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  1. Honestly I find it very insulting that DU is currently showing all of these commercials of constructs on Youtube and on the other hand is planning to remove them. Your advertising a game that will not exist, your going to remove the content.
  2. Unfortunately the wipe will not fix the economy. Too much production, not enough destruction. You need to have PVE ships take real damage when they crash. All your doing right now is pushing the problem forward and just pissing off people that have spent a lot of effort based on the No Wipe unless absolutely necessary. 2+ Years of effort on some of the large projects like Utopia, not sure anyone would ever have built those if they would have known a wipe was going to happen. Why would you rebuild some of these large projects if you cant thrust no Wipe will happen down the path.
  3. Face it, you dont need a wipe. All the justifications for a wipe that exist today will re-appear in a few months. Instead of a wipe, re-start the economy. Change the flag that says IF 100% damaged and PVP flag set to true then Element Can be Restored decrease by 1. Remove the check for PVP, damage to elements should impact elements and force element replacement when you have used their 3 lives. I understand why damage to elements was removed in the old days when the server was very unstable and we had a lot of client crashes but things have changed.
  4. It's called. Drop your cargo and we let you go . Or drop your cargo and transfer 10M and we let you go If you get the right price point it works.
  5. Thank you for all of the work. The new limits and the approach is a lot more rounded and give plenty of opportunities to prevent major issues.
  6. Sorry I really dont see the issue. I look at donated cores. Look at who gave , I see 200 coming from people that I know/thrust. I see another 400 from people that are dubious , unknown, etc.. I now know that I better not go over 200. Kind of like a bank that gives you a 500$ overdraft, it does not mean you should use it, it's always going to hand up costing you. Leave within your means applies to the cores.
  7. It's an MMO. It's all part of the Fun. Nobody is forcing you to accept people that you dont thrust in your Corp. Nobody is forcing you either to use all of the Slots that are donated. You can build a buffer of unused cores for cases like this. Yep sometimes people will remove their support and move their slot to other group/ better causes. You still have 14 days to fix you lack of cores. You can always take some building / dynamic cores away.
  8. Keep in mind that the mining mini game will result in a small amount of minerals that can be picked up on the surface that will give you a little mineral bump. If done properly it could result in enough coin to be at least 1/4 of the fee for your tile. At least that's what I experienced during my testing. Obviously all depends on price of minerals.
  9. Well in that case you will only have 2 options. 1) Stay in your Sanctuary tile Tax Free. 2) Make your tiles HQ, not pay the tax and do not mine / run industry.
  10. Thanks, I reread the Devblog and you are totally correct.
  11. You will be allowed to claim 5 personal tile as headquarters. These will not be impacted by Taxes but you will not loose the territory if you become inactive. That being said your industry will stop if you dont pay your taxes.
  12. Having all tiles similar would be very disappointing. You would remove any reason for conflicts, remove the need to scan (why scan if they are equal), remove the ability for someone to sell the scans/territory. I.e. lots of trades goes on in DU right now over territories due to minerals in a tile. Also you would just kill the market for T2 and above. I think you will be surprised at how low the T3/T4/T5 L/hour are right now.
  13. Hum, did you have a chance to use VR to do that ?, I did not have time to try that. I suspect they will remove that if it works today, they have pretty much removed 90% of what VR can be used for
  14. The limitation is really the number of charges you have to "calibrate" the mining units , the quality of the tiles you are able to find, and the time you are willing to put in . Based upon what I have seen mining will easily pay for the taxes. Obviously this does not really solve some of the projects that are around like cities, in which case the mining might not pay for the taxes and I could see why they would be upset. On the other hand, the taxes will free up tons of tiles that are not really being used for anything. Regarding why not mine more T2, eventually if everybody mines the T2 instead of the T1 price of T2 will crash and T1 will spike. It will self regulate. But Yes , I agree with you, initially everybody will do the math and most likely do T2 /T3, etc... rather then T1.
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