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Just a quick thought on how to improve UX for factories owners.

- A new element: schematics bank.
- It can have infinite amount of links and can be linked with industry units.

- The element is capable of storing schematics and providing them to the industry units.


What's the point? Currently, when you have even a small production line, you are quickly overwhelmed by the constant boring operation of inserting new schematics into every single industry unit. Having a more centralized management of schematics will undoubtedly make lifes of productionists easier and improve the gameplay.

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Schematics just need to vanish.


They have two purposes: they are a money sink; they put a restriction on the quantity of running industry in the 'verse.


They function poorly as a money sink, since people in need just pump harder at Aphelia's "Quanta Aquifer", and the money flows faster. And why do we need all these Quanta anyway?


If the game's servers live or die on the industry that's idled by lack of schematics, there's something wrong with the underlying architecture.



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I don't think you can "just get rid"... I believe the servers were creaking under the load of all that mega-industrial development back in beta, because of the aforementioned flaw in the way they deal with industry, and that's not going to go away now we're in the era of "proper paying customers", since server capacity and degree of hyper-industrialisation are both proportional to the player count.


No, some other mechanic, beyond the frankly laughable "make players do busywork" approach of schematics needs to be in place before schematics can be retired with a bullet behind the ear.


Something like an energy use/cost per machine running (dependent on type, obvs), and a limit on energy use per Construct, even if it's as simple as tying it to core size, without any (initial) complications like "extra reactors". Tie the maximums of all the core control and machnines-per-construct to what you expect the servers to be able to handle per subscription. Make sure you don't have any exponential growth scenarios where having twice the people means 4 times the server load or somesuch other avoidable catastrophe.

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Agreed with this also, I'm starting to see the pain of putting schematics into each machine and I've only been playing since launch. I feel for the people playing before that.


Why can't we have something central to link all machines to for schematics? I hope something like this comes because once you hit big factories it will become a chore to put them all in, seems silly.

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21 hours ago, Maxim Kammerer said:

I don't expect it to change in the forseeable future because from NQs point of view it works as it is.

Not gonna disagree, there. And that's probably the biggest worry (if it really can be counted as a "worry") for the future of the game. NQ just don't seem to have the ideas, or the wherewithal to implement them. It's not giving me optimism that the game's potential will be fulfilled.

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