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  1. Good to see some like minded folk in here. Fog of war should definately be in it adds gameplay to explorers, and mappers. People can sell their maps to all sorts of customers. Bit of a tangent warning here: If I am a 19th century American going up the wagon trail from east to west. I don't know who owns the towns on my way, or who lives in them. A lot of towns back then were just made by accident. They only got incorporarated after the government could reliably project their power in those areas. We are kind of like those people, the day we're out of the Ark ship it's manifest destiny all over again. I don't see how that should be different in DU. If I'm going around the place I shouldn't be able to just know, or see, who owns what without inquiry. If I want to know who is when, and where, I should have to invest time to figure out those two questions. This is what makes the game compelling. When pvp devolves into left clicking a hex on your map, flying there, and nuking it with overhwelming force. It's going to get boring quick. I don't want a hex registry on the map, or a website, or elsewhere. I want this information discoverable in the game using game mechanics other than a map that tells you where everyone is staking their tent. I want to have to go out, and fly over a hex to see how it looks like. Walk on it to find out who owns it. Plan my assault accordingly. On stealth, this is a sci-fi game we're 10k years into the future. Today we already have tech that can defeat radar in choice circumstances. It'd be silly to not add that in the game. Cloaking, EM dampeners, Heat sinks, bring it on. So long as the investment is high enough. On accounting for crimes, once you're close enough to physically see the ship, you should be able to grab its identification, or at least a screenshot of how the ship looks. Considering DU is going to have a very varied fleet of ships it shouldn't be impossible to identify people based on their ships. This all revolves around having good communication with people, and knowing how to investigate things. A modified mining barge with high tech cloaking, EM countermeasures, etc.. is going to stand out when you're looking for a mining barge that attacked your ship. And if you cannot see the ship, record its (lack of) signature. Considering most ships will be unique in some way, shape, or form, getting a unique signature for each ship shouldn't be hard at all.
  2. How about different drugs buffing different stats and debuffing an opposing stat, but also give you a short duration skill that you can't get normally. It's space drugs we can ask for whatever we want really. So for instance your regular drugs: A drug that ups your perception but lowers your HP. A drug that ups your intelligence but lowers your strength. The strange stuff: A drug that allows you to see silhouettes through walls, but makes you slow. Great for spies, but also great for scoping out who's spying. If you have a group of people walking around, but one of them is moving noticeably slower, you know who to pick out of the crowd. A drug that increases your melee attack speed but also increases the attack arc, making you less accurate. Depends on how combat is going to be implemented. But an increase in melee speed, and attack arc (so swinging from 0-90 degrees normally but to 135 degrees on drugs) will potentially damage friendly people nearby or even yourself. If someone gets dependant on it they would have to use more drugs to get the same effect. As a general debuff the stats that are debuffed while on drugs stay debuffed for a long time after the drug has worn out, if dependancy kicks in. To make this interesting from a gameplay perspective the buff to your stats should be quite high to make it worth the the risk of getting dependant on drugs when you're slapping/shooting/flying/mining/whatevering. A lot of RL drug crime revolves around producing it, and selling it. The drug abusers in general don't do a lot of the heavy crime the producers do. To emulate such an environment NQ could make the procedure of making drugs damaging to the environment, health, and safety of the surrounding area. Cooking up drugs that can lead to potential chemical fires, or explosions will make it outlawed quick in large towns/cities. They could go so far to make the drugs themselves quite dangerous to transport in large quantities. Because it's space drugs we're talking about they have full creative control on making it potentially explosive. It would add to the smuggler roles people are interesting in getting. As they would need to both fly carefully, and invest into stabilizing their cargo. As far as morals go, NQ should stay out of that business and just let the community police itself. If an org doesn't want people on drugs in the game, they can make it so. I expect that if they add drugs towns, and orgs would police it how they see fit.
  3. Hey there, what kind of organization or gameplay interests you?
  4. Max, you don't need access to the discord ours is enough =P
  5. Howdy nice meeting you too! What are you thinking of piloting once the game is out?
  6. Not sure you got my point, I'll try again. So say I want to buy 1000L of rocketfuel. That is made from stuff, that stuff has to be mined, transformed into fuel, and then transported to your market depots. At any point in the chain from mining to getting it to your city a person can slow down or cut off the supply entirely and cause the prices for rocket fuel to go way up. So now I start doing my business where rocket fuel is cheaper. However me being at the other market place makes spending my money on other products there more economically viable too. This could kill your city. Put a few people on that blacklist, and if they decide to make a concerted effort could can very well turn into will.
  7. The problem is most of the resources to support your city and its market will have to come from the outside. What will you do if someone on your economic blacklist starts wiping your supply chain? You don't need alarge force to stage raids on supplies driving up your internal prices and making the city no longer viable. I reckon a single org can manage that depending on the scale of your city.
  8. discordauth:2yNwLeG5ct4fihS8JZ6B0ZZkIRgFuvzwjBFyCfGQe1s=

  9. Hey there just another new face on the forum! I've been keeping up to speed with the game since it's anouncement and am about to buy one of the pledges. Can't wait to get my hands on some gameplay and design some ships with a little scripting inside. Move along.
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