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「Vulture Corporation」 [Security - Science - Service | International ☑ - Immersion ☑]

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Drama in paradise (Star Citizen)!


A recent event with potential infiltration shook specific parts of the Star Citizen community. Our AI felt the need to reply to that via video message.


While it's Star Citizen related, it is still mentioned and shared here - perhaps some play it and were affected or could be affected. Or it's raising general awareness perhaps. Even though there are surely SC players here, as the video itself is criticizing a certain group, I'll merely refer to our youtube channel. As we have a few videos in this thread I'm sure you know how to find it and in turn the video if you really wanted to see it or the links.


Even though it was a specific event over there, there are some similarities. After all, infiltration and more are nothing Star Citizen exclusive and usually part of any remotely complex game with competitive sandbox elements.


Time will tell what stories and experiences the Dual Universe community can share in that regard.

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Not much to report.


We have updated our promotional website (»www.vulturecorp.space) and changed a few things here and there. It's slightly better now and the career section has some additional information. As always, work is never done.


We're also more specifically looking to fill certain positions now. However, this mostly affects Star Citizen, with DU being relatively far away at this point and more of an abstract value.

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This is what I dug out just now. It's quite a bit older and could use some work. It was designed for the Repopulation team but given that project's turn, we'll likely never see the planet Atlas again.


Perhaps you have some experience with the creation of multimedia? Perhaps, you are possibly interested in joining a small team and help it grow further?


Everything has potential pros and cons; large and small organizations - all with their niche.


Many projects here show that dedication to a cause can create something nice, something that could last. You can take part in that creative process and you'll certainly be proud once you look back at the achievements. Larger organizations may have it easier, but achieving success in a small team that works together well just has a slightly different rewarding touch to it. At least that is what I thoroughly believe. Why? Our experience in Minecraft has taught and shown us how it can be if a relatively small team achieves great things and rises to the top in a server community. Could this be achieved again?


That is uncertain and depends on many factors. But it is not even required. What matters is the fulfilling journey in good and bad times. Will it be easy? Not at all. In smaller teams, each individual member bears more responsibility on average. But that just makes it more rewarding for the right people. Perhaps you are among those.


If you are interested, send a private message. Of course, you can also inquire via PM or here if you have questions or feedback.



Thanks for your attention.

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We're still looking.

Sure, as potential applicant you might wonder: "Why you over the others?"


In the end, it's a question of preference and style. That's what it boils down to. It's hard to say "this group is better" or "this is worse". The pros and cons of one might be reverse for the other. And surely, there are many great organizations out there, just as there are likely not so good ones out there. It's subjective.


Perhaps you want a very optimistic recruitment pitch. I prefer to be realistic. While it might be part of the whole "immersion" or "roleplaying part" I actually do not prefer buzzword bingo but getting straight to the point at times. The advantage is that you know what to expect.




If you look for safety in numbers in an individual organization while possibly getting everything handed to you, then we're not the right fit just as we have no intend to conquer the known universe. While that preference is understandable, we instead can offer a more tight-knit environment so far as we grow. Of course, if we are realistic we can never compete with the massive manpower of larger organizations. But do we want to? Others can do more but you don't always have to compare yourself no matter what.


Walk your own path and see if you like it. You might just be happier with a few challenges here and there. That may carry a different taste in a smaller group compared to a larger one. Just as hardships might be higher, the reward or accomplishment will also be higher. Besides, smaller groups are possibly less volatile over time. If I look back at our first campaign in Minecraft, I know it was worth it. We got through many hardships and overcame them only to rise to the top factions in that old server community after having beaten all notable raiders and adversaries with our partners.


It was a team effort all in all and we look forward to walking a similar, perhaps even better path again for Dual Universe, should it not fail.


'But what is the deal now', you might ask? We intend to portray a Corporation with more focus on immersion or elements of RP without expecting that people play a role all day. Three core branches, many things to do. In addition we have ties to an alliance already, so we don't stand alone. If you want a challenge by helping a slowly growing organization, then this is the right place.


