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  1. From the r0.23.1 patch notes, the patch that is currently deployed : Fixed an exploit involving Lua DRM I'm afraid that this so-called "exploit" is the workaround you guys are talking about. My only hope is that this patch will not reverse that.
  2. So the only way is to ask to the creator to give you the right to do.
  3. Yes, deploying the construct again from scratch from the blueprint, which means hours/days of grinding to get enough money to buy the elements. Or, as Blazemonger said, asking to the construct's creator to change drm rights.
  4. I'd like to being able to strip the ship appart and redeployed it with the elements I'd get back, but I can't. And yes, my friend will come to me to give me the rights to do whatever I want to this ship. But it's not the point. Yes, having to redeploying the construct from scratch is a waste of time. I'd have to grind a lot to earn enough quantas to buy the elements I'll need to do that. And I need the ship to do that lol ! Flying it would be problematic. I can expect anythings bad happen during the route due to lags, disconnections, etc. So I was stuck with my small industry (I finaly unlocked it by buying few schematics to starting it up again) and now, I can't even go sell the ore I'd mine. I can only go mining.
  5. Lucky you are. A friend gave me a ship blueprint one month and a half ago. I deployed it, and then modified it a bit (change the closed cockpit to a pilot seat, a data bank, an atmo radar, and so) and finaly I putted the DU-Orbital-HUD script on the pilot seat. Just after this DRM patch, I checked if all was good on the ship. It's not. I can enter on construction mode, modifying the hull (voxels seems to be appart from DRM), but I loss the menu where I can upgrade the script on the pilot seat, I can't change this pilot seat from an other (with hope that would have fixed that thing), and I can't create a blueprint from it anymore (I did it before the patch and I can't use them anymore too). NQ say we must redeploy the construct from scratch. But with the 0.23, I can't afford to do that because I'm dry from quantas. So I have the ship on its current state, I can fly it, but in case of crash or something mad that could occur in this game, I'll not be able to do anything on the ship, even simply upgrade a script to have it running properly after the next freaking patch NQ would release. I start to become tired, really. The game was so fun before 0.23. Now, it's a pain to play it and I think twice before clicking on the DU icon to start the game.
  6. I saw that too. "Dual Universe isn't a solo player game", they said...
  7. Okay, so I finaly had the answer. It's not linkable. It is just a stuff that have a hole in the middle and that can give access thru voxels to elements behind the voxel. Indeed, totaly dumb
  8. Yes, but how it must be placed and linked ? I have the exact same issue and nobody seems to know how doing that. If it's dumb or not, or if it can be used to accessing hidden elements, ok, but how it's work ? How link them ?
  9. discordauth:q0HqQ5bBBRauUCCJgUGxzZGLyE4Iy1prN8KfU4NCf08=

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