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  1. 10 hours ago, MasteredRed said:

    Hey. Unofficial discord is now official.


    Thanks. :D


    This needs an overhaul anyway, so I'll get started on that ASAP. 


    EDIT: Since we have several new content creators here in the community since the time I made this topic, shoot me a DM (or post here) with any links to your content and I'll have it added.

  2. This weekend on August 12th (Sunday) BOO will be doing a Day of Games in celebration of our 2nd anniversary as the best community in Dual Universe. (No bias, I swurr). We'll be playing Planetside 2, Rocket League, and Teeworld as well as maaaybe crashing some discords to say hello.


    This is mostly just a BOO event, but if you're interested in joining our shenanigans on Sunday, just drop a message here, send me a DM, or hit us up on Discord.





  3. Just buy some of my alts.


    Good points made by above posters here. Just be patient and persistent as you start to recruit. But your biggest hurdle will be retention, and keeping things energetic. With the current state of Dual Universe, I advise finding games that you can rally your members behind. The community aspect of your group is more important than anything else, as that is your core. However, recruiting from DUs community right now will be a hard venture as the barrel is a bit empty.


    You'll have better luck pulling in new members from other games, which is something BOO has been doing for the last two years. I believe half our member base come from games like Conan Exiles, ESO, Eve Online, Planetside 2, and a few others. It brings in new people to Dual Universe, and you can grow your own community while having fun at the same time. 





  4. Tortuga---who-do-you-wnat-to-be2.png


    The Tortuga City building contest for Pre Alpha has concluded and the winners are Kurock, Agilolfing, Captain Hilts, Lau2356, and Sunrider. They will be the first among many to help layout the final layout and design for Tortuga City. Keep an eye out for future events from Tortuga City as we begin to flesh out roles of administration as required throughout testing.


    This project has come a long way since its inception, with a community already beginning to flourish on Discord. Why not come join in on the fun and help make a badass home for yourself?


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