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PSA: Discord ban for sharing NQ forum post - despite NDA being lifted?!


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Believe the NDA lift referred to the fact that it was essentially an open beta and so you could discuss current gameplay now. But you could probably refer to the rules in the NDA in the agreement itself.

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On 8/11/2022 at 1:30 PM, Megabosslord said:




This, despite the NDA being lifted here:




And the post I shared is available to anyone on the forum here:



Actually the post you shared is protected under NDA. You and I hve NDA access so we can see it but I tried and my second account can’t access it. 

the NDA stated that nothing  covered by the NDA can be displayed outside of NDA only forums EVEN AFTER THE NDA HAS BEEN LIFTED. 


So I guess you fell foul of that particularly draconian piece of legislature. 

I still think an outright ban is too harsh, though. NQ have no sense of perspective, IMO. 

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(from the NDA forum)


You shared the screenshot with the wrong person and got the "Mall Cop Treatment"... again. You can appeal it or just wait it out, I suppose, but in my own tin-badge & plastic-whistle experience, complaining on the forum doesn't help...

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Hi everyone! 
As it seems some people wants to blow things out of proportion, Here are some clarifications:

  • What was under NDA during Alpha stays under NDA indefinitely. Having the NDA lifted means "from the moment the NDA is lifted, nothing posted / said after the NDA lift is under NDA.
  • What was post/said under NDA (meaning before NDA lift) remains under NDA, so you shouldn't, under any circumstances, copy/paste a screenshot from a forum post in the section under NDA.

That being said... This case is bit particular:

  • It is true that this piece of information has been communicated publicly by Novaquark in a video, though copy/pasting a screenshot from a forum post in the section under NDA is still an infraction.
  • Taking into account this particular situation, this is why @Megabosslord your post wasn't moderated in the Reset Announcement feedback thread because we took into account that the main piece of information was publicly communicated a long time ago, and because we are understanding that the current situation is frustrating for many people.
  • However, no one on Discord has been banned for this specific topic (so saying it happened is a blatant lie) but muted temporarily (7 days), mute that have been reduced and ended by now. We get the situation makes many people react very passionately (for understandable reasons),  but that's no valid reason to distort what really happened.
  • @Megabosslord Here is now a formal warning: for both twisting reality (borderline disinformation) and discussing moderation decisions publicly on the forum. Please keep in mind that those two things are considered infractions of the forum rules.

On a final note, as this forum thread should have never happened in the first place, it's going to be locked.

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