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  1. So this one time I made a post on the forums to recruit more people. And guess what? IT WORKED! But we want more people in the org, and apart from just bumping the thread, which I am obviously doing, I do have something to add. We have enough spies. Thank you for all the enthusiasm this community has for the intelligence game but unless you have a very strong information position, or really good stuff, we're good for now. So from now on with rare exceptions we are only recruiting people into the organisation and not into our spy network. I never expected to have to write this, but as a general statement damn dude ya'll other orgs better treat your members with more TLC than I do.
  2. Without going too far into NDA territory we are working on developing technologies (fully open sourced) that will empower and enable great cities, and similar projects. We are also going to do plenty in the pubic works area, and we will support new people joining the game like we have been doing in the NDA channels and ingame for as long as we have been playing. We want to play a game in which we have great civilizations and cities. For those to grow you need certain things and we will provide material and immaterial support towards those goals.
  3. The 3rd Option is recruiting! Are you tired of living under the yoke of an emperor, or fleet commander that doesn't even play the game himself? Or are you entirely new and have no idea what emperor I speak of? Either way you're welcome to join us. The 3rd option is a pirate guild first and foremost. We specialize in living inside the shady underground of the DU community. Theft, Espionage, Piracy (the real kind, we don't care about mp3's or napster) are our main drivers. We are for hire too and have been hired on several occasions already by the big orgs, and the little ones. Usually for (counter) espionage activities. We keep our industry inhouse to remain independent, we don't want to be under anyone's control other than ourselves. This leaves me to why I am writing this recruitment post. We need you. We have a tonne of new projects on our horizon, including some exciting new contracts, and public projects that require manpower that we currently do not have. We're looking for builders, miners, pilots, shady people, and people that enjoy murder. We are only accepting people that have already pledged and have alpha access. We do not mind total newbs, so long as you have a somewhat functional brain you're welcome here. When you join us you will go through a probationary period based on your personal behavior and input into the org. We work very compartmentalized in regards to our projects so we need people that understand that there will be things going on in the background you will have no knowledge of. You will get access to a factory you can use on a first come first serve basis. You will be able to be your own man/woman we fully support and encourage people to develop themselves. Post release we will deliver our members the following: Regular redistribution of wealth with the use of force as projected by a gun you will be holding. Large projects that support the greater DU community. We take from those in the top and give back to the rest. An equal share of the loot of any raid you attend. A regular stream of exciting activities involving information gathering, combat, piracy, and theft. If you are interested in joining feel free to join our server. If you have questions you can PM me on Discord, or ask them in this thread. https://discord.gg/92hEgpE This discord is for members only, for any diplomatic inquiries or questions about the org you can ask them to Duckimus Maximus, and Soulinks. For more information please reread.
  4. You're still dealing with the vastness of space though so use that to your advantage.
  5. You can get quite far with virtualization with qemu I have a windows VM I use for malware research and out of curiosity I set one up for gaming a while ago. Anti cheats don't flag that they're in a VM and you can get baremetal performance with passthrough. You just need to give the VM enough cores&ram so you have the horsepower to actually run the games. I use Arch, and you can find a great guide for how to set this up on the arch wiki.
  6. The guys at shadow can't and don't know if you own the license to the software you install. It's a fully fledged VPS. Beyond being able to set bios settings you have full control over the system. I haven't had a single game not work on Shadow including ones that use battle-eye anticheat, there was an issue a year or so ago but they talked to the BE guys and fixed it.
  7. Yeah there is check the pinned messages in the official NDA channels on Discord. I'm not sure if i can post the URL here.
  8. I dunno if it will happen, but try looking into shadow pc if it doesn't release on GeForce now.
  9. STU I don't think need an upkeep, a TCU however is an entirely different beast. With a TCU you as an org, or player are holding down teritory in an open area and you're using that for power projection, resource security, and a host of other things. Not adding an upkeep can create situations where an organization can hold large swathes of land at little or no cost, making it harder for the little guys to actually own anything outside of the sanctuary zones. Adding a resource sink, even a relatively small one balances this. For an org of 3-500 people a TCU will likely cost pretty much nothing, especially compared to a smaller org of 50. Adding that resource sink will create a sweetspot where orgs, and players can still keep up with the upkeep, but will not grow disproportionally. PvP is one mitigating factor in this, but that is incidental. You cannot ensure a hex will be attacked.
  10. Your best and safest option is to go back to NQ support, and let them know about the situation. Send them any evidence you have of the payment going through on your end. Alternatively you can check to see if xsolla has a phone number you can call for quicker support. Apart from this advice I don't think there is much anyone can do for you, so you're really kinda stuck dealing with NQ & Xsolla.
  11. To win at this game you have to set a personal goal, and attain it. Apart from winning stuff short term, like a battle, diplomatic interaction, or a trade you're not going to work towards a goal you haven't set for yourself.
  12. While I have the same data you guys are posting here, and yeh it works out. Don't forget people can hide their backing status. Not saying a lot of people do but you might want to add that into your calculation. It'll only be relevant in the margins, maybe 1-0.5% here and there.
  13. It also helps to monitor the official discord, and NDA section of the forums as they will usually update us on there if anything changes.
  14. free for the first month was my reading on that. I don't think they ever said anything other than pay 2 play. I remember a comment from NQ on the forums clarifying that on here.
  15. Good to see some like minded folk in here. Fog of war should definately be in it adds gameplay to explorers, and mappers. People can sell their maps to all sorts of customers. Bit of a tangent warning here: If I am a 19th century American going up the wagon trail from east to west. I don't know who owns the towns on my way, or who lives in them. A lot of towns back then were just made by accident. They only got incorporarated after the government could reliably project their power in those areas. We are kind of like those people, the day we're out of the Ark ship it's manifest destiny all over again. I don't see how that should be different in DU. If I'm going around the place I shouldn't be able to just know, or see, who owns what without inquiry. If I want to know who is when, and where, I should have to invest time to figure out those two questions. This is what makes the game compelling. When pvp devolves into left clicking a hex on your map, flying there, and nuking it with overhwelming force. It's going to get boring quick. I don't want a hex registry on the map, or a website, or elsewhere. I want this information discoverable in the game using game mechanics other than a map that tells you where everyone is staking their tent. I want to have to go out, and fly over a hex to see how it looks like. Walk on it to find out who owns it. Plan my assault accordingly. On stealth, this is a sci-fi game we're 10k years into the future. Today we already have tech that can defeat radar in choice circumstances. It'd be silly to not add that in the game. Cloaking, EM dampeners, Heat sinks, bring it on. So long as the investment is high enough. On accounting for crimes, once you're close enough to physically see the ship, you should be able to grab its identification, or at least a screenshot of how the ship looks. Considering DU is going to have a very varied fleet of ships it shouldn't be impossible to identify people based on their ships. This all revolves around having good communication with people, and knowing how to investigate things. A modified mining barge with high tech cloaking, EM countermeasures, etc.. is going to stand out when you're looking for a mining barge that attacked your ship. And if you cannot see the ship, record its (lack of) signature. Considering most ships will be unique in some way, shape, or form, getting a unique signature for each ship shouldn't be hard at all.
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