currently in game, I'd say that suggestion is rather one sided.
    "put guns on your ship" is not a counter.
    With the amount of senseless and pointless pewpew currently in game and the amount of loopholes and borderline exploits giving attackers a massive advantage I'd say NQ needs to bring in proper countermeasures and introduce ways to deal with logged off beacon alts before giving more room to those looking for kills instead of fights
    I'd say, while NQ proceeds on the PVP overhaul they have announced, why don't you find and engage with like-minded players where you will actually get a risk/reward ratio from combat  PVP..
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    Emptiness got a reaction from OrionSteed in NQ YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT SHIPS REALLY!   
    Warp cells just need to be removed. Make warp drives have a cooldown after use or something instead. Or make it like Space Engineers and each warp drive can only haul so much mass so far. A heavy hauler would need a dozen or two.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from Kurosawa in NQ YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT SHIPS REALLY!   
    Warp cells just need to be removed. Make warp drives have a cooldown after use or something instead. Or make it like Space Engineers and each warp drive can only haul so much mass so far. A heavy hauler would need a dozen or two.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from Deintus in NQ YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT SHIPS REALLY!   
    Warp cells just need to be removed. Make warp drives have a cooldown after use or something instead. Or make it like Space Engineers and each warp drive can only haul so much mass so far. A heavy hauler would need a dozen or two.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from DarkAster in Warp drives kill PVP   
    How about: No.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from Burble in [Discuss] We've Heard You!   
    All of which were spent in cryo, with no technological development occurring. Our ingame tech level is still back where it was when the arkship left Earth.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from Deintus in Spaceboys ask big wipe   
    Could make penalties for orgs over a certain member limit. Let's suppose that for up to x members, upkeep on org owned territory is free. For every member over that limit, each org owned hex incurs a certain daily upkeep in quanta. 10 players? Fine. 20 players? Still fine. Cap is 25. At 30 players, each hex costs 1 million quanta per day fee. At 50, each hex costs 5 million quanta per day.
    Would make life very interesting.
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    Emptiness reacted to Xennial in Spaceboys ask big wipe   
    I think it's funny when people attempt to put a real world price tag on virtual items. You realize by the ToS you own NOTHING in game, have ZERO rights to it in any capacity whatsoever. It will at some point in the hopefully distant future be erased from the planet when DU servers shut down. 
    Them wiping is not 'robbing' you of anything because you 'own' NOTHING.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from Sabretooth in @NQ - Game design 101   
    The other day, I warped to Madis and saw a ship parked next to the warp point. I landed on the ship and activated its physics. Went back to my ship and followed it down to Madis over the course of ~10 minutes and watched it crash and burn. Fun stuff.
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    Emptiness reacted to GarbageKnight in BEST MINING SIM EVER! thanks NQ for SPACE MINECRAFT   
    1 mine rocks, use crappy hover to sell rock to bots.
    2. use money to buy ship parts - to build ship that can carry more rocks - while traing up mining only skills
    3. mine more, train more, sell more.
    4. Make bigger ship to haul more rocks to sell to bots.
    5. mine more train more sell more rocks to bots.
    6 BUILD BIG SHIP to scan for large underground rocks to mine, then sell to bots, while more mining skills train.
    7. mine more, train more, sell more. 
    wheres the PvP - dead due to industry change.
    10 so you can start making a starter factory.
    12 - now spend that all on thousands of schematics needed to produce anything at a rate you can profit off of. but basic stuff only right now.
    14. Buy a dozen more machines, 
    16. now SPEND ALL THAT ON THE 500 SCHEMATICS you need to run the next set of machines you bought.
    17. MINE MORE SELL MORE TRAIN MORE.....at some point you might be able to use the ORE TO ACTUALLY MAKE STUFF WITH INDUSTRY...but not yet...
    22.............. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG....sound of keyboard keys hitting the floor. 
    NEWS : in news today, developers of game Duel Universe, sent out an apologies, for all the computers that players smashed, in frustration, becasue all they did was make Minecraft Eve online. With the promise of more..but somehow went sidewise somewhere... in other news,  NQ uses the tears of players everywhere to make new, life extending tea. 
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    Emptiness got a reaction from WylieFox in Past 15 core units...   
    Yes. You will need to create an org and train the above skills, then tokenize each static construct and use the key you get for the org you created (r-click the key in your active inventory, expand the 'for org' submenu and click your org name).
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    Emptiness reacted to mghtyred in Physical rewards? Why is DU ignoring it's founders?   

    As an Alpha Ruby Founder, I was promised quite a bit for my generous contribution to this project. Like many other founders, I'm wondering what's going on. 

