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  1. I'd like to create an artificial asteroid, but i cant seem to place materials in space. All i get is "invalid construct" when i try. Am i doing it wrong or is there a workaround that does not involve me building a 250km long artificial mountain from the planet and up? 🐵
  2. The industry changes are too severe. I'm not really enjoying the fact that i cant produce ANYTHING without investing millions to get my product lines up and running again. I was in the progress of building a small production facility with only T1 ores, pures, components and finished products. I'm not rich, with the login bonus for today, i've got 400.000. In order to get my factory up and running now, i'll need millions upon millions. Only way to get that, is to spend god knows how many hours mining for the market instead of mining for my own production. I dont really
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