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  1. deckard = NQ scapegoat now, got it.
  2. i see that NQ is dealing with AWS's outage, and now that AWS is operating normally (https://status.aws.amazon.com/), what does that mean for NQ? what other issues are they experiencing in house? the community would like answers! thanks for attempting to be transparent, NQ. server is back, you win this time, NQ
  3. For those who know me from BOO, just to clarify, i left BOO as of june 29th on good terms, i have all the respect for my fellow BOO friends and wish them the best in all endeavors. -------- Now, i must ask: why did the AC split? who got fed up with who? who went where and why? what caused conflict? im looking for ALL answers, this is for the community and the lore of the game, as this major political event cannot go unnoticed. im calling apon answers from any and all reps from DSI, NG, ATOM, HYP, IC, ZC, ATS, and any other org involved in the AC before the split to give the truest possible answer. thank you for your time and participation in my thread.
  4. i think ive seen that in game, cool place
  5. THANK YOU!!! if you guys can Fix PVP we can have many more ppl playing DU
  6. https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/304455542162587649/844189269772730388
  7. NQ deckard has suggested an engine buff, im curious on peoples thoughts.
  8. a boarding party mechanic: when shields come around, the shields might have to go down to go in, or you have to disable a certain module they introduce later on... that would be good. also a few other questions for NQ: -how will the docking pulses work around markets? there is a fear of bouncing ships everywhere -will the process of new docking be any different with static structures?
  9. so no Boarding parties? thats just sad changes are ok other than that
  10. alright, context acquired: French In game police guy calls you pirates, so you get ppl to donate to you because you are pirates... very funny
  11. he posted this in the DU discord i find it funny! context needed tho
  12. english french there is your official signing that JC is gone
  13. you never know if it was intentional, its just sad to see this happen, my full condolences to elias right now, sucks to have your thunder plucked from ya
  14. thats what he said, apparently special characters were used in the script and it couldnt be extracted normally not sure
  15. sawafa stating his piracy elias's "i quit" message Kurock warns Sawafa his actions are against TOS Elias's script was described as an Augmented Reality GUI that was made in Lua, the script was the only of its kind in the game at the moment and his only copy was on the cockpit of the stolen ship. the ship was stolen via a known exploit, it is unclear which exploit it was, it is highly suggested players do not attempt to recreate this exploit for any reason NQ has not made a statement at this time xKentx, an aggressor in this case, has clarified this situation in his eyes as follows: "Elias told it was "docked to station". Some assumed it was a legit station. The station was in fact another dynamic core. NOT A STATIC CORE. What happened: 1) He left his ships in space not docked to any statics 2) One of our guys jumped on top of it with his avatar and the ship resumed speed augmented by gravity 3) They waited for it to get out of safe zone (the gravity tiled the trajectory a bit) 4) They blew the ship up and cored it 5) Some guy comes and starts accusing of exploiting and talking about some code etc."
  16. "BOOs dead?", by ELX987: the AC once liked BOO, now we are dead the AC once simped BOO, now they want sylvas head these comments? "BOO is dead"? its all puppy, i guess he forgot his meds and the war bells started up the AC tooted their horn, Fuckery and all their commanders boarded their vessels, saying: "we will never fall" the AC missed however one very big thing we pirates always have that inner golden bling and the war bells sped up the AC has ships of iron and steel good looks and probably good feel always trying to make those highlight reels NQ loves the AC, their money is a meal and the war bells kept raising up we bunch just like to think big we dont put our ideas under a wig and we dont make newbies go for surface nodes we just put our warriors into savage mode and the war bells kept full swing up because ill be honest here esse what ive heard the tweety bird say you still like us, and thats ok but were still gonna blast you, aint no other way and the war bells went higher up oh, and one last thing and this will complete your hotline bling unless we have a reason, we are dead and yes, i meant what i said. and the warbells stopped.
  17. The Babylon Badger has been sponsored by helios news agency on twitter, we thank helios news for your wonderful endorsement!
  18. format is still being worked on, but here is our first issue for your enjoyment *daily in the headline will say weekly next publish, please ignore that error **some grammar or spelling may be off, will work on that next publish
  19. du is not gone, i believe and will be here when you arent
  20. nq fixed bugs, added wallets, and are polishing missions, just cool it and wait or there is the door my view on it
  21. NQ, Spanish speaking people are a huge language majority in the world, 580milion people speak it worldwide and probably you have 500-1000 players who have overtime checked out your game who either speak spanish and other languages but spanish is their main, or only speak Spanish, you also have other major languages not supported like Russian, probably japanese and there are others that speak XYZ that need a localization. thank you, ELX, BOO guy
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