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    Xplosiv reacted to Halo381 in Joint Syndicate Defense Force   
    What makes me the admiral? Quite, frankly, because Astrophil saw qualities in me that he deemed worthy of this position. I won't claim to be the most experienced, or the best leader. But I am a good leader. I pride myself in being as un-biased and fair as I can possibly be. I pride myself on being adaptable, able to handle any situation I'm placed in calmly. I pride myself on being a quick learner, and a good tactician. 
    So, to truly answer your question, I'm the Admiral because I'm qualified to be. Perhaps not the very best, but at the end of the day, I've got the job.
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    Xplosiv reacted to Velenka in Inertia Dampeners?   
    I agree, we should have something like SE's ID. It makes the most sense to me.
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    Xplosiv reacted to guttertrash in Inertia Dampeners?   
    Good question, i hope they go the space engineers way and not the NMS way also 
    (in more ways than one : ) 
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from guttertrash in Inertia Dampeners?   
    If this has been covered please ignore.
    Does anyone know if you are going to be able to come to a complete stop in Space/Atmospheres?  Like in space engineers when you turn on your inertia dampeners.
    Drove me nuts in No Mans Sky where you always had to be moving forward or backwards.
    **Edit/update** I should have explained a little farther, What i am wanting is when you hit a certain key, it keeps your ship from moving/drifting in any direction. In SE if you move in a direction with no gravity present, you will continue to move that direction forever until some force acts upon you. Just like would happen in real space. *****
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    Xplosiv reacted to Anasasi in Politics   
    All of the above are possible, larger alliances/groups of organizations, wars being waged over 'x' or 'y' or the political route of diplomacy and peace.
    It's all up to how seperate groups govern themselves, or eachother.
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    Xplosiv reacted to FHG_Steve in The IHRC (Regulators, Alpha Testers, Voters wanted!!)   
    Well, it depends. They can pay a lump sum and use our base design (without engine improvements and control scripts) or they can pay an initial fee and an amount per race and become race partners with us building their craft, using the same stuff as our own craft, maintained by us and having upgrades applied by us. This happens a lot in Formula 1, where some teams have these race partnerships, and others buy the core design and provide their own improvements.
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    Xplosiv reacted to guttertrash in The IHRC (Regulators, Alpha Testers, Voters wanted!!)   
    --Going out of bounds will result in immediate disqualification. 
    I would suggest changing this to when you go out of bounds you must re-enter the track from the point you went out of bounds, which automatically penalizes you for going out because it costs you time to get turned around and back on track. This is a very common rule in most types of auto racing, I've never been in a class or event that would immediately DQ you for a single mishap.  even at the pro level off tracks happen and usually result in just at time penalty or warning. 
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from Kurock in Hi! I'm Eminio and I'm looking for adventure   
    hahahahha, Stop saying that!!!! I LOVE this movie, such a classic. 
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    Xplosiv reacted to DaSchiz in Hi! I'm Eminio and I'm looking for adventure   
    But their kryptonite will be their greed and backstabbing. Selfishness not being a solid foundation to build on will never allow them to be greater than the selfless no matter the numbers.

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    Xplosiv reacted to DaSchiz in Hi! I'm Eminio and I'm looking for adventure   
    Whenever I see "Hi, I'm so-andso" or "Hi, my name is so-and-so"  I think of this.

