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Hello everyone!

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My name is (drum roll, please...) Joakim.

I'm a 30-something year old guy from the northern parts of Sweden, who's a huge sci-fi and space buff (again, no suprises there).


I stumbled upon the Kickstarter campaign for DU by chance, I think from a Facebook add or review by someone, really can't recall. While a bit hesitant after buying the flaming disaster that is No man's sky, I still pledged for DU and crossed my fingers.

This game looks like it may very well be what I was looking for when I pre-ordered NMS, but I am trying really hard not to get too hyped up about it!


Anyway before trying the beta I'm not sure what playstyle I will aim for, but I've always enjoyed creating things so I think I'll attempt to get in on a gigabuild at some point, at least, and I'll probably explore quite a bit as well. That is unless it proves to dangerous (which would likely bore me, eventually).


I'll be skulking around the forums and dropping oppinions and suggestions here and there until time comes to beta test the game, trying to keep up on the news and so on.




Cheers and I'll see you around, and above all in game - the question is if you'll see me!  :ph34r:

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I might take you up on that, Xplosiv, if I decide to play the part. It's too early to decide yet!

:D  :D  Yeah time is definitely on your side.

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