Should you be interested, simply send a PM first.


If not, should you be looking for an organization: Good luck in your search. When in doubt, give it time, compare, contact the individual organizations and ask questions rather than joining the next best you see.




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Dear Vulture Corporation,


Your organization has been present to me ever since I've joined the Dual Universe community. No wonder, since you've been here for quite some time, and you have been one of the very first orgs to be founded, and well prepared from the start. 

You have a creative project, you have features that are unique to your organization even with various groups dedicated to pretty much everything there is to do in Dual Universe, you have a very clear, well-built and convincing structure, you offer fun and advantageous opportunities to potential members and partners, you have a your own website, recruitment and presentation videos, a meaningful description that doesn't flood its reader with unnecessary information, you are active, obviously reasonable, not too strict, serious and show an amount of effort that is close to uncompeted in the whole community.
- If you ask me, you have everything a great organization needs. From the way it looks to me, you should have what it takes to be among the best.

And yet, I noticed the strong lack of interest in your project several times now and couldn't help but wonder why that is. Even thinking about it for days, nothing would come to mind.
As all orgs struggle in their search for members, your struggles stays undeservedly unrewarded. I can see how that can become very frustrating. 

So I am here to express my respect and support to you, your members and your project. I'd like to wish you best of luck and the knowledge that someone out there is rooting for you! Keep up the good work.

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Time to break the silence.


What better way to do so with music? Here's another "fluff" (or background) theme to underline a certain style. It's a s l o w, even somewhat repetitive piece; but a strong futuristic one nevertheless. Music is from "The Synthetic Dream Foundation" (The one eyed maiden).


The focus is on audio and the footlage loops mostly, minus the beginning and the little "Thanks" at the end, but we nevertheless hope you like it and may find inspiration in the music and the things to come in Dual Universe.




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We intend to recruit, and you could boost our team!




Within the next days, a few changes will take place to promotional content and the application system. We'll refine it further and make it relatively self explanatory, giving those interested a guide of sorts and a clear overview of what we actually want and what we expect - without fluff, from player to player. For that, next week we will add a page on our promotional website (www.vulturecorp.space) and clarify.


Recruitment should be clear and efficient and your time is precious - let's not waste it. With that said, we also want to provide honest and realistic recruitment beyond "fluff". No use "baiting" applicants with false expectations; the best foundation is one of clear words and providing you with how things are. In turn, we expect integrity and motivated applicants who don't mind starting in a growing group that is yet small.


For our yet very small and partially inactive (some await more progress in DU) team to grow, we need external applicants. Maybe you are the next member?





But what do we expect, what do we want, what should you mind?


First, maybe I should also mention what we don't want.


Unlike some others, we have no (unrealistic) illusions of grandeur and world (or verse) domination. Experience has shown that while aspirations are good, trying to eat more than you can chew is unhealthy. We want to stay level-headed, grounded, realistic.


Our goal is to take part in the economy and to establish a solid foundation while initiating certain building and community projects. We want a slice of the pie - but not the whole pie. So far, we are on a good track. We will pick goals realistically and work on them in a functional order in a team that will likely stay relatively small and cohesive.


This means we do not want to become a giant organization and instead want to focus on a cohesive team and quality. For starters, we intend to reach a hand full to a dozen additional members and then assess the situation from there. Given that we intend to grow slowly and organically, that numbers are so far low and since DU is a work in progress, those interested in joining should bring a mature, somewhat independent-minded attitude and patience. You don't expect to have your hand held all the time, but instead use your hands to create something that lasts and maybe will tell stories for years to come.


Given that we do not want numbers for the sake of numbers or manpower, but quality, we will also work on appropriate measures to ensure this.





How about a call to action?


If you read this and look for an organization, I suggest you take a look at the first post and promotional links. While things are always adapted, I personally think they currently suffice to give you a rough understanding.


