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  1. To be honest the idea was not to make some in-depth analysis, rather to see the general feelings of a part of the player base. I think most of us are aware by now that the devs don't really take this kind of post seriously so it doesn't really matter anyway.
  2. Even though I will keep playing, I kind of agree with you, the only way to make money now is to mine, if you are not a professional Builder or maybe scripter, there is no other way to make money
  3. I am interested to see how many people are considering to stop playing because of the new release and how many are excited about the update. Let's see what is the general stance on the new changes
  4. Oh yeah, that's what I meant, as you say, definitely you can't put a mechanic for that type of thing, was just curious of what people think of the concept.
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering, what do you think of the idea for an Organization to restrict you from flying your own ship, instead you can buy different ship designs from them and then customize it slightly. Obviously, this cannot be applied to everyone, however I think using similar ship 'theme' so to say will bring a lot of immersion into the game. I guess it depends on how you look at it, players are free to design anything they want, even if it's totally out of line with a Space game, which at least for me hurts the immersion part. I am curious to see what do you guys think of flying wooden ships, submarines or anything ugly/out of theme for that matter. Do you think it's creative and cool or it ruins the experience?
  6. The only way I see it is if they make mechs as a character model, which doesn't include any moving parts in itself.
  7. Please update the thread if someone receives the email
  8. Any1 got their email yet? Sorry for the spam but I don't have any info whatsoever.
  9. Hi Guys, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Make it Pay 2 Play - monthly subscription and add ONLY Cosmetics shop PLEASE ... PLEASE PLEASE, DO NOT RUIN THE GAME by adding PLEX or tokens or WHATEVER. This will ruin the whole experience if a Play/Guild invests TONS AND TONS of Real Cash to be good. Sooo MANY games have been ruined due to this. You will make more money if you add only Cosmetics in comparison to the PLEX system. Do not force us to buy ingame currency to be at the top , PLEASE ! . Listen to our feedback , NOBODY wants PLEX. I Really hope someone from the Devs team reads this. PLEASE DO NOT RUIN THIS BEAUTIFUL GAME SIMPLY BY ADDING IN-GAME CURRENCY. *prays to the chaos gods* THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Greetings, Thanks for all the replies, I went through the info and indeed it all makes a lot of sence. I guess that the devs got around that issue as well (since that aspect is going to be a huge part of the game). Although I'm now pretty confident, the final confirmation will be when the game is actually out or when we see some footage from Alfa/Beta testing. Can't wait , I hope that there are hundreds and thousands of players that are gonna play the game.
  11. Hi again, Basically this is what I mean - https://youtu.be/Rg3Jo-Ul4Qw?t=1047 . The players are non stop rubber banding even at low speed - Of course this is a completely different game , I am totally awere of that and the Vehicle does have wheels (JC mentioned that wheels might be difficult do add as they bring a whole new set of challanges for Multiplayer) , however this same issue persists in almost every multiplayer game - ARK Survival - Another good example for huge rubber banding when stuff is moving. I really hope the devs found a way to get around that issue, especially when we can expect to have HUGE ships moving really fast with lots of players on board. Of course, the best way to know is wait and see, hopefully someone more competent can share His/Her knowledge on the matter even sooner. Regards, Yamamoto
  12. Hi guys, I have been wondering about a problem that might arise regarding multiple Players occupying a large Ship/Station. Now, as far as we have been informed, players that are far away from you will be updated less frequently. My question is, how are Players going to behave in a Large movining object. In some games (like Space Engineers) this causes the player to experience rubber banding and lag spikes , generally walking normally in a moving ship is quite hard to achieve in multiplayer. For example - Some ships might be as big as 2-3 KM in lenght , containing hundreds of players. How will the game handle the position update for everyone, without causing the above stated issues. I would really love to get your feedback/opinion on this, hopefully some of the Devs can have a look at the post. Sorry if the case has been discussed already and thanks in advance. Kind regards, Yamamoto
  13. Hi guys, It's my first time typing a post here but i'm super hyped about the game and I almost cried with tears of joy when I was reading NQ-Nyzaltar was saying. I really really liked the Idea and I gave it a thought of what would be cool to implement into that mechanic. Basically, having a "zone" where all your stuff are safe when you aren't playing is a pretty cool idea, but up to a point. Maybe you can have a very small storage at the spawning area where you can keep a part of your funds or very very valuable items which cannot be raided in any way. However, your main storage area must be in a location owned by your Guild/Corporation/You. Having that in mind, if the "Corporation" has an established capital this would be the safest place for your storage to be due to the following reasons (for example of course): -The Capital can only be raided if another "Corporation" declares war on you. -The capital can be attacked only when your "Corporation" does not own any other territories -You can only attack a Capital 24 hours after the declaration of War. - Defensive turrets/weapons in the capital have higher Stats This (in my opinion) will add really cool gameplay features like Spying, Advance Politics,Amazing huge battles, Evacuation (of really important items let's say) and so on. Plus, a player would feel pretty safe when his stuff are heavily protected (but not invunerable). I've got a milion other ideas and I really hope this come to the attention of some of the devs. Thank you guys for even thinking of such a cool game. Please don't rush it . Kind regards, Ian PS. Please leave the game to be P2P (subscription based) and do not add any ingame currency (only cosmetic stuff can be bought and Nothing else. Otherwise it would be Pay2Win and it would defeat the whole purpose of the subscription model)
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