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  1. I don't think a 200 kph hover can trace narrow roads, so I agree with your idea of self-driving.
  2. I reconsidered, but it may be better to assume that the hexes are linked by road as a condition to receive the reward. One hex can be linked to the surrounding 6 hexes and can be rewarded up to 6 times. This will prevent the appearance of road-filled hexes for reward purposes only.
  3. Road system rules 1. The road can be installed on the ground regardless of the core. 2. Roads can be freely set up on land that does not belong anywhere. 3. If you set up a road, you will get some kind of reward (linked to traffic volume?).
  4. Currently, speeders have to drive in the wilderness where there is no transportation infrastructure. Navigation is difficult, as it often hits a cliff or falls into a vertical hole. I want a system that makes it easy to create roads, tunnels and bridges for cityscapes and smooth traffic. With the cooperation of the players, a situation similar to DEATH STRANDING may be achieved. The highways that cross the planet and the cities and facilities connected to them will be cool landscapes.
  5. It seems strange that you'll be charged for server maintenance just by spending a few weeks designing without interacting with anyone. I'll leave it to NQ's management decisions. Works designed in offline designer mode are not "functional toys" unless uploaded to paid MMO mode, so if the player intends to play seriously, it can be estimated that they will pay to upload the work to MMO mode. If the free creative mode is implemented, I will go back and forth between the long-term design process and MMO.
  6. While designing the ship, the interaction with the world is very poor. It seems a bit nonsense that you need to pay a monthly fee only for the blueprint function even though you are not playing as an MMO. I want you to be able to access it offline for free when the creative mode is implemented. I want to pay for the function of interaction with the world.
  7. I bought DU on August 27th. I can't find it in my account My Procucts. Where can I find it?
  8. Sorry for the rudimentary question. How do I mirror voxels?
  9. Since the design failed, I want to discard the whole and collect the parts. Is it only possible to dismantle by hand?
  10. It is the same. I've been able to play until now, but I can't login anymore.
  11. I can hardly understand English without Google Translation. I found it very inconvenient to not be able to copy the text/chat in the game. There were parts of the tutorial that I could not understand without the help of my friends. I think EVE Online was more kind.
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