Why bother joining, you may ask?


- We do not come out of nowhere and have a history in another sandbox game, and thus, a bit of experience

↳ In turn, past-members who will likely join us in DU again later on have different experiences from EvE-Online and other sandbox games

- We utilize multimedia to enhance member and community immersion and generally receive positive feedback about it

- We try to think things through and create lasting projects or designs

- Different branches catering to broad interests - name something and we can likely provide you work in that area

- International environment, with historic roots in the European and German-speaking domain


Do note: We currently especially look for "creators" who may take a leading role eventually and help run operations in DU. This is partially due to other commitments in other realms (SC, etc.). If you are deemed fit to join and want responsibility, you can get it. We do not look for small-time dictators but inspiring personalities who can bring the team forward with cooperative leadership and self-control during stressful or daring times.





What to do if you are interested


If you like what you see and if you can imagine working with us, send me a PM on the community board located at: https://community.dualthegame.com/


I assume you will have no problem locating my profile on that platform to send me a PM over there, or discovering the right approach, as all you need is laid out in front of you :)


Why is this used? Since the Inbox on this forum section is limited, using the community hub where all organizations are located allows me to reach messages continuously even when I reach the limit here, but you can also post in here if this does not work for some technical reason.


What should the PM contain?

We'll keep it simple for now. Express your wish to join and why you have selected us, while briefly describing why you think you are a good addition. From there, things will proceed in due time.




And that's it for now. I thank you for your attention. If you have any questions, you know what to do.







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To anyone on the fence about Vulture Corp, I can genuinely recommend that you have an open conversation with Warden about his organization.  After reading this page for the first time, I feel like I couldn't leave the page without writing a comment.  Even though i'm not a member, this organization has a big stamp of admiration from me.  Seriously, get to know more about this organization if you're still looking for one.  Passing up this sort of opportunity without at least getting some more information would be a bad idea.

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15 hours ago, Spyborg said:

To anyone on the fence about Vulture Corp, I can genuinely recommend that you have an open conversation with Warden about his organization.  After reading this page for the first time, I feel like I couldn't leave the page without writing a comment.  Even though i'm not a member, this organization has a big stamp of admiration from me.  Seriously, get to know more about this organization if you're still looking for one.  Passing up this sort of opportunity without at least getting some more information would be a bad idea.


Many thanks to you, and of course all others who have historically expressed their best wishes here and elsewhere, and of course - while I am at it - a big thank you to our former "lost" members in our first and primary campaign.



A few thoughts, on another note


It is still fascinating to get positive feedback throughout time, but see little applicant feedback. Is a focus on passive or occasional advertising mostly useless and / or are we doing something wrong?

In truth, it's likely more complex than that and many factors come into play. Over the years and by listening or talking to other people in terms of recruitment (such as in SC and whatnot, SC meaning Star Citizen), it seems that while multimedia usually helps in promotion, people like numbers. Safety in numbers, going to groups people flock to, and so on. It's reasonable from a certain point of view, but not necessarily making it easier for small growing or struggling groups.

In addition, the right moment is crucial. Someone might look for a group. But they do not do so forever. Once one is found, no one usually minds seeking a new one unless they grow notably unhappy or the group is dissolving for some reason.

One could theorycraft and ponder a lot more and longer, but this might be better suited in threads about the topic of recruitment. I for one think that trying to pursue one's own 'style' is better than trying to copy concepts that have become successful. In addition, for small, growing or struggling groups I think the best approach so far would be honest recruitment in the sense of giving people a good picture in promotions and ads. And, of course, direct conversations.

In addition, if you decide to become more nitpicky while not using certain measures such as spam-invites, bots, etc. (just saying, some do, seen plenty of examples in other places), it will obviously be harder or more rare to recruit successfully compared to organizations that basically already attract people due to size and being present on first pages in organization lists, if sorted by size and whatnot.