    It's been several years since the contribution was made, and TWO YEARS since the promised delivery date. I can't even get someone to reply to my emails to put in a change of address. Remember it's been YEARS since I made my initial contribution. This is bordering on criminal.  Just to refresh your memory, Ruby founders were promised the following by DECEMBER 2018: 

    Pledge €400 or more
    Ruby Founder Pack (Early Bird)
    INCLUDES: Game at launch (PC Digital) Thanks in the credits as early backer "Ruby Founder" Forum Title Lifetime Subscription Original SoundTrack (Digital) ID Card Arkship Passenger (Ruby) In-game Pet (lvl.1 version) In-game Pet (lvl.2 version) In-game Pet (lvl.3 version) In-game Pet (lvl.4 version) Closed Beta Key Access Alpha Access Key Alpha Team Outfit "Dual Universe" T-Shirt "Dual Universe" Poster "Dual Universe" Tote Bag "Dual Universe" Artbook "Dual Universe" Metallic Box (numbered) "Dual Universe" Collector Box Arkship USB Key Alpha Team Member Statue (male or female) ESTIMATED DELIVERY DEC 2018 SHIPS TO Anywhere in the world 98 backers Limited    
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    Emptiness got a reaction from Warlander in An active AGG should make ships ignore gravity completely   
    When I first started playing Dual Universe, I thought that the Anti Gravity Generator would make its construct completely ignore gravity. Fly down to a planet surface in a straight line from orbit at 1000km/h. Start on a planet surface and go vertical to orbit even with a single atmo engine XS and a single space engine XS, albeit with really slow acceleration.
    The reality was exceedingly disappointing, and the nerfs even more so.
    Let's make AGGs actually fun to use.
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    Emptiness reacted to Warlander in An active AGG should make ships ignore gravity completely   
    Yeah its like anyy real sci-fi elements in this game are too fun or powerful to be in the hands of the players since we might actually use them over the WW2 tech we are left using with atmo/space travel. These types of systems are too powerful and so they feel like they have to limit their use or religate them to basic opperation from what they should do to what NQ will allow us to do.
    At some point though we should progress to the point that this stuff should be useful or plentiful enough for common use over traditional means of 19th-20th century travel methods. It should not take 20 L wings to fly a star ship. I have never seen a sci-fi show where any starship has many wings if any at all. Not to mention the massive amount of hp it forces you to add in order to opperate. And it just goes on and on down the line with all the tech we have in game that technicallyt qualifies as sci-fi just maginally opperable.
    With AGG I just hope they go with the hover pad route that makes it more functional with adding more grab pads for more gravitational force output for the weight you are trying to move. I would prefer it to be some kind of self contained thing that perhaps runs on mercury, dark matter, or some kind of easily producable fuel source like kergon or nitron.
    But still anything that makes life easier in this game is sorely needed as we should be going towards more sci-fi elements as the progression ladder climbs vs nerfing everything or knee capping aspects of the game.
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    Emptiness reacted to Towakin in Is this supposed to be fun - First Ship to build   
    FU fanboy it is not a lie. The schematic system is broken no matter what you fanboys claim. If my 3d printer could only print a part after I paid 500€ for that 5€ part's schematic I'd throw it in the trash, so much for "like in RL". In the alpha they made it more accessible so people could build had an extra gameplay element. It turned out people liked doing industry a lot and managing and building your factory became a central aspect of DU. This is a fact and no whining from your part can change this. Now this is gone. No, setting up a single line is no fun, no, feeding it 24/7 and praying prices won't drop so I don't make a massive loss is not an option. They should have consulted someone with some game design experience because this machanic is completely broken yet it could have been done so well.
    And no, industry was never meant to be used to lock yourself into producing one item only. NQ themselves stated industry and market is to build parts that are expensive on the market and switch once they get too cheap. Yep that's not gonna work anymore.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from TranscendRat in Developer failure while in a pandemic Situation   
    A better way to implement the schematics would be to make them optional at first (to give players time to switch over and not kill all factories dead instantly) and tweak based on player feedback and only then make the schematics mandatory.
    Instead, they made them mandatory, full stop, and chaos reigned. 
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    Emptiness reacted to TranscendRat in Developer failure while in a pandemic Situation   
    as things have developed since the last patches, the game seems dead. A lot of Player left and the activity has decreased. For a MMO this is as good as a buriel.
    What makes me angry is just the fact that the real world is in a pandemic Situation were we are forced to be at home and have massive decreased social contacts. Something like a online game is one of the few things left to stay in touch with fellow humans. Something that keeps you sane and busy.
    As a Developer who is offering a social plattform, the latest actions of Nova Quark are more than questionable. With the last patches the little activitys that the game had to offer were killed. There is not much to do anymore, but further a lot of frustration was induced in the player community. Instead of comforting the player, Nova Quark just slapt them in the face.
    Maybe the changes are needed for the game, but there was no reason to do this before the real world is stable again. They took one of the few things away people had left to do and I just cant figure out why.
    Of course those are subjective arguments. It is just how I feel about it and I want to share those feelings.
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    Emptiness reacted to TranscendRat in Developer failure while in a pandemic Situation   
    I think my argumentation displays that I´m not silly, my engagement in a online game that I´m not a extrovert and I´m pretty sure that I´m not running from my self. Further I do not blame Nova Quark, I just question the latest decisions and the effect they had on the game and the player community. 
    What I cant understand is why a crowdfunded game were player, including myself, investet as much or more than a tripple A titel increases the grind factor dramaticly and pushes away player who were already engaged in the game. I was playing with people who I never saw again after the patch. Thats more than sad in times were the world is already stressed out.
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    Emptiness reacted to Towakin in Developer failure while in a pandemic Situation   
    What you fanboys totally miss is the fact the OP pointed out: During lockdowns more people play (online) games. NQ managed to "kill" their game in such a favorable situation, thus proving it was a shit idea they went with.
    This is a fact that can not be argued. Lots of people voted "this is shit, I won't play it anymore", so stop this god damn cringe fanboying. The patch wasn't thought through at all, it was a terrible idea to do it this way and not even the math was correct, and I find people like you attacking anyone who spells this out cancer.
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    Emptiness reacted to WhiteZeus in In Regards to : Market Heist   
    I'm here to share my voice and opinion.
    NQ is dastardly and shameful for your responses. How dare you penalize other players and ban them for taking advantage of your blunderous buffonery. It's YOUR fault. What the hell?
    "So the situation with the market is clearly covered by section 5.2 of the EULA: “You must refrain from engaging in any behaviour that could harm NOVAQUARK’s image and/or reputation, that could harm one or more other Users or have a negative impact on their gaming experience, or that is detrimental to the proper functioning of the Game.”"

