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  1. Star gates should be wormholes that brings you to a system and some wormholes should be hidden or known only by who discovered them that would add a funny dimension to the game
  2. Well this is not impressive the assets not necessarily texture .. we can have realistic low poly without any texture that are in 3d just good lighting and good 3d Assets would do a big difference
  3. This game may not look like graphic wise the best but to manage a so huge universe simultaneously requires alot of power
  4. I am talking about the texture it just doesn't looks good it's bot the quality it's the look of it and the foliage mesh color is horrible and the trees omg baddd.
  5. Not everyone agrees since the cost are not reflecting what they deliver. If they deliver good assets and mechanics then okay. But it is not honest to charge when profits are stable and there is no risk of removing p2p.
  6. Did you just said that I can switch the trees files? to see better trees?
  7. We could implement hair mesh template and maybe clothes template so organizations could upload their own uniforms with a price obviously like 19$-40$ EU for every pieces it would add another aspect on the game! So people would recognize nationalities of other players and enhance roleplay and lore it would also help to pay the rent of the server and obviously put a limit of uploads example an org can only make 4 uniforms if they have 500 members and same for player hair meshes one per player or two maybe even raise the price if you want more.
  8. I think they should have a restriction true but based on their number of members.. Like for example me I wanna build a huge city that will prob require 3-4 TU or 2 idk.. but would be very dissapointed if I cannot do that..
  9. Exactly even requirement of fuel for a STU or TU is stupid TUs are used for griefing protection I think that you can still be attacked.. but you will only need to repair your buildings not rebuild..
  10. I noticed that the foliage is in low-poly and there are so much possibilities with Low-poly I don't understand how DU can't get better looking foliage and trees .. Also the ground terrain on Du is a nightmare it's scary it's a nightmare!! It looks like honeycomb or a closeup picture dropped on the floor.
  11. I think it is totally ridiculous to make a L core giant .. the core itself takes too much place and is not good looking at all it ruins spaceship beauty and most of the in game decorations are bad looking too much thick they look really bad and they are too big to look good and I honestly think DU should hire better content maker all their concept art looks cool but in game we get a fence thicker than a wall.
  12. Terraforming should be a thing because alot of celestial bodies are rocks without landscape like lacobus has no mountains for example I feel like alioth is the only planet with beautiful mountains..
  13. I prefer that idea over their star gate bad idea on the roadmap..
  14. Could be a visually interesting idea
  15. Actually it's the promises of being able to shape everything in the universe that interest me and adding hair meshes upload is important to me because not only it it nos difficult to implement such things they just need to make a template and approve them just like they will prob approve in game image uploads for LUA and such. I don't mind about the quality of the character I Know it won't be like star citizen but if it can be like this atleast it would be cool plus by implementing such feature they would kick the ass out of star citizen. Even if the feature accessibility would cost an hundred $ for a single haircut why not I would pay it. Because it's a second universe and I think that kind of feature is not even hard to code compared to others things people requested and it would attract tons of people who likes customization.
  16. IMVU for example they made their money from player based meshes
  17. Well if they make a template we simply make the mesh tadah they can make basic mesh model so people have hair selection i am not saying everyone must be different but offering that feature to people would make the game more interesting and they would respect their promise of everything can be created limit is your imagination.
  18. I think we should be able to upload our own hair mesh for money to make our character more unique. Individuality is important and that is not even complicated to do also NQ should be inspired by EVE character creator it is pretty intuitive for user. Every aspect of the universe is determined by the players so we should determine how we want to look and not be all the same people or similar people. This is a universe not a game we need to be different. Because DU is different from other game because it is a second universe!
  19. I wonder if they could make it that things will only load if we see them? Like if there is a tunnel behind we won't load it until it's in front of us.. it would look bad to see it load but could increase performance I guess..
  20. I agree they would just need to find a solution for curves because cities are not all made in square shape.
  21. I think it's a bad idea it would be too hard to manage and it could have bad consequences. Altought eyesores policy could exist example if a territory is unused or left for months inactive or inhabited then the player would receive a notification and have 3 months to change that if the player doesn't the core and construct will vanish. But what if an hacker exploit that they could destroy anything or a bug happens .. I think it would make the game too heavy and could scrap everything sometimes player can't be active because their pc broke I think it should only be applied to bad looking things that are left inactive with inactive owner.
  22. Yeah colouring terrain in black with white or yellow could do the job.
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