It is harder but not impossible and with patience, not even a problem.





Now, with that mentioned:


We still look for patient, interested people who don't mind a focus on forum work more-so than gaming until DU becomes more feasible. You should also be willing to invest a bit of time and work into the organization, instead of being a passive partaker in events. Ideally we find those possibly fitting for management positions or tasks in the long run.


If you are interested...



I check them daily. You can also try to send a message here in the forum, but with limited space, it is not advised. Once you express your interest, we'll take it from there and see if it fits.








On another note, the »promotional website went through a few changes.


- No more Star Citizen logos as we are not active there

- ©-Date updated

- Outdated SC news snippet replaced with more relevant DU post on home page

- SC contact details greyed out on contact page

- Header tweaked (sub-title moved left, additional page called "Summary" added, menus numbered)

- "Construction site" pictures added to "4) Summary" as it is a W I P

"4) Summary" will contain the most relevant information without the prior fluff - "real talk", if you want




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Are you a creator? Let us jyYyuFC.pngtogether!



Our Service branch is responsible for a broad spectrum of tasks, including urban design and construction work. In service to the general public, we create and maintain vital urban infrastructure - and provide many other services in the areas of Security and Science on that note. As not everyone has to always try to invent the wheel anew, we bolster existing projects such as »Tortuga City and stand ready to support it in the future. We have successfully done similar work in the past by connecting areas - and thus, people.


We are currently looking to bolster our ranks. If you look for a big challenge in an ever changing international workplace and small team and do not mind taking on responsibility for various projects or people, then contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can create together.


More information:





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Hello there,


Reporting with a little update:


1) Thread Title

We replaced "RP" with "Immersion" in the thread title, it might be less confusing to some while being more "spot on" with what it is trying to express. Still, those with (a classic) RP experience should not feel left out, if they are open for an interactive experience not completely focusing on "passive RP" - we want to interweave gameplay, what is happening in the community, with an 'immersive' experience. Too unspecific for you? Just ask and I shall elaborate on our views regarding that.


2) Discord!

Perhaps it is a bit late given our age in this community - but you could say better late than never. Now, a dedicated public relations discord server exists that awaits your arrival.

Those interested in the corporation can ask related questions, while any other partners, spokespersons or diplomats of other organizations and states can also of course join to establish ties or send inquiries.


»Discord server link (click here)


Notice: It is new and still needs adjustments, core changes or intended frame will be done this week, including user groups.



In other news, some promotional content (website) will soon be updated or changed and discord promotion (ads) in various hubs will begin. Who knows, might even make new promotional videos.



On a personal closing note - if you look for a group right now or maybe in the near future



If you look for a challenge and bring a mature, service-ready attribute (as in, willing to get your hands dirty and contribute in a small ideally growing team with ideas and investing time) then perhaps we might be a good fit. As yet and likely always relatively small group, we're not for those who seek safety in large numbers.


If you don't mind small numbers and potentially different time zones while being interested in taking responsibility and leaving a little mark in the universe, could it really hurt to contact us and ask some questions?


Maybe you 'wasted' a bit of time before you move on to the next organization if it doesn't fit. But what if it becomes the perfectly fitting glove for you in the end?


When I started this group from nothing about a decade ago, I could not have imagined all the adventures. Starting with just a good friend from a HL2 community and funny little mud hut in a sandbox game, we quickly saw stable growth by dedicated and skilled players. From mud huts and a tiny farm and mine, we went to establishing a good reputation in the server community we played on. Suddenly, we had contracts with patrolling the local settlement while building the regional railway to connect two settlements. Suddenly, we didn't throw our equipment into crude mud huts but built skyscrapers and were housed in a secure modern compound.


I could go on about the adventures and war time stories, but let's keep this somewhat short, shall we? We'd like other fitting people to join us and experience those times again. Yeah, sure, there's always bigger and more beefed up organizations. Some organizations will want to stand in the spotlight or some will always be known, perhaps beyond just one game or community. Some have huge numbers, where we always, even at the peak of our time, remained relatively small.