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    Xplosiv reacted to MrStarWars in ignore this   
    Gaze at the beauty that is..The Solar Destroyer!
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    Xplosiv reacted to Titanis in Crashing? Towing?   
    Well there was a thread on transporting items, there was a question on how to transport other people's ships, as it would be difficult for a transport company to move a customers ship on an off his freighter. Also I was reading an other thread where a guy wants to build a train service. So when I saw this it caught my attention. With the ability to tow or link two constructs together could open up both of these possiblitys, probably many more. Would have to be some kind of permissions system tho because of "Dude where's my ship!"
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    Xplosiv reacted to Kurock in Hi! I'm Eminio and I'm looking for adventure   
    Welcome Eminio
    Don't let others deter you from what you believe in.  Or entice you with delicious candies.  
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from Joakim in Hello everyone!   
    Welcome Joakim!
    You think you're sneaky eh¿ The Solar Empire is looking for scouts who specialize in stealth.
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    Xplosiv reacted to crazyman130 in Where you are from poll.   
    Indiana here!
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from crazyman130 in Where you are from poll.   
    I'm from Minnesota
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    Xplosiv reacted to Joakim in Hello everyone!   
    My name is (drum roll, please...) Joakim.
    I'm a 30-something year old guy from the northern parts of Sweden, who's a huge sci-fi and space buff (again, no suprises there).
    I stumbled upon the Kickstarter campaign for DU by chance, I think from a Facebook add or review by someone, really can't recall. While a bit hesitant after buying the flaming disaster that is No man's sky, I still pledged for DU and crossed my fingers.
    This game looks like it may very well be what I was looking for when I pre-ordered NMS, but I am trying really hard not to get too hyped up about it!
    Anyway before trying the beta I'm not sure what playstyle I will aim for, but I've always enjoyed creating things so I think I'll attempt to get in on a gigabuild at some point, at least, and I'll probably explore quite a bit as well. That is unless it proves to dangerous (which would likely bore me, eventually).
    I'll be skulking around the forums and dropping oppinions and suggestions here and there until time comes to beta test the game, trying to keep up on the news and so on.
    Cheers and I'll see you around, and above all in game - the question is if you'll see me! 
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    Xplosiv reacted to Silmerias in [FrogSwarm BBQ] 6th Anniversary   
    Very well done sir, you have surprised me by this excellent link you found !
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    Xplosiv reacted to Goby-Wan Kenoby in [FrogSwarm BBQ] 6th Anniversary   
    Yeah, it was a very nice night with everyone ! Can't wait to see all the pictures taken !
    Nice job, Xplosiv, to recognize our great leader by his avatar picture (will be more complicated with mine )
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from Anonymous in [FrogSwarm BBQ] 6th Anniversary   
    French BBQ?!?!?! Looks and sounds amazing!
    Wow Frogstorm is very well organized group!
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    Xplosiv reacted to Wallfacer in Crashing? Towing?   
    I would hope this would be the case, that constructs can crash and be destroyed, but that still presents a game play issue.  Players could crash big blobs of whatever on enemy bases and bury them even if it doesn't hurt the building.  Of course, crashed ships could simply be destroyed and disappear.  But again that would create a "burned earth" incentive to crash your own ship to prevent being pirated.
    I'm curious to see how this is going to work.
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    Xplosiv reacted to Wallfacer in Stealth   
    Thoughts on how stealth elements should be implemented in this game.  Often they are not done well.
    My thought is that if a construct is allowed to be entirely stealthed, it should take a while to charge up weapons before it can begin firing.
    Ideally, stealth would only apply to radar and sensors, but not visuals.  

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    Xplosiv reacted to Wilks Checkov in Thunderclap for the last day of the Kickstarter   
    Good to see you keep on going - I do hope we can hit 550k - and just maybe the 600k extension goal. . . Either way I am just happy that we passed kickstarter at the moment. 
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from Dinkledash in Our KICKSTARTER is live!   
    !!!!!! Nice job !!!!! You're probably as ready to play this game to death, as I am. 
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    Xplosiv got a reaction from Kurock in The IHRC (Regulators, Alpha Testers, Voters wanted!!)   
    **Update : The IHRC is looking for representatives from organizations who would like to be a part of the racing. Individuals who want a say can also join. The representatives will have a say in what the rules and regulations are. Each rep. will be able to cast a vote on each individual rule and reg, once the ballots have been created. I would like to have at least 10 members before creating a ballot. We have 4 members right now.  Remember this organization is more of a hobby for you in the universe, you can still be part of your regular organization. So if you are a legate of a org and want to be a part of this please send a rep to us. I don't want to be a dictator who controls every part of this. **
    **Also looking for players who will be in the alpha to help with testing, to see what is possible.**
    About The Interstellar Hovercraft Racing Committee
    This Organization consists of dedicated members. These members are tasked with creating the rules and regulations, for the hovercraft racing league. Voting by these members will determine the rules. 

     This is not the organization for the racers. Remember we are still creating the "game" we are not looking for the "players" right now. 
    We will advertise when we are ready for racer requests.
    Hovercraft Racing will be a series of races governed by a set of rules. Open to anyone able to meet the standards. 
    Proposed Rules for the races are as follows and open to discussion
    --Size of craft to be limited. Limited by a minimum and maximum size.  This may include a voxel count and  a physical size. 
    --Qualifying Rounds leading to a final ( depending on track size and racer participation)
    --No weapons allowed
    --No outside help
    -- 1 person in control of 1 craft. 
    --Tracks will be large , with obstacles in the way, with natural segments(if flat enough). 
    --Referees will be tasked with player management. 
    --Going out of bounds will result in immediate disqualification. (this will be changed, as opposition is growing against this suggestion)
    --Like the Olympics, the event to take place in multiple locations. Locations approved by the Committee. 
    --If possible the entire track will be constructed in safe zones.  (Not sure how safe zones work. Can others come in and just not damage anything or access certain things. Or does a safe zone not allow somebody to enter all together. Or is this changeable?)
    - Pilots, technicians and sponsors will form teams
    - Leagues will build circuits (or choose from independent owners), enrol teams, organize racing seasons, schedule races, keep ranking, advertise, etc.
    - On the long run, with civilization expanding, there will be multiple leagues (maybe 1 planetary per planet, 1 stellar per system and 1 interstellar)
    - Qualifying to a larger league would be achieved by competing in smaller ones
    Leagues should have the same rules, and stating this rules shouldn't be the responsibility of one of them.
    That's where the committee steps in, as an unique structure.
    The objectives are then clearly given: committee decides the rules, leagues do competitions following these rules.
    To have the required authority and stay connected with "reality", I think the committee should have a body of voters made of leagues representatives.
    Community page
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