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  1. In my opinion the update is a meh. How much % of the playerbase will actually care for this mechanic ? I'd much rather see Asteroids, PVP performance improvement to begin with.
  2. I really hope we get asteroid fieldS around space that all players can mine in the PVP zone. It will be way riskier than regular mining, but hopefully will have a high reward as well. If they roll out something like the previous events, it'd be so disappointing.
  3. I don't mind paying for Sub. Considering the infrastructure they need to make the game run + development costs for new content, imo a subscription based model is the only viable way.
  4. Welcome and enjoy. Currently the game is pretty fun (imo) if you like mining and building/scripting, but there is a lot more to come hopefully this year, such as territory warfare and asteroid mining. If you need any help, there are a lot of good folks on Discord. See you in game
  5. You'd be surprised how many of the people commenting every single thread in this forum are not playing DU or have played less than 50 hours... I feel the actual people who login to play every day stay out/are not interested in all this BS going on here.
  6. Completely agree with you. NQ are developing a type of game that has never been done before. Obviously it comes with a ton of risks and unknowns. While better communication and faster development would be great, it's quite normal to face delays or change certain features. Let's hope NQ will have enough money and motivation for the next few years to push the game forward.
  7. I suggest you to forward your idea here - https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/ , even though I don't think it will be something they can consider in the next few years ?
  8. I had the same issue, however restarting my PC actually fixed it. I am not sure what is the case, however I suggest you raise a ticket to NQ immediately. They will ask you to submit some game and system data before they can make the check. Probably it will take a while for them to give you a full solution but at least I got a pretty fast initial response. Let me know if you find a solution, I also want to know what to do if it happens again.
  9. I believe I made myself clear on what I consider toxic and to clarify, it's not asking questions about the state of the game. At the end of the day, each of us in entitled to our own opinion, but playing victim in saying I am trying to shut you up or ignore some valid points that are raised is laughable.
  10. The game runs okay for me, at least to a degree that I am happy with. Sharing your feedback and opinion is one thing, spamming it to others is another. Everyone should be welcome to share their experience in a proper and constructive manner, positive or negative. I don't think that anyone ever said the game is feature complete and in a good state, but this doesn't mean it's not fun to play for some people. There is nothing to argue about here, it's a fact. The game is fun for plenty of people and a lot of the players did leave. But the current state of the forums in my opinion is off-putting to anyone interested in the game. Maybe with a good reason for some people, but definitely not for all.
  11. For you it might have low FPS, for someone else might run great. Some people might have an awesome time while playing, others might hate the game, the important thing is that everyone remains civil and not enforce their opinion on others. So to answer your question - Yes, for me this is the pinnacle of toxicity.
  12. It's easy to classify people as 'white knight' if they have something positive to say about the game, likewise for 'shitposters' as I put it, if they have some criticism for the game, but at the same time, not calling out people who make comments in the line of 'This game sucks because I get 3 FPS' or 'There are 30 people left playing this game, you shouldn't play' is just hurting this community and the overall perception of this game for new players [IMO Of course]. While I 100% agree things could be better and NQ should be held accountable for their shortcomings, toxicity (in both spectrums) should not be tolerated in any community.
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