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  1. The sub model is fine. It beats having to pay for the base game AND a monthly sub like WoW, EQ, etc. Honestly, the cost is soooo low that it's completely negligible. And it keeps them focused on developing the game, not developing cash grabs and loot boxes and skins and bullshit.
  2. How come the forum is running so poorly? Is anyone else getting this? Scrolling the page up/down, typing has input lag, and it effects other tabs as well. It's only this site (board.dualthegame.com) and it's really, really dragging and annoying.
  3. I'm loving what I'm hearing, but...I think we can all agree there are two major things we need to see the next couple updates. BETTER ROTATION TOOL! Please please please give us more axes of rotation! Having to bullshit around it by making weird structures, placing it on them, flipping, rotating, move it, etc etc, it's just stupid. It doesn't make building any more intricate, just frustrating and it's silly that you don't have a multi-axial rotation tool. EVERYONE would appreciate this. FULL VERTICAL VIEW! I know you probably didn't include the ability to aim straight up/down so people
  4. My biggest request would be hands-down that the Rotation tool needs more axes to rotate around. Holding Alt or Control should allow you to move it over the other two axes. As it stands, you can do all the rotations anyway, but you have to really, really cheese it by placing it up against voxels, rotating, then moving with arrow keys and page up/down to get the element back in place. It really, really can't be that hard to add some modifiers to give extra axes of rotation to a selected element. After that, I see absolutely no reason why you can't look at +/-90 degrees. What's th
  5. I agree that they should just add a contrast slider to the game, and reset the base contrast back to what it was. Ambient lighting was a TERRIBLE idea. No more fun use of shadows and spooky corridors. I actually really enjoyed the darkness, made lights look cooler. Also, the dark is okay! We have lights with no battery cost, so we can not only use our suit's light, but build lights everywhere we want that are fairly small and very effective. It was so cool setting down on the dark side of a planet and watching my ship's lights hit the surroundings as I set down.
  6. I don't know how "quiet" it is when they have a huge update patch and a forum post and dev logs and videos and a long-ass full patch list. I mean, what, you want them to come to your house personally or go on TV and shout "THIS IS THE NEW PATCH!" Haha I mean c'mon, it's a small incremental development patch. How loud should it be? It was a patch during the beta process, it wasn't ground-breaking. What did you think they should've done? I think it's appropriate, nothing bigger than the actual changes they gave.
  7. (basically a re-write of a comment I made, then saw I'd be making the same response to most of these topics and figured I'd just plop it here) edit: (I start by being generous to the devs, and understanding to the people who aren't so happy, but I give my honest thoughts on it) So, as someone who's done a lot of alpha and beta tests over the past couple decades (on both successful games and ones that deserve to burn in the fieriest regions of Hell), the full change log is actually decent considering the last patch came out about 3 months ago (I had to look that up, so the timelin
  8. To be fair, as someone who's done a lot of alpha and beta tests over the past couple decades, the full change log is actually decent as long as the last patch came out like 2-3 months ago (I honestly don't know, I'm just saying for a timeline that wouldn't be horrible). They did do a LOT of tweaking to under-the-hood stuff. But then again, I just started back up like a week ago after 2 years of being away. So, for me, I've seen a HUGE improvement from alpha, and now I'm already seeing patch that's prettying things up, adds a new voxel object to edit with (and the cone will be useful|) and i
  9. Hopefully some of the metals will be hotfixed but I'm pretty happy about the forward momentum so far. But one thing I was suuuper disappointed about is that the rotation tool still doesn't have multiple axes of rotation 😭 Please, please, please please please please for the sake of my sanity and saving everyone's time from having to use work-arounds, PLEASE add more rotation axes to the element rotation tool! Just like, have the X be default, hold shift for Y, hold alt for Z. I swear to you, this will be the single most valuable change to the editing tool set you could make.
  10. HAHAHA ohh damn man, we got a real killjoy here. I'm not a Southern Baptist or an old black lady. The saying "Y'all need Jesus!," is like an almost 100 year-old meme in the USA. I don't know if anyone's said it seriously since the 1950s. It's a comical saying, but I guess... r/woooooosh Sorry if it triggered you in some way, I was just trying to disarm with sarcastic comedy. I see I failed miserably.
  11. My biggest fear for this game is Chinese Gold Farmers getting in the mix.
  12. Wow that is super-heartwarming. I'm glad they did that, and it sucks that I missed it. You know, one thing (that I know will be super time-intensive but would be amazingly helpful for people) that would be great would be a more inclusive wiki, including what schematics go to which industry producers, what talents effect what things, etc etc.
  13. I think removing bots is a bad idea. I'd say keep them limited to the sanctuary zones, though. But honestly there needs to be a system for an enforced foundational level of economics, otherwise it turns more into an accountant and stock exchange simulator instead of a fun diversion from work.
  14. I mean....almost every major mafia movie or bank heist movie ever lol I'm not rooting for him, I'm just saying, like...damn! Good job! Truly devious shit, but Hell if that wasn't an impressive act of espionage!
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