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  1. Joakim

    Creative mode

    Quite right. It should be simple enough etc, but I still think - If it's exportable - it would both allow the "engineers" of the game to get some satisfaction, but also allow the same group to actually go into the world and play, and test other mechanics etc. in the alpha and beta tests, instead of sitting around building things. Just seems like a smoother way of doing things to me!
  2. Joakim

    Creative mode

    Aside from all of this I'd really like it if you would consider a "practice" tool for all of us waiting for the alpha etc. Some sandbox environment where we could get used to voxel editing etc, even if it isn't the final product. I'm sure you have something like this already, since you've shown us alot of things you have already built so would there be a way to export just the building tool and allowing us to test it? That would surely speed up testing phases if you don't want all the "builders" of the game just sitting around trying to build things the first few weeks or months, but instead
  3. How are we on page 4 of this and nobody came up with Alions (as in Alions of Alioth) yet?
  4. I'm not gonna bother reading the 7 pages leading up to this, but NO. For the love of god NO! It doesn't even make sense from a lore/immersion perspective! If humanity has advanced enough to travel deep into space we've long since replaced traditional food with a pill or injection to fill our needs - Also who the hell wants to be a spacefarmer? Really.... Not enough to sustain the rest of us at least, I'll guarantee you that! I am a patient guy, and if I was 20 years younger and had no kids that demand my attention every second of their waking lives I might go for it, at least entertai
  5. Let me clarify a couple of points, I realize by the replies that I my suggestion was aimed solely at the devs - It wasn't (entirely). It would of course be cool if there were pre-existing things to explore on the other side of Star gates etc, but this is was also a general call to arms to anyone who's clever and dedicated enough to set something like this up! Second part was the assumption that I meant reward as in currency or items, it could just be a title within a specific organization ex. "[name]: Galactic genius" or whatever, or something else that can't be pawned off at the nearest
  6. At first that may sound pointless, and you may think that you could just Google the answers etc... And I agree that would be boring! What I'm proposing is something more, something bigger! Something to keep you exploring all corners of the universe (or, you know, what is avaliable to us at least)! It should be first come, first serve for one - That way even if you solved it and post about it online it won't benefit anyone else, because the reward was already claimed! If there are more, make sure they aren't to similar and/or closely related as well. I'd also like to see something you
  7. Joakim


    Here's more info on what you can do in regards to nations and politics; https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/03/20/organizations-build-your-corporation-faction-nation-or-empire/
  8. I think you may have misunderstood me, I'm all for this - Just not a flat percent reduction. It could even have no impact at all on accuracy, and I'd still be all for it!
  9. I'm not really fond of the idea of your chances being reduced by a certain percent, I'm not even sure why I'm not - But I can at least offer an alternative thought; I could see a limitation in what areas you can lock on to as a nice way of doing it. So with 100% visibility you can target any visible tech (motors, guns, shield generators etc) but in darkness/without the proper tech you may be limited to a few of them, or possibly locking on to one at random. It may be too early to talk about this since we haven't seen the actual combat system yet, perhaps none of this would contribute anyth
  10. My input on the Arkification subject is that yes - I think there should definitely be arkstones scattered around (I like the suggestion of Found, rarely, rather than Manifactured), and I also like that they would have a lifespan, so you have to go out and hunt for new ones and/or buy them from other players. They should be one of the most coveted commodity because of their utility, and once activated I don't think one should be able to steal or destroy them. Possibly hack them, but even this should be very hard and/or time consuming to do! Think along the lines of physical interaction and ma
  11. I might take you up on that, Xplosiv, if I decide to play the part. It's too early to decide yet!
  12. Should've put Scandinavia as an option, but yeah. Sweden here!
  13. My name is (drum roll, please...) Joakim. I'm a 30-something year old guy from the northern parts of Sweden, who's a huge sci-fi and space buff (again, no suprises there). I stumbled upon the Kickstarter campaign for DU by chance, I think from a Facebook add or review by someone, really can't recall. While a bit hesitant after buying the flaming disaster that is No man's sky, I still pledged for DU and crossed my fingers. This game looks like it may very well be what I was looking for when I pre-ordered NMS, but I am trying really hard not to get too hyped up about it! Anyway before
  14. The most important question of all; Do you shuffle?
  15. Tried to skim through everything to see if it had been mentioned, but I couldn't see it anywhere; I'd also like to see stealth in the game. It'd make life outside of the safe zone, well, safer. Some ideas I'd like to NOT see regarding stealth tech is that you'd have no shields. Sure, they should be weaker but considering stealth ships would be known to exist what's to stop players from just randomly fiering their weapons into space as they fly around? Sure you'd look pretty paranoid. That is until you hit a sneaky stealth ship and kill it because it had no shields up. I'd much rather see
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