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Being able to plant a tree or to fill a pool

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It'd be nice if we were able to plant trees or to fill pools with water. Or even to grow seeds !

I don't know if the wood is a ressource right now (I suppose, I've seen parquet floor and furnitures) but I definitely want to be able to get some voxels without digging and mining !

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I have not seen much about this other than decorative interiors around buildings. It would be nice to have features along this line allowing tile owners to cultivate or terraform their tile.

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It would be great, yeah. I think that if trees, lifeforms and ecosystems would be only a decorative or residual thing in the game, then we wouldn't have learnt much about the "lessons of the mother planet we left behind", before arriving to Alioth... So i trust that the game developers will put each thing in the right place (and indeed I feel that they're are doing the best they can).
Because if nature and its species wouldn't be, at least, an important thing, what kind of civilization simulator (and ecosystems and universe) we would be creating?
Although we know that this wont be a survival game and it seems we've created a way to survive swallowing yellow pills when nobody is watching, it would be great to give a basic healthy impression about the elements and things in the game when is launched.
Because the importance that is given to certain things will have obviously an effect (aware or subliminal) on people minds, mostly if they are pretty young.
So lets not forget too much that we currently cannot feed ourselves with money or oil... and so on, and so forth.


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