    Bullshit, you ruined your own image and reputation by screwing up and not having quality assurance and quality control and good tools. Your response is childish, and my stomach churns over this pretentious behavior given the sad state of your game currently masquerading as a beta which is really an alpha. How dare I support such a goofy group of greenhorn game devs who act like this.

    NQ, you screwed up big time, and your response is indignant and telling of your emotional intelligence as an organization. Clearly you do not care for your customers or the money and assistance they bring in.
    "Let us be clear, we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour during any phase of the development of Dual Universe."
    Get good at game development. Your team doesn't play your own game, and you clearly don't have good development tools, and it shows.
    "Now, this does obviously not apply to NQ-built constructs, which are designed to serve a specific purpose in the game."

    Oh jesus christ on sale. lol Childish response from an administrative perspective. Banning players for doing things you allowed in game? Why don't you admin it back the way it's supposed to be? Or did you not think of that because you've never developed a game before? I'd think this and CS would have been top of mind for a game like yours.
    Whining and complaining about how "bugs take manpower to fix" Yeah no shit, go fix them. It's your problem not ours. It's your fault, not ours.

    You allowed this to happen. It's your fault. I do not approve of this action, and it's a real shame that you, NQ, acted and responded like this.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from WhiteZeus in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Excuse me? Are you saying no blueprints were made of those markets? 'Fixing' it should be as simple as deleting the old construct and replacing it. A task that would take a couple minutes, maximum, with the blueprints.
    This is a reaction I would expect from children in a sandbox, not mature adults.
    edit: Apparently the 'quick fix' is a reference to the market orders.
    To which I have exactly one reply: What?

    Market orders should be stored in the database and no removal of market constructs should EVER affect those.
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    Emptiness reacted to lobolito in [Discuss] We've Heard You!   
    As a new Player:
    Get rid of Blueprints for all Tier 1 and everything you can build in Assemly Line M and lower.
    Give the new Players some aire and possibilities.
    I would not mind buying Blueprints for advanced Stuff.
    Right now it is even hard for me to go to the next Market.
    And all i see is "You need the Blueprint".
    So i cant experiment.
    I want to build a smal ship as i statet in another Post. But how?
    The Tutorial wont work. I have no clue what i need.
    And for everything i need to travel to the market.
    What if i forget 1 wing or 1 brake is not enough?
    Waste another 15 min for travelling to the Market?
    And to those who are saying "You can build a better Ship with what you have", plz consider, that new Players dont know how and cant try stuff out, because we cant build stuff!
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    Emptiness got a reaction from GraXXoR in NQ please stop listening to players.   
    I've heard that way back in Alpha, ship design actually involved paying attention to the interaction of Center of Thrust and Center of Mass. That kind of challenge? Because it's something I really wish was still in the game.
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