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  1. How are new player supposed to even get started with those ore prices good luck to anyone new trying to get a ship to be able to afford any items to get started
  2. This game will be like starbase and that was a one time purchase price i wont be returning to pay $15 a month for this id rather spend $15 on a mmo that has content peace out DU
  3. Its all good bro dont have much time to play anymore i will be back come launch maybe we can become neighbors again lol hope u enjoyed the loot and was able to use it
  4. Hi all haven't played in a long time will my base on allioth be gone and all my stuff wanna know if its worth subbing or just waiting till release in September ?
  5. Never had this Issue and always AGG mine and scan also jump off ship to Markets and my ship stays ???
  6. This ain't eve you don't buy a ship and go pvp like it's nothing people spend hours and days making a ship for some scrub kid to come blow them up in a exploited cube these tpes are the ones that get beat up in school and gotta get there payback in a game lol
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