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  1. I'm collecting community created Dual Universe content (public In-game Designs, Text, Video, Audio and other media) mostly for my own amusement. If you are interested, you are welcome to join the Discord and discuss/contribute. There will certainly be a lot more stuff once the NDA ends, and I'm trying to stay in the loop. It's mostly lists & links so far, but I'd be happy to have an actual exchange of ideas, if there's any interest. https://discord.gg/3ysbhFY
  2. Ok. Novean Almanac 4 Editorial: Making history in Dual Universe Dual Universe Development Timeline Community Media Overview Organization Updates Community Projects Overview and a shorty story by Kurock PDF, 168 pages, 4.4MB
  3. I don't. I was relying on the board's regular writers. But I guess there's kind of a general lull and it's not just the holidays.
  4. Out of interest: Is the contest over (Deadline: January 13th)? Are you extending it? Apparently there were only two entries. Maybe now, after the holidays, there could be additional participants.
  5. Didn't even know about the "Don't show backer title" checkbox. That makes it an even more useless value then. I was interested myself. Probably won't do the data collection again. There will hopefully be other ways of determining organization activity at some point, similar to Eve Online.
  6. Manually datamined from the community page. Pledge status, join date and similar information can be viewed there. But of course you can't see past activities, especially players joining and leaving organizations, so the second infographic only shows players that joined and stayed.
  7. Since nobody asked, here's some impregnated data!
  8. Since nobody asked, here's some important data!
  9. Now released: Episode 3: The Hunter, And the Hunted by Cybrex (PDF, 1MB)
  10. Now released: Episode 2: The Artful Affirmative by Ben Fargo (PDF, 1MB)
  11. Tortuga & Tales from Tortuga Tortuga City is a community city building project in the world of DUAL UNIVERSE. The city is a place for trade, manufacturing and shady business. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum, villainy and dashing rogues. Separated from the shackles of organization affiliations and political agendas, the cyberpunk world of Tortuga with its skyscrapers and neon signs will be home to adventurers and agents, artists and militarists, traders and thiefs. Tales from Tortuga is a series of fictionalized stories set in this world, created for the ente
  12. The current lore of Dual Universe states, that "at the moment of the Grand Exodus, humanity was divided into four main political movements". The first three movements are listed as the "Luminous" (looking for knowledge and wisdom), the "Alphas" (putting emphasis on strength and military power) and the "Emporium" (believing in the power of money and commerce). Those three will have a clear path and presumably character skills in the game - as scientists, soldiers and traders. For the fourth group on the other hand, the "Ethereans", the future is uncertain. As the lore st
  13. The proper meetup happens at "Ludwig im Museum Restaurant" in about 2 hours. NQ plans on streaming from there, yes.
  14. We're there, if anyone else wants to join.
  15. Well yes, it was meant as a "come whenever you want", nothing formal about it. I have nothing better to do (Cologne isn't that interesting) and it's a good place to wait. No idea if anyone will even show up, so you might still be the first if you come at 6.
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