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  1. Backs an in development game, is mad game is not at full polish and process during a global pandemic is slower than initial hoped, demands refund because... Special?
  2. 1. I got my little production facility going... and I'm thinking I need more space, I assume that bigger static cores make bigger build areas yes? 2. Also, if I tear down my current buildings, can I "erase" that static core and place a larger one? 3. I bought an interceptor, and THANK GOODNESS, I waited to get it home to build it... hello, space fuel sucks, refueling that thing sucks more. I've decided that in order to understand the game I need to make a lot of things myself. So I have my assembly line, my assembly M, my Chemical Refiner M... Oh I need a refiner for the SODIUM I need... so that's being parted and will be made "soon"... that being said, there are like 4 types of space fuel, how do I know which goes in my ship? 4. I was trying to move a container, see I realized you need "4 input" and "1" output container, that sucked but I got it kina neatly arranged and all, but in moving one I had to save on building a new one, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to put in my inv (yes I know now, it's Alt click or some such) but at one point, and mind you this was IN my main facility with my big giant xtra large container that sits in there, I thought "tokenize... maybe that's the key?" Yeah no, mad panic attack as suddenly everything in that ENTIRE FREAKING STRUCTURE was no longer accessible. Yes, I figured it out, yes I got back in, but has anyone else made such bone headed move? 5. What's a good resource to learn what's profitable in terms of selling? I know EVE had some sites that really made life easier, what's around the DU sphere like that? Thanks in advance all.
  3. Honestly I think they should have made like 5 moons for starting out. 5 sanctuaries. Each with a different look to them. That's just me. And trust me, I have my queue going, it's got 2 days worth of things to learn.
  4. No worries, a valid inquiry... "Is this just someone that hasn't even played the game yet..." Really my two big issues are I am not all that happy with my initial patch of land and how I got it started. Looking back I'm like "I should have..." and wouldn't say no to a restart.
  5. That might be true. On the flip side, this game had a steep initial learning curve. It can be daunting to people. Most people feel less sure of themselves when facing a mountain of "What the hell am I supposed to do..." and then face that with joining an org full of people who do... with online games being notoriously toxic, the last thing a person wants is to join an org and have a negative experience for "you don't even know how to do that?" I'm getting a handle on the basics, learning at my pace before I reach out and find an org, explore the game further. I want to have a good grasp of the basics before I add in another learning curve of trying to meet expectations.
  6. I play the game... I have my little patch of real estate and log in daily.
  7. No, it was just a consideration for the official launch to draw in more people. Choices can be good.
  8. Yeah I've been spending a bit of time daily hoping on. Made a mistake of buying an Extra large container. Mistake because I plopped it in my little lunchbox house... it doesn't fit, so my house looks... very very odd.
  9. I get that, just saying... the beta period means everyone that is waiting for "the devs to get it right before I play" will be way behind the powercurve. Was a consideration.
  10. Look, straight up, give people a choice. There will be those that vest time, money to create their DU experience. Wiping that would be by the polls bad, and yeah in a game like this it would be not fun. On the flip side, new people looking to join, prime targets would be Eve players and others, who would see the giant lead time others have and decide "yeah... no." means that not wiping deters future. Compromise, a "fresh server". Maybe you are like me, spending time tinkering around, and realized you made a lot of mistakes as an uneducated "wow that video looked cool, I'mma try it" blind hop in. The concept of a fresh start is appealing. I'd give Beta players 2 days max to hop in. Maybe let them carry over 1 million in credits, a special title and maybe extra training points for their time vested. This would encourage some to make the switch to help the new server take off. Make it clear to new players when game is live "If you come here, this is a vibrant established server where many players have built a flourishing economy and community" And "If you start here, it's the wild west, a fresh start where veterans will have a small boost of training points and credits but really the playing field is "even". I think that would be the best compromise.
