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[Announcement] Support transitions fully to ticket system.


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To provide better support for our community, effective today (Feb 12) there will no longer be a GM presence on Discord or in-game. All bug reports and customer service requests must be submitted through the ticketing system. 


In recent months, the Customer Support team has made great efforts to improve their processes, resulting in a significant upswing on ticket turnaround times and resolution. A major component in this success has been to put more focus on the ticket system. 


Exclusively using support tickets enables the team to be more efficient in tracking issues and eliminates the duplication of requests that often happened when community members contacted Support staffers directly. The ticket system also provides a streamlined way for information to quickly reach members of the team who need to be involved in addressing and resolving issues as they are reported. 


Tickets will be addressed between Monday and Friday. A triage system is in place to bring highest priority tickets, such as when someone is entirely unable to play, to the forefront. 


We know that changes can initially be challenging, but we’re confident that this is a move in the right direction. We appreciate the support of our community and want to be sure we’re giving them the support they deserve in turn. 


Best Regards,

The Novaquark Team.

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2 hours ago, NQ-Nyzaltar said:

To provide better support for our community, effective today (Feb 12) there will no longer be a GM presence on Discord or in-game.

"To provide better support we will now treat everyone equally and make you wait 1 months for issues that could be solved within minutes if you pm a dev in discord or ingame"

Really? Sorry that i post here, but really? For better support? Does NQ think we are retarded? At least don't come up with such an obvious lie as excuse when you don't want to provide the manpower for real time support...

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Since the ticket queue is bound to be overwhelmed, this is just a friendly little announcement that Eyes & Ears Search and Rescue is ready and able to accommodate players requests for situations that do not fall outside another players ability to assist. Aside from the typical rescue, repair, refuel, and transport situations, this non-exhaustive list of situations include:


Crashing and respawning

Surrogate sessions swapping places with your avatar

Someone leaving your space station unaware your ship is docked to theirs

Constructs getting stuck up in the air


This does not include:

Respawning inside your friends construct with no way out

Glitching under someone's base

Adjuster locks (get out and back into the pilots seat)

Disobeying the rules and NQ teleporting you to some moon 1,000 SU away with no ore/resources/constructs.


For any requests, we ask that you join our Discord server and submit a ticket and our dispatchers will help you find a rescuer to get you back up on your feet.


While NovaQuark is pulling back in support, Eyes & Ears is stepping forward as a player run solution to fill that void.

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