And yet, while small, we had an impact on the server we played on like a few of the groups we fought against or with combined. From my view, it's not always about being the most known or largest - that manpower or reputation is surely beneficial, no doubt. But it can come with other sets of problems or competition eventually.


We want to carve out a solid piece of the cake and leave the rest for others, while leaving a notable mark on the universe by contributing in the sectors of infrastructure, security, science and entertainment. In short, we want to offer a broad spectrum for members and yet specialize on a few key areas where we can be really good at, and eventually be somewhat known in the large community - without being terribly large.









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I like your video :3.


The PR guy looks professional.

And he could probably sell me an house made out of waffels ... and i would want one made out sirup next to it.

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(If you don't want to read through pseudo-law or mild in-universe babbling, just ignore this post, it's intended to comment from a mild "in-character" point of view while giving the project idea below some spark for further debate or to encourage other reactions of any kind by other organizations)








A preliminary assessment on the Charter of Alioth

»Source thread | Awareness tags: @Rafiki



We have noted recent efforts and the first version of the Charter of Alioth (COA). Immediately, efforts have begun to assess the document in its current form, as released recently, in determining whether the document is fit for support from a corporate view. A reason for this response is also the following quote from the preamble of the charter, prompting this response:



"Everyone and every organization and every legate is called upon to contribute."



I'm responsible for the "central branch" of Vulture Corporation and as such will reply in its name; this may not refer to other future branches that may be established, as there will be notable autonomy for each branch in how it conducts business or operations.


While we commend such initiatives and grand undertakings, and especially commend projects to revive aspects of the old world, the cradle of humanity, we as sovereign entity come to the following conclusion:





Reasoning / assessment




It should be noted that there is no ill-will against the notion of a charter like this; the big rejection graphic is mostly symbolic or visualization. This assessment or comment on it simply intends to state the personal stance of Vulture Corporation (central) as a whole, encompassing its assets and personnel. Additionally, this "format" of public response is, in the end, intended to create further discussion about the idea, which should aid the charter draft or suggestion, generate feedback and thus be helpful to its creators and supporters, but also opponents or rejecters.


Corporate stance


While the creation is commendable and the underlying intention appears noble, aspects of the charter cannot fully be supported by us, as it may be possible that violations may occur or be deemed necessary regarding specific circumstances and articles. From our perspective, it appears outdated or may not completely be able to incorporate and mind the current situation humanity faces or might be forced into.


Due to notable, obvious conflicts with certain articles (or parts of them) of the document that could interfere with corporate sovereignty and the necessary frame to counter specific threats, we also reject the notion to agree or sign the charter for "PR purposes" only to ignore or violate it when it may be deemed suitable.


After speaking to assessors, I hereby list some articles that could eventually be deemed problematic. The conflict zones are, however, not necessarily limited to them. It is merely a selection to highlight certain potential problems that make signing of this document un-wise, if not impossible, with our stance in mind:


Potentially or likely problematic parts underlined, our comments are highlighted in teal color.



■ Article 2
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in
this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex,
language, religion, political or other opinion, organizational or social origin,
property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the
basis of the political, jurisdictional or intergalactic status of the country or territory
to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or
under any other limitation of sovereignty.


Stance / potential conflict area:

We reserve the right to distinguish based on a notable amount of factors, partially some of those ruled out in this article, if deemed necessary. As such, "everyone" cannot be granted what is noted in the article.


■ Article 10
Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent
and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any
criminal charge against him.


Stance / potential conflict area:

We reserve the right to deal with 'criminal charges' in any form deemed necessary. While potential innocence is always taken into account and while evidence and likelihood is carefully compared and assessed, we do not guarantee "public hearing" in all cases, mostly also given our nature as non-state-actor with a sovereign status. In addition, "independent, impartial tribunal" could be provided, but is not guaranteed.


