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  2. I heard that clouds will be handled in the cloud. Pretty sure that means the Amazon, so expect rain.
  3. There already is a small crater where the arkship landed. You can't mine in the safezone anyway.
  4. As an idle passenger? I can see transport. I guess I can see large multi-crew ships working well as war/transport ships as people will always want to explore/mine varying worlds and would like a safe way to and from outposts.
  5. Like you said, it's a game. How many players really want to sit idle for hours in a ship? I can actually see it working, in the sense that large multi-crew ships can sit at a space station waiting to be called into action for large scale conflicts. But it's a tough balance to make, because the conflicts need to start with solo ships, and as long as 5 ships can match the firepower of a 5 crew ship, the 5 solo ships will always have a big advantage.
  6. I just don't see 29 people wanting to sit idle in a ship that may or may not engage in a fight or be trapped in a ship for long time for 5 minutes of action. Hopefully there is someway to remote into turrets if you really need a person per turret.
  7. More seriously though, I think the idea of having a dynamic core unit is that anybody in a dynamic unit will be bound to the unit if they are logged off (intentionally or otherwise). I'm not sure a bed unit is actually a good fix to the problem you foresee. What if I'm inside a large ship flying across space (so not bound the cockpit or anything like that) and my cat turns off my router so I am accidentally logged off. Do I reappear in space or in the dynamic unit? What if I'm not even authorized to use the unit, I'm just a passanger? On the other hand, what if I log off standing near someone's ship not realizing that I'm in the dynamic unit box? If they fly off into space, will I appear in space outside the ship and be stranded when I log back in? More maliciously, can someone stand right next to my ship in a safezone and then log off while I'm away then log back in after I've flown to a non-safe zone and proceed to strip my ship if I'm away mining or something? Maybe there should be a way to find out if any unit you have access to has another player connected to it for login?
  8. I've been playing ED on the Rift. I can't imagine playing it any other way; without VR immersion I feel like ED would get very old very fast. I really hope they implement VR support in DU. It's getting hard for me to play non-VR games.
  9. In space, you don't have to deal with air. The best design, from an efficiency standpoint, will be to maximize interior space with as little weight as possible. Very different from vehicles meant to travel through an atmosphere. So the best design really would be a box -- like a skyscraper in space. It would be neat if the game simulated atmosphere so that it would make sense to design aerodynamic ships for atmosphere and boxy ships for space, but I don't see how that will be possible with current computing/network capacity.
  10. The cause for historical land battles is the scarcity of land due mostly to the limits of transportation. Here there will be a lot of space and relatively fast transportation. Defeating a territory will take time and resources, and so groups will only do it if it's worth the time and expense. I doubt it will often be worth it just to hold the land; it will likely be done to raid what is in the territory. For this reason, I think most stockpiles of resources by small groups will be kept in safezones with territories being used to safely mine and gather small amounts to transfer to safe zones.
  11. As a MMO, the game has to be accessible to a large number of people throughout the life of the game while at the same time have replayability. If flying mechanics are too complicated, it will never be accessible to a large number of people. In my opinion, NQ has attempted to strike the perfect balance here. You build a ship with elements and the game will autoconfigure it; yet, players can get into the code to specialize and add efficiency. The system is accessible while having plenty of replay value in terms of configuring new ships. Any kind of mass mining will eventually make the game inaccessible for new players. Both because they will not be able to compete in gathering resources and also because mass mining will lead to too much of a resource advantage for existing players. Personally, I hope some resources can be mass mined to an extent; for example, minerals used to build buildings or the basic structure of space stations. I don't think mass mining these resources will necessarily ruin gameplay and we will need a lot these resources if we are going to build the cities and structures the developers want us to build. Ultimately, the replay value comes from the emergent gameplay. It will be up to us to make the game continually interesting.
  12. I would hope that the players login position would be fixed to the construct when you log off so that you login into the same position within the construct. NQ has hinted that FTL could still take days, weeks, or months to reach other systems and so the player would need to be able to logoff in transit and be able to log back into the construct later in the flight (or upon arrival). I'm excited about the potential pirating, stowaway strategies this could create. For example, I am hoping I can send a character to into a neutral or enemy construct when it is unguarded and log off if I know that ship is going to fly to another system (or mining camp). Later, I hope to login with this character still in the ship at its new location (or with the cargo hold full of stuff I can now steal). Of course that would always be a risky strategy.
  13. Yes, but I was assuming all calculations would be handled client side. The server would only transmit one string (weapon used, location of shooter and target), then receive updated information of the damage (which needs to be done anyway). Also, this would only be needed for long range weapons. I would also assume a good deal of short range combat would be with lasers.
  14. To further explain, my understanding is that once a shot is locked and fired an algorithm will calculate what damage is done. So if there is a shot the system will calculate things such as weapon fired, structure hit, distances, and result in specific damage from zero to the maximum damage depending on the luck of roll (somewhat random chosen value within the range). Once the shot is fired; it's just math. How I see this working, ideally, is that a firing ships client sends a string through the server that a shot has been locked and fired. The string could include the location of the firing ship, the weapon used, and the location of the target. This string can pass through the server to the targeted ship's client which will initially calculate when that shot will reach the target ship based on the weapon used and locations of the ships. The target client then waits the required time to impact and at the time of impact makes the final damage calculation taking into account the end location of the target ship and whether any defensive elements were used (like flares or interception laser or projectiles). It's all just math. So nothing "in-game" on the server side actually affects the shot. This also shouldn't effect server load too much since the server only sends the shot string one time between the clients. It really only adds extra load to the target ship client since it now has to make two separate calculations (when will the shot hit?... then how much damage?). I suppose an extra string may be required by the server registering weapon and defense numbers to complete the final calculation if there is a concern that players will hack their client and change the values of weapons and defenses. Then again, I don't really know where the combat calculations are made. Maybe they have to be done completely server side because of connection issues?
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