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  1. If NQ would not just switch planets to new tech, but instead remake the whole game world, to create a new game experience, then yes. e.g. Mix pve/pve zones differently, maybe have full non-safe moons or planets, keep some astral bodies with their pve bubble, use space markets and haven moons as save points, resize the distances, redistribue ores, etc. For me either way or any way of wipe-type would be ok, as long as the decision and release is not dragged out for weeks or even months. - right now it creates a pointlessness for playing.
  2. You can do something about most of these items yourself. carry xs core with rez on back of primary vessel use a clock and slow down before getting close to a planet use archehud with collision detection, have A LOT MORE brakes install an emergency control unit on your ship build small warp ship, go to all planets before hauling, and place a small space station with ressurection equipment and a small shuttle ask other players if you want / need to go to a planet and need help
  3. The idea of declaring as "non combatant" might be a trigger for some idea, but it has to be much more long term and with much more consequences for the player or org declaring "non combatant" than just not equipping weapons. pvp players will come up with so many ways to take advantage of no-weapon ships during actual pvp, even if it is just to slow boat missions or high tier resources betweeen the outer planets and the markets at zero risk. But even with meaningful restrictions like no L cores, fewer HQ tiles, etc, to be a neutral merchant / non combatant player - orgs will rather rely on alt accounts / alt orgs rather than outsource to real non combat players.
  4. The options in DU to manage pvp risk is really restricted: It's either you go pvp / join organized org Or you don't. Going to an asteroid "solo" is plain stupid. For "doing pvp" it is totally reasonabale (and part of doing pvp) to come up with new, better, smart (or lame) ways to take out a target with minimized risk. Otherwise one woud be just as stupid (or unprepared) as the non-pvp player going to an asteroid on their own. Forcing players to do something they do not like to access content is bad. Putting players into a situation where they do something they do like but at the same time make them piss of another group of players is also bad. I am certain that pvp'ers would much more like to have really reasonable pvp incentives that would get them to fight other players who DO like pvp, and where being smart about doing pvp is "good tactic" and not lame gameplay mechanics.
  5. It helps to build an S or M core vessel that can carry 200+ tons. Then get 3 territory scanners; park it on the intersection of 3 territories, can use the maneuver tool to put the ship in a way that you have 1 scanner in each territory. Then start scanning ... a while. Ores distribution is interresting, but when you have several scans of an area, you can use the map (bottom right you switch to "scans in inventory") to watch how the quantities for each ore spreads across the area; continue scanning into the direction where the ore you want increases in quantity. If you can get a 3-tile triangle or a 7-tile circle with 120+ T2+ and 450+ T1 in each tile that can be financially viable. Put down 1 T2 miner and 4 T1 miner in each territory, get the adjacent bonus, sell T1 locally to bot market; keep T2 for own use. Strip mine that planet for a few tax circles, meanwhile keep scanning for an area with an abundance of T3. On one planet I was able to get 100+ T2 and 100+ T3 in a 7-tile circle; so that might be possible for your planet too. Have to be lucky with scans or dilligent, or both.
  6. Hi, I think most players do not use many cores. Another large part (I am with these) will use these changes as an opportunity to streamline their core-usage - as well as game time invested towards doing redundant or ineffective things: compact mining unit configurations is a big thing there. Maybe people start to really, really consider if they need THIS much ore ore even more quanta for.. uh.. stockpiling. That leaves a small - yet important - group of players, which also has a a big role in promoting this game: builders. Maybe there can be an option to have a longer-than-30-day "reliable lease" of construct slots for orgs. Or DU could award outstanding and showcased builders with reward-slots for their builder-org. Providing a single XL or XXL static or space core slot per org could also be an idea. Regards, Tilda
  7. What are you going to do with all the ore? Unskilled 50% of MUs on a tile pay the taxes, everything beyond that is pure profit. I ran a 10 tile mining area on a single account and did not go bankrupt. I did only 1 T2 and 1 T1 ore with that whole field, primary collecing on 2 60% and 2 40% territorires, T2 from all. (I packaged everything as I have enough of those ores and it was getting boring to do all the calibrating :P). I think it is a good way, that the MUs (or calibrations) are limited. This way we stop just mining and do other things. --- Just would be nice if DU hat more other things to do.