■ Article 13
(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the area
claimed by his organisation.


Stance / potential conflict area:

We reserve the right to restrict movement in any claimed and administrated (managed) area based on various factors, if deemed necessary. The same can apply for our own employees. "Right to freedom of movement" does not list any potential restrictions and thus implies "total freedom of movement", which cannot be guaranteed based and must be distinguished regarding legal status, rank, affiliation and other factors. Less abstract: A service member or new employee may not have the right to enter a restricted internal research area deemed 'sensitive'.



Given these areas of conflict between corporate regulations or interests - depending on the situation - and the framework of this charter, it is deemed partially incompatible, even if other aspects are very well aligned or supported by idea.






Simplification of possible critic - in a nutshell


In different terms, the COA is deemed static and unflexible with today's practices of organizations and actors, and is based upon an old framework apparently mostly applied to classic nation state actors in such a way to find common grounds between many actors on one world. With this new rebirth of mankind and civilizations and a spread among the starts while minding a diverse set of interactions between many different types of actors, it mostly seems to restrict organizations in certain areas. Perhaps it is also unspecific in certain articles or may need rewording to find wider acceptance.


It is assumed that countless organizations would not be willing to fully accept or sign this charter in this stage as it would mildly to notably impact their ability to act in their own interests. While an intergalactic framework that lists or encourages "common ground" may certainly be useful, it can never be assumed that all organizations would support or sign it, just like certain agreements and regulations were not fully supported or signed by state actors of the old world.


In addition, it appears that authoritarian states already exist in not just a very limited number, making their support or even interest in the charter questionable. It could also beg the question how signing actors would react or interact with those that might either be anything but interested or even openly opposing the charter or its core values.


To lastly resort to a word of the old world, to some it could seem that this charter could mostly end up being a "Lippenbekenntnis" (idiom: 'Talk is cheap'; lip service) for signing actors until it no longer suits their needs or restricts them, in which case they would ignore aspects of it - overtly or covertly.



Current corporate main stance regarding support or acceptance  - in a nutshell


Currently, it is our assessment that we as sovereign corporate actor will be 'better off' minding aspects of the charter, but not following it strictly to the letter, making formal support and signing impossible. We intend to support humanity's revival through innovation, research and service but deem it necessary to ignore aspects of the charter in specific situations in enforcement related cases when this aids the protection of the corporate body or others unaffiliated to it.


We also do not think, as at least indirectly implied in the preamble, that not strictly following the charter or signing it would exclude us from being a "reasonable, social and righteous" organization.



I thank you for your time and review. We remain open for debate in the specified channels you have provided elsewhere.





//If I may add my two cents below this without pseudo-babbling or fluff-talk, you have an interesting idea there. I personally do not think it's very viable or, in other words, it won't be liked by many organizations and players or supported fully at least, but one can tell you put some thought and effort into this, and seem to apply some sense or understanding of real law, whether copied from real charters and whatnot or added through own knowledge and understanding.




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Sometimes you have to dig deep to uncover things. And some of those might be your own. With a bit of 90's flair.


After digging, I found some older things that made me chuckle a bit, as these things are fragments of the past, from around 2011 or before. A good past in which we won the big struggle or fight. I doubt we will ever be able to re-create the success we had back in the day and it isn't even quite necessary. Let's focus on good memories.


If you've been following us for a while you might have noticed we started using "themes". But those are nothing 'new'.


Here's something quirky that might more or less resemble one of our first or even only division themes so far. Lyrics are included. Sorry for the quality, back in the day that was kind of normal I think. I hope you enjoy, as people enjoyed it 'back in the day'.




Its style and the music (reminds me of some old game soundtracks) perfectly conveys how things were back in the day for us:



A wild, exotic, freaky game experience full of real or implied wonders and adventures

That's the sandbox experience we had and look forward to having again, even if just remotely



I welcome all who look for a challenge while not minding to start in a growing organization. If you can bring a mature character and don't mind a challenge in a growing organization, we might be a good fit.



