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the beginning of the end?


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i see that NQ is dealing with AWS's outage, and now that AWS is operating normally (https://status.aws.amazon.com/), what does that mean for NQ? what other issues are they experiencing in house? the community would like answers!


thanks for attempting to be transparent, NQ.


server is back, you win this time, NQ

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1 hour ago, RugesV said:

What if AWS never came back up. What if AWS went completely defunct.  NQ could have been without servers for days. 


Then the Internet would have much bigger problems than DU....


AWS becoming defunct or going down forever is as plausible as google.com suddenly going offline forever.


AWS powers probably >50% of the internet by bandwidth (one of their customers is Netflix).  


NQ would be without servers for longer than "days", because AWS isn't just about the hardware -- DU uses deeper integrations like DynamoDB. Migrating off AWS might take months, not days. 

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