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  1. Could we get some information on the various elements promised on Pre-Alpha and where they fit on the timeline for game, for example avatar vs avatar combat?
  2. Honestly I wanted more, but at least they are putting something out I guess...
  3. I don't know why this is still up for discussion. They can do it and have done it in the past. When schematics were first released they were priced too high. NQ then lowered the price and then refunded every player the difference between the new price and the old price. They have done it, they can do it in the future, they just don't see how this is a big issue.
  4. Bad decision, you managed to fuck the ecomony. The whole reason for the new factory system was to expend the End-game and now that is gone. Because a bunch of people have every schematic in the game.
  5. I think the question that needs to be addressed is what is the range, if its in the same core. Then it should be fine, if within 100m then that would be a very different story.
  6. Regardless they had an bug, we can atleast agree on that. If they knew about a bug for days and they don't tell their community that using the bug is an exploit or they don't fix it. Then it shouldn't be a ban for using something that could easily be a feature. Communication is key and they have failed over and over with it. For example, when they enabled force respawn = lose inventory, a lot of players force respawned before they even put out the patch notes about this change.
  7. NQ Said: That would mean it is in some way an issue with the permissions system (RDMS). This doesn't appear like an exploit, or hack. Its was just a bug that people used. Fundemetnally, after it was reported three days ago, NQ should have came out and said that this is an exploit, please do not use it. Then this would not have happened, and if it did the bans would be 100% justified. Its not that hard. There was a bug after an update in EVE, it took a couple of hours (at max) for it to be declared an exploit so people wouldn't use it, and if they did a sanction could hav
  8. I have heard of other players reporting it and seen posted proof of the same. I have filled various tickets, most of them have not been touched in weeks, to months. Including bug reports. It is hard to take the standpoint that this should be a ban, when it is enteirly the fault of NQ, and when the ticket proecss sucks so much. It is hard to justifiy this action when NQ came out a week ago and said that they wouldn't get invovled in RDMS issues and that it was the players responsibility to ensure this doesn't happen to them. This is NQ's fault they need to deal with it t
  9. Assist us brave Noveans as we strive to purge the pirates blockading Lacobus. Enlist today!
  10. There is death and wars and murder in life. Do you really think that if a portion of humanity went to a new solar system, without any laws there wouldn't be people running around and killing other people? You should thank NQ that they have given you a safe zone.
  11. We are a military org and we are rebuilding our military after Alpha, Check us out here: Or alternatively join our discord: http://recruit.eldritchnation.net/
  12. With the owner being responsible for any actions performed with the account. Could it be confirmed when 2FA will be added to the game to better protect our accounts?
  13. The Eldritch Nation (TEN) Who are we? - A Militarisic Nation of strong willed and ambitious people. We are a nation of opportunities for every citizen, a nation with disciplined soldiers. What can we offer? - To become one in the journey to totality, in our world every single citizen is an asset, every profession is important and we listen to everyone's wish for their preferred line of work. We can offer careers in exploration & colonization, research and development, building, mining, transport, trade, various military specializations and much more. We are a
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