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  1. I quit. You don't give a shit about us. Tech support now useless even though most of the problems were caused by your bugs which haven't been addressed since beta started. I'm a solo ship builder and wanted to stay that way so you personally crapped on me. I could go on but I just don't like NQ and the game anymore. Bye.
  2. I'm not against pirates. The game would be pointless without them. We need a balance. Maybe there could be an element/weapon that could deactivate the ability to destroy a ship, container or element, and this needed to be link's to a gunners module in place of a gun or 2 guns?
  3. Scuttling your ship so the enemy can't get it is also a rl military tactic.
  4. As a ship designer I feel like I will be pushed into designing boxes. I know you will be changing some things like radar cross section and power supplies but will this be enough? I can already see that pvp'ers are changing designs from cube to cuboids (rectangular box) with the pilot seat buried behind thick layers of steel or even gold. with pvp space being expanded and warp cells becoming less efficient it won't just be the pirate ships that will be long boxes but it will transfer to other ships. Box luxury ships, haulers etc. Would it be possible to maybe restrict wall thickness or maybe a seat/cockpit have to have a clear view forward? These are just 2 of my ideas I'm sure some other people will have much better.
  5. G'day guys. I am trying to fit xs railguns to a cockpit controller. It is possible to fit 2 xs railguns to a cockpit controller with S radar handling 4 and control unit capacity handling 4. I was aiming to fit 4 xs railguns. It has been brought to my attention that I can't fit 4 guns. I am just 2 days from S radar handling 5 and control unit capacity handling 5. I can already fit 2 guns to the cockpit, so what is the point of S radar handling 5 and control unit capacity handling 5? It is a lot of time to train these skills but now I have almost got them it seems like a waste of time. Am I missing something? and is it even possible to fit more than 2 xs guns to a cockpit controller?
  6. As the title says let us know. Please don't let me waste anymore of my life on this game. If you let me know now I will quit now.
  7. The day the wipe this game is the day I quit this game!
  8. I have just wasted 5 hours of my life trying unsuccessfully to login. JC! I couldn't give a crap about being able to wave at my friend or do a fancy dance. There are so many performance related issues that need fixing. Logging in without getting a hundred network errors would be a good start. There is the broken containers, game just dropping out, chasing ghost nodes of ore,. Don't get me started on Alioths market area. IMHO I think that you allow all these ships to break the rules is causing most of the problems in the first place. ENFORCE THE RULES and scrap the pile of junk . 6hr time limit. It gets that bad you have to land far from the pad and use your maneuver tool just to be able to use your container. So instead of doing updates that allow me to blow a kiss to a girl that is probably a boy. Get all the devs working on issues that will at least allow us to login and fly our ships without the controls sticking and smashing it to bits, so we have to waste our and your time on discord trying to get teleported and our ship fixed!
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