>>Discord: https://discord.gg/Dp5xMFZ


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35 minutes ago, yamamushi said:

What did you do to your spokesperson?? He went crazy




Joining means long-term ascension. Most outsiders or new members will be unable to grasp the glorious perception and understanding of the universe!


Chair. Chair Chair Chair.







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Oh man, what a mess. Surely a setback for him, but he seems popular enough to be able to get out of that okay, or even stronger. I must say he also seems more authentic with his community ties than others, and I think he just has a natural talent for some of those things. This event makes us and me even want to resort to him more. Not that I could complain prior.


E: Thanks for the heads-up by the way. Appreciated a lot, I would likely only have noticed way later.

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2019 will be the year of ascension



What long has been postponed and neglected shall be renewed!


As one cycle comes to an end and starts anew, we intend to utilize this change for long-intended but never completed changes to determine our future with clarity. As to what exactly we intend and have in store, you will have to see as time unfolds. I can summarize this in simple fashion, however:


  • Re-define the target group and goals to reach, possibly according to SMART approach
  • Overhaul application system according to target group
  • Work continuously on multimedia and promotion as time and dedication to other projects permits
  • Create a solid leadership/management foundation and expand local projects, at last


These simple-sounding steps are just for one purpose: To make us better so we can empower you more effectively. With a realistic approach, we only want to attract those who want a challenge and don't mind more difficult starting conditions and obstacles to overcome. While our branches will remain broad, we will also try to focus on certain projects. In the end, we prefer those measures over mass-recruitment for simple number boosting and being unable to specialize in certain areas.


If you align with our approaches, do not mind a challenge and responsibility while being able to display notable patience, this might be the right Corporation for you. If you need to be in the biggest and most known - look at the top X organizations on the community hub.




To summarize, we want to overhaul our content, promote more, re-define some goals and make recruitment, requirements and target groups more clear for 2019. We want to focus on leadership-related and dedicated positions rather than gaining numbers blindly and are ready to filter and test applicants more. From our perspective, it doesn't matter if this rarely nets successful applicants quantity-wise if the quality and dedication of "the few" is according to our expectations. We also want to focus on getting management positions filled in the long run so that DU operations can run on their own.


In turn, applicants and future members can expect a challenging but also very rewarding adventure where they can slowly notice the positive changes of their time and work investments. This, combined with our mindset on our multimedia approach is grounds for a very good and immersive experience. Any veteran member (most will deploy later on are are currently not active) you might ask would surely give you the highest praise and best stories from our first successful campaign in another world in another time. But they did not just get that experience by expecting handouts and entertainment all day, but by actively and willingly contributing and enjoying the time here.


If you're of the same caliber, the 'verse will be open to you.




Spread your wings and ascend - with us



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Life has kept us busy, but as time keeps going, so do goals and dreams, and we're still interested in expanding.


While many changes still have to be applied and while it may take some time due to delays, on that note it should be noted that those who have a (diverse) roleplaying background (soft or moderate, even heavy) are preferred due to a few abstract aspects.


From our perspective it's simple: You don't have to be one. But if you had some experience or like aspects of it, chances are you'll fit in a bit better here as we want to cater to a certain immersion as we offer something for our members. If you ask me personally, I believe this is something we can offer as unique aspect and somewhat compete with certain other organizations. We don't mind both "active" and "passive" roleplayers; if you're interested we can talk about expectations and wishes further in a relaxed conversation.


What we expect is simply the interest to invest some time and see through challenges. If you run at the first sight of trouble or problems, are not "crisis-resistant" at all or just want safety in numbers then this may not be the place for you. But the good news is that you'll surely find an organization for your needs, if it's not ours.


If you're a creator, we got plenty of work to empower you.





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