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What is the largest city / base (Freeport) or spaceport (Utopia)?


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todo: The Madis Touch Industries base


see title - I have been VRing around a good bit


ODY's base also looks great


I was sometimes watching LandmarkExplorer, however what is your take on this?
Update as we go visit VR Stations:
on planet:




  • MSIN HQ - nice style, Tower and Pyramid
  • Galactic Shipyard LLC > Neocrypter Youtube
  • Hagbards Marina and Showroom - flotilla of ocean going ships, free blueprint
  • Virtual Experience factory - have a look below the surface, programming boards, voxel library
  • Boss Ship Deal > cool design, lightning, large hangar
  • Pro Bono for starters on Alioth > Market 42 2021-10-16




  • Loadeds Showroom - great style, Alioth next to Arkship, Space Station sale
  • Starlords HQ - have a look for yourself about the parked ships next to it
  • SNS - Sentinels Main Base - Shipyard, worth a look
  • IC Dark Lunar Showroom - Infinity Corp
  • Tokens Only Ship Shop - Ore Devil? 2021-10-16
  • Blinding Bright Ship Stores 2021-10-16
  • GTF - Library of Libraries 2021-10-16
  • MCRN Hangar - ODY - 2021-10-16




  • FreePort / ODYPROJECTNIGEL - u have to see this
  • Thousand Islands
  • Hyperion Base on Alioth
  • The Hedronic Library
  • Angry Dad Salvage - "Choose wisely"
  • Final Space Industries - impressive array
  • Seraph Design Studio Showroom 2021-10-17
  • ETA Ship Showroom 2021-10-17 - Script for donation










  • IC Nexus Station - Infinity Corp




  • Utopia Space Station
  • Band of outlaws piracy museum - 2021-10-16





Free DSAT results


  • DSAT VRing - FLEXX13, Arcadia - 2021-10-17


Player Run Markets

  • Alioth EAGL Market - medium sized base - 2021-10-25


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45 minutes ago, realMod said:

@Daphne Jones

Is there a VR node available?

There is one there, but I don't know if it's public. I expect there will be a public one when construction is complete.


I did find out that not all the cores are deployed yet, but most are. Actual building lags behind core deployment of course, but it's pretty big already.

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On 11/27/2021 at 7:19 PM, Zarcata said:

Is this list still kept up to date?




I was keeping the list in "hibernation" mainly due to NQ's policy of not having readily available storage space in the forum - the recommendation was to upload to another hoster like imgur - I couldn't be bothered with that.


Still I am looking around in VR, like "Huge Space Station"

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8 hours ago, Jinxed said:

MTI base is still half buried. And the “roads” leading to Madis MP3 from NovaX side were destroyed by Aphelia in the purge. Very little activity here ATM. 

We only just had all the cores transferred from our sub orgs to MTI proper, the real cleanup begins now... gotta build 1 voxel towers and ask NQ to clean the terrain from the roads since they hadn't originally... RDMS was a nightmare before Panacea - so much easier now. Been working on lots of other stuff too. Hopefully the city will become something more than a bunch of roads down the line.

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