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  1. If Nick have an exit strategy, whatever hapens, you'll never have enough power to give him a grace period.
  2. If you jump onto a ship with the purpose of moving it so yes, it's enough clear.
  3. "or in any other way moving a construct that does not belong to you" Is that not enough clear ?
  4. I'm what you call a "random" guy. Few months ago, I crashed my ship on a tower in Alioth. The ship was stucked in the air out of moving tool range. I gently asked to NQ to help me recovering the ship. One hour later, the ship (well, it's burnt version) was landed on the ground. I didn't have to wait for months. One month ago, I sent a ticket about the milestones because they don't work as intended. One week later, I had a response and they fixed the missed milestones (the one I was supposed to complete). Sorry to say that but as a random, and considering the small number of NQ guys dedicated to that kind of activities, I considere my treatment was done well, but it wasn't what you called a preference treatment. Maybe if I had a name in this game my case would have been treaten faster, but I honestly doubt about that. Speculation once again. Seriously guys, with the amount of salt you carry against this game, I don't understand why you're still here xD If this game is so bad, go playing another one. Simple.
  5. They did, the best they could. And they didn't do that yesterday but friday.
  6. A feature that isn't well done. And NQ knows that. That's why i'm pretty sure that NQ will do something for Elias. Because they know that this feature isn't working exactly as intended.
  7. That's why I think that NQ will do something for Elias as they are well aware of that issue with their "game mecanic".
  8. So, basically, you're selling a ship without a hull, in another word, an elements garbage, with a unusable piece of code, for 100K ? And your argument to justify this is that this script was supposed to be open source ? LOL !! If peoples are smart enough, they'll just wait until Elias complete his code and distribute it for free to the community under Open Source. It's a kind of stupid I'd ever seen since ages xD
  9. How the game will deal with players B that will land at a the same location of a despawned ship and suddently respawn few minutes after player A log in again ?
  10. Not only carbon fiber. Glossy and galvanized honeycombs in a whole, matte copper (which now looks like a kind of smoothed metalic plastic), and probably a lot of others that literaly ruined the constructs look and feel.
  11. So, voxels doesn't cas shadows anymore, the voxels textures are just a crap (bye bye matte copper, glossy carbon, galvanised aluminium, etc) lua parameters aren't availables, primary container link is lost everytime, the refresh on the wallet windows make it litteraly unusable until you're a keyboard bot and type at speed of light. Not to talk about the tutorials and the chalenges that aren't work at all. And I probably forget a lot of other things. The 0.24 was expected to be more polished than that, since players had tested it in PTS stage. I though NQ was learn something valuable with 0.23 when they offer the Public Test Server before pushing a release live. Is the PST usefull if NQ doesn't use as it must be used : a test stage where all the things are tested, polished, to push a relatively stable and playable update live. Only NQ considere there was an urge to release 0.24. Player base didn't. We don't give a fuck with your agenda and plans, NQ. All we want is a playable game where each release is the garantee that all the players has done will not be ruined. Next time, NQ, take your time, but really, and listen your player base when they ask you to wait to push a release live or when they tell you there is a bug here and there (I sent multiple bug reports and only one has recieved a positive and effective response, all the other was ellusives).
  12. I don't care about the timeframe of each updates. All I want is updates not too much bugged, balanced (not like it was with 0.23) and so. I can wait to get that. Shorter the timeframe is, worst the update.
  13. 1st, all the elements and voxels of this bp that are in your inventory shouldn't be claimed. 2nd, if you placed all the elements and voxels on a container linked to your inventory, make sure the link icon is active. If not, you'll just have access to the linked container remotely but it will not be a real and actual part of your inventory. 3rd, to be sure it would work, place the bp you want to deploy in the same location than its elements and voxels and deploy it from there. 4th, if the bp mention 0m3 on some voxels, considere having at least 1m3 of this material. As said above, DU rounded down. After that, if it still doesn't work , I have no clue about how fixing that.
  14. Nice initiative. Despite that, you should create a proper website to your 3rd tier app. Actually it's only a Guilded Server. Personnaly I have enough with discord and I use to avoid other kind of servers like that.
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