  8. Wasn't there something about "speed by core size" in one of the more recent discord Q/As? well.. very little "something" QUESTION https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/914967982067834952/915618429204066355 "Combat Balance" NQ-ANSWER https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/914967982067834952/915626620088381441 You’re right on a lot of these points, and it’s something we are looking at. Specifically there are going to be changes to max speeds in various ways and we’re hoping to address a lot of these issues with those changes. I won't go too much into detail on all the changes but the idea that smaller lighter ships can be faster than larger heavier ones is something we’re on, with everything that implies and some extra goodies. DEC, 1st 2021
  9. In addtition to the abandonement protection you get 1 free personal territory claim per planet/moon, so you can mine 3 days without paying tax, and pick up your things at the end of the week. If you pay attention to collect the discovered ore deposits after calibrating, you can make a good starting cash buffer. (use your mouse to hover all the (?) signs on the different mining unit screens)
  10. A basic mining unit S has a lower BASE RATE *and* a lower EFFICIENCY than a basic mining unit L. With my skills it was S = 50L 79% L = 120L 99% Best to upgrade out of the S miners as quickly as possible.
  11. It would be very great, if we could at least get the visual (HUD) indicators, if something is docked (either as parent or as child). I did have 3 cases of vessels having slipped into a docked-state past week even though I had ships "next to each other". I very much pay attention to lift gently and look all around my ship if anything is moving along. Would be nicer if it was just written on the screen, if the piloted craft has child vessels attached.
  12. Yes and no. The game sort of tempts you to do not so effective material havesting; but it is possible to do it very efficiently right from the start of the game. Do the tutorials, Then check youtube how to dig-mine. You can even do that on your personal sanctuary tile; there should be something from every material. This is much better than collecting surface rocks. WIth missions and filled market there is no need to do "early game material havesting".
  13. Hallo Narrenstein, du kannst maximal 1 "Compact" Speeder haben, und der muss in deinem Nanopack bleiben. Wenn du den Speeder verkleinerst, bekommst du einen _neuen_ Blueprint. Dan mit dem passenden Tool, Doppelklick auf den Blueprint in deinem Nanopack, und dann kannst Due es platzieren (es sei denn, du bist auf einem privatgrudstück, da darfst Du gar nix hinstellen). Der Doppelklick setzt den Blueprint deines compact Speeder auf deine Seitenleiste, und von da wird aufgestellt. Nach dem Aufstellen, bleibt die Verknüpfung zum alten Blueprint auf der Seitenleiste. Der Blueprint funktioniet aber nicht mehr, entweder ist er nicht mehr da, oder verbraucht. Verkleinerst Du dann deinen Speeder schon wieder, bekommst du einen neuen Blueprint, der sehr sehr wahrscheinlich den selben Namen wie der alte Blueprint hat. Wenn du dann das Werkzeug aktivierst, sieht es so aus, als sei der Blueprint auf der Seitenleiste, das ist aber nur der Schatten des alten verbrauchten... ? Ich mach nach dem aufstellen immer den alten BP von meinem Kompakt-Speeder aus der Seitenleiste raus (rechtsklick auf das Icon).
  14. Hi, the OP finished their post with "(...) so you can still have a ship that looks decent and have enough power to make it practical as well." If you add a requirement, "pilot must be able to reliably get the ship off and on the planet", that can affect the weight capacity as well. Personally I am aiming my design towards the 1kT for M core as well. Though with my S core concept ship I quickly doubled the "on design" weigth by doubling engine/wings/brakes. .. and all with 2g capacities for thrust etc. So I see range of 1kT - 4kT for M cores with a mostly ok looking design, depending on how far you want to stretch or restrict your ship concept, and depending on the lift technology you use, and that is before skills. Cheers, Tilda
  15. Hi, hopefully eventually soon (tm) the universe will expand, then the secure space will become the smaller part of the game. I think that it is better to have players _want_ to leave the secure area for their own goals, be it exploration, greed for riches, take part in events, or maybe even slug it out in pvp after joining. Shrinking the secure bubble to force players into pvp will alienate these players before they reach the state of mind where they want to step out of the bubble on their own will. The resources in the secure bubble might be massive, but they are still limited. With time (lots) industrious players will look for the riches in the pvp area,. Cheers, Tilda.
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