  11. It's not choosing the grind life, I was giving the Dev's an honest "first impression" that's all. I'll dig a little deeper into the game proper, and probably join an org to get the most of the time I am in the game. I think, for them, it would be useful to hear feedback from people in a beta, as honestly as can be done. That's why I laid out my gaming experience, and my "first impressions". First impressions are super important in life, you don't show up at a job interview in slacker attire, and then expect the boss to hire you because maybe later you'll be well dressed... (Not saying that applies here just an example of First Impressions) I know a lot of gamers whose first 2 hours with a game makes or breaks their interest in said gaming experience. As I have a lot more experience in games and know that maybe if I push a little harder, there is a gem to be had I'll play out the beta, but my initial feeling on the matter is not a mostly positive long term view of the game. Maybe it will change and I'll post an updated "My on going impression of Dual Universe".
  12. I saw a trailer or a youtuber popped up when I was not paying attention and it auto-rolled to the next video. I was intrigued. Old school gamer here (Atari 2600 was my first console, we were first on our block to have one sort of OG gamer) so I've been playing for quite a while and play many genres but tend towards MMO's and shooters, I still play Overwatch, pretty regularly and was dragged back into wow by my wife so, there's my background for my comments. 1. I have a 1080ti rig with an SSD, so graphics, lag, slowdown rarely saw. Load times were what I'd expect from an under optimized beta experience. In regards to the "look" I get a real homage to Anarchy Online sort of vibe from the game which I love. I miss that game. Obviously the other games and genres that DU is obviously building on are there, MC, NMS and even a hint of plantfall in the mix. That's kinda my vibe of the game and I like. 2. I got in yesterday to the game, went out and found me a tile, was hope for one with a water view but c'est la vie I settled for one near some hills and I dug it. Nice valley view. I plodded in and planted my marker then started getting into the tutorial. I gathered stuff, went to market and sold but then due to slow speed of the speeder and I hadn't at that point figured out how to set Cruise control, I logged off. I still don't know where that first speeder went. I KNOW where I parked it. It was gone. Poof. Dunno. I shrugged, bought a Dragonfly, and promptly fueled it, hopped in and flipped it over because I didn't realize the ground speeder didn't need W to go forward. Thank you for the easy, hop out and tap the force young padawan power to flip it over. That was VERY appreciated. So I got back home and started building. Got a house planted, windows VR Sim, respawn point, a bed. Noice. It's a basic one each lunch box design but hey... 3. I decided to try finding out if there were minerals under my land! I dug all the way down to hitting water, and kept going. I think I filled my pack twice with soil and made sure the sensor was on T4-5 minerals. Yeah... nothing, took FOREVER to get back up. At that point went back to my house and logged. So I decided to then go digging around this forum and the wider interwebs to learn some more before trudging back to the hub to do the rest of the tutorials. It was at that point, I read about the long travel times to do anything, the fact that PVP, which I don't mind pvp I really don't. I've played EVE and other games... but in the end, after reading, I'm figuring I'll be taking a pass on the game moving forward. Oh I'll probably play out my time bought, see if my first impression is in error, but right now, as a new player looking at the hour glass of information and time required to do... simple things I'm really leaning away from the game. But why? 1a. Two words, Time Sink. My kids moved out, I spend 4 hours a night wrecking face in OW, or running instances and such in wow with my wife and guild. But in those its 4 hours of active doing things. Reading the "fun" people are having traveling to new mining areas, only to end up either empty handed or the PVP angle just doesn't appeal, to me. I'm not asking for things to be handed to me, but if I'm going to be investing time into a game, I'd like to be entertained, not wasted as a rule. 2a. When I go to the hub, I now have trepidation of misplacing my ship. You get close and there is literally a blue blob of ships, and I've seen people land into other peoples ships and making a mess of things. I don't relish losing another ship and having to either buy another one OR hoofing it home should I have spent mah monies on things and lack the resources. 3a. The time loss problem. Eve has this, other games of this genre do to. If you can't or don't invest the hours early in you're gonna be behind the 8-ball real fast. I know that for the above to concerns I'll probably not be looking to spend 4 hours a night traveling around doing little but hoping to get lucky... and that means I'll end up playing catch up the entire time... not appealing. I will keep an eye towards this game, watch as it evolves and yes I'll pop in during beta probably everyday to tinker, but as of now I feel this may not be the game for me, but if it is for you, ACES I will enjoy the youtube videos down the road of the amazing things people make in game, I've already seen some stunners.
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