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  1. Don't forget to mention I showed you a new trick on how to right-click in chat to set coordinates 👍
  2. I disagree 100% on the "no one would want to use them." I think it'd be fun to make trading cards, commemorative coins, Guild or Corporation-specific minted currency...and again, my MAIN reason is because I want to make ticket booths and start an entertainment company that goes around setting up carnival games, rides, faires etc, and I want to build a casino. RDMS will do _nothing_ for those. I want something dynamic that can be done at the player's whims. Want to ride on the roller coaster? Insert ticket, get temporarily-granted RDMS to get in the ride. Once the ride's loop is completed, the RDMS is reset, and another ticket will have to be used to ride. Out of tickets? Well feel free to purchase more at a kiosk! I don't know why you're so against a feature that has apparently WAY more operational reach and creative possibility than you gave thought to. And the ID Badge thing was just an idea for some fun RP, and something that would allow more dynamic control of functions (such as in terminals) and would provide TONS of options for making interactive puzzles and setting up little dungeon adventures for people.
  3. Madrummer


    I get it, but I still say yeah, probably not this crazy idea haha Besides they already explained the currency system and how the amount will be semi-finite based on npc purchase orders for ores
  4. You can't have ramming or self-made weapons, otherwise anyone with a Large core, a respawn on a nearby ship, 6 or so large engines and a cubic kilometer of dirt or carbon could make massive and remarkably cheap kinetic region busters. That's just no fun to think that you could blueprint and deploy big chunks of dirt in orbit and drop them at ridiculous speeds to wipe out huge developed cities. It's an invite to grief and in a game of persistent objects that may have taken weeks or months to build it's just really gross to think of it as an option. Now launching a missile barrage from orbit could be cool if you can lock targets from that range, especially because it takes time, effort, and material cost to enact such a campaign.
  5. Madrummer


    Altogether it is a bad idea, buddy. There is no real talent to magically hoard money and wealth. That denies the purposes of the trade and social economies of the game. I'd say bail on defending this idea which you yourself called totally stupid and laughable from the onset.
  6. I like the idea of planting forests, because I mean we're supposed to be revising societies and part of that is terraforming. However, I don't want people planting lag-inducing forests, so maybe have a maximum number per territory (and make it less than can procedurally spawn for safe measure), or a minimum "root distance" so you can only plant so many so close to one another. I think that would be efficient and it would be cool to have a gardener or botanist tool for it.
  7. Nope, I don't like this idea. I think the blueprints idea is good enough for this. This is what you have designers and engineers on your payroll for
  8. STU should last for up to 2 months after your last sub ended, effectively giving you the ability to take a couple of months off without worrying about losing everything. I also feel that for people who may be deploying with the military or sent off to work for an extended period of time in remote locations, there should be a "request account freeze" option that safeguards your territories for a given amount of extra time.
  9. Madrummer


    I really can't see any benefit to this, personally. I mean, isn't this indirectly how all other talents that make mining and production more efficient work? Getting more for less? I can't get behind a "rich boy" specific talent, it doesn't make any sense to me.
  10. The RDMS isn't suitable for things like ID badges where you might dynamically allow changes to different clearance levels via LUA. And it CERTAINLY isn't practical for things resembling coin-op machines. Anyway, what makes you certain that player-made RP items won't be a thing? Of all the stuff they have implemented and plan to implement in the future, it seems like a small step to add in the ability to create a "ticket" or "coin" item that displays the producer's name and allows you to name it on production. Hell even just calling it Ticket or Coin and showing the producer's name would be enough for unique identification, as long as LUA interaction were allowed.
  11. Madrummer

    Stun Weapons

    Thanks, I genuinely believe that's the only functional way for stun effects to be practical in this game. And on that note, it makes it quite practical...!
  12. Madrummer

    Stun Weapons

    Read that again and realize the problem with this. "[...]our prison system" implies restricted use to just you. Again, if you start making capture and containment a simple thing, you WILL have slave trades and griefing.
  13. Will there be player-made trade items, even if just for RP sake? Like food, beer, tokens, tickets, ID badges...etc? Most importantly for me is the ticket/token options (with RP food and beer that have little emote actions tagged to them), because I want to run an entertainment business where I sell carnivals and set up faire grounds for other corporations. For the ID Badge thing, it would be cool to have a VIP section of a lounge that people could buy passes to, or a Workplace badge that got you into a maintenance section of a space station, or a crew quarters area which requires a certain level of badge. Kind of like "token" items created for low resource costs and be nameable in batches, and be recognized by LUA and manipulated within it. The key to this is that it would need to have the person who created it attached to the item, too. So like, say I as Madrummer make a "Faire Ticket." The LUA could read it as "Faire Ticket" but anyone could create something with that name. The unique identifier would be that the LUA would tell it apart based on the manufacturing tag on it that is locked into the account name. This would allow ID Badges, Faire tickets, tokens, etc to be used by the LUA to do a MULTITUDE of different cool things!
  14. New to the crew. Hope to get into the alpha when I'm back in town!
  15. Madrummer

    Stun Weapons

    Mmmm nahhh. I appreciate the idea but am against the idea of imprisoning people at this stage in the game. Sure, for you cops, that's a cool idea. But that would bring rise to actual slave trades if you could incap and bind people. Griefing would get out of hand. Now, for a non-lethal alternative, maybe have a system with diminishing returns. First "stun" lasts at 100% of its time, up to say 10 seconds max. From there the stunned player gets a 1 minute stacking buff that gives 20% duration resistance to the next stun effect. That would guarantee over 30 seconds of positive control over someone and give you and your crew the opportunity to surround them and tell them to peacefully "comply or else." At the end of that 30 seconds of control, they will have 1 minute of autonomy before you can incapacitate them again. See, you can't just hijack somebody's account by enslaving them. That ruins the fun for them, no matter how much pleasure you get out of it. But if you can have a control method where you can convince them to RP with you and comply to your demands, well that's different. At the same time, the player being set upon ultimately gets the final choice of whether to try and run, fight back, or go peacefully and maybe reassess their options again later.
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