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  1. https://zkillboard.com/character/90698063/
  2. Are you speaking as someone that wandered into Goons space and they dropped their titans on your Indy because they were scared of a trap? ? Doing daily PVP in Provi and being some wars, there was surprisingly little escalation. One case, that did annoy me, we took out a fleet of Nightmares and were smashing NC.s Cap fleet, so they dropped supers on us. I mean, we had stood there, out gunned, were beating them and they had to pull out bigger toys because they were bad pilots. ?
  3. Might as well bring back the original thread, since there is a new little one in town.
  4. I quit EVE when they started selling skill injectors. Lived in a WH for over a year. Did a fair bit in Provi mostly as logi lead and trapping blops. That they are neo-Goons and a social black hole; where people often had to make whole new characters with a clean corp history, in order to escape to other alliances. The real Goons want to kill games. Neo-Goons either do not impinge upon or actively help line Mitten's pockets. I would never fly with or for PL nor the neo-Goons. The original EVE thread with a poll
  5. I would buy even the highest Pledge if it were certain there would be a Linux client.
  6. Nothing much, just the ability to work towards a better launch performance.
  7. Did you read this thread or knee-jerk on the title?
  8. Game devs and multiple players tend to have a more substantial voice than a single player.
  9. Vulkan is great for everyone. Here is an example Another From here
  10. ... and remember, if they are real Goons, they come to kill the game. (If they are neo-Goons, they come to put more $$$ in Mitten's mittens.) Purge all of them whenever you can before the cockroaches grow and establish themselves in the game.
  11. This is the sort of statement made by one of those guys with wild hair, dirty clothes and screams the end of the world is coming. More seriously, their aim is obviously to have a game more like EVE than ARK. Where the single universe is too large for any one group to control it all, too many ways for small groups to grab a foothold, build themselves up and take a piece of that pie.
  12. Re-do a complete game or lay out good planned coding practises? The more code there is to work through in order to free the game from Window's clutches, the bigger the mountain to climb with less rewards at the top. Better to start laying the road that knows the easiest way straight through the mountain.
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