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    Welcome to Cerberus, we are the pioneers in advancing humanity's ascension throughout the stars. Cerberus is a leader in the latest technologies and design. Believe in Cerberus and secure your role within the future of humanity. Cerberus is not simply an organization, group, individual, or thought. Cerberus is an idea, an idea that humanity shall not be restrained nor bound by any voice or power seeking to infringe our long awaited destiny. Cerberus is the combination of countless minds working in collaboration to achieve this idea. We cannot be so easily brushed away or swept aside in times of adversity. The past mistakes of our forefathers long ago shall never been repeated and the lessons learned from losing our world shall never be forgotten. Cerberus is seeking applicants for all skill sets and talent, see below. We have a universe to create and that universe will be built by our beliefs and determination of a greater future. Apply today! If seeking application, apply at our page below then join our discord. Please ask any questions or concerns there. Our Discord https://discord.gg/xNKCCcZ We are seeking willing and dedicated individuals in the following categories. - Mining - Transport - Design - Construction - Programming - Negotiation - Leadership - Trade - Piloting - Security - Media **all time zones are welcome** If you possess talents, skills, experience, or ambitions outside of the displayed categories, Cerberus can find a role for you. We need individuals and groups dedicated to a goal and common cause. If you are purely seeking financial income, we have a role for you. If you wish to work independently, we have a role for you. If you require the guidance of a group, we have a role for you. We offer safety backed by several organizations as well as recognition for dedication and so much more. Additionally, Cerberus is always seeking subsidiaries. If your group or organization is interested in merging with Cerberus, please contact us for negotiation. Cerberus values skilled and dedicated personnel over any other resource. Cerberus is expanding, thus we require invested and dedicated minds for our ever growing needs. Cerberus will be a leading organization for many years to come and we will be a deciding factor in the future of this universe, we will not repeat past mistakes of our forefathers. Cerberus is also seeking neutrality with any and all organizations. We are a trade business at heart and wish to provide equal prosperity to all of our associates and partners. Please contact us via the discord link above for any agreement proposals. Our organization https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/cerberus All Cerberus news, events and updates will be provided here, our discord, and approved media outlets. Please do not distribute our information elsewhere without direct permission. **this page and other locations of Cerberus are currently under construction until further development**
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    Currently our mining and program divisions have been established. For those seeking position in either catagory who wish to take on a position with less responsibility. Cerberus can now provide a greater range of options and flexible schedule to fit your needs. This currently extends for programming and mining at this time. Other News - Still seeking individuals who enjoy making media content via organization news and videos. I am currently working on a Cerberus member benefits sheet. It is my hope that this will provide a clearer picture as to what Cerberus will provide in exchange for your time and devotion. This sheet will include residency locations, resource availabilities, security, protections, and other information.
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    Waste Management

    You feel a poke and someone says surprise behind you?
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    As Founder of Cerberus, I take pride in spearheading developments within our organization. Today is no exception of that pride and I am pleased to announce Cerberus will be entering 2019 strong and we shall begin this year with our biggest step forward yet. Cerberus is pleased to announce our trade and neutrality agreement with New Genesis! The Master Architect Grand Monarch of New Genesis and Cerberus, have spent several weeks negotiating this great agreement between our organizations. Members of Cerberus, please welcome New Genesis as a trusted entity within our trade network. May our futures be filled with success and may this be the year of great advancement for both our organizations.
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    Can we stream it?

    Oh yes I am very aware of the current "quality" of the game right now. I still like that the NDA stands as a barrier from full disclosure. Though, I strongly believe all current alpha and beta testers deserve access to the NDA sections and information. Because right now, the "public" sections that are not tied behind a paywall are fairly dead overall and the sections covered under NDA are very active. Everyone who is here now, is here to support the game. How the devs believe slowly allowing NDA access too everyone currently involved in supporting the game; will somehow preserve future hype is beyond me. Because everyone here, has already paid to boost the game's success. In my humble opinion, the devs are only annexing the large majority of their fan base by not including everyone in the NDA discussions. But somehow in a couple months that same information will be magically okay to view and comment about? Like I said, beyond me and my practical line of thought.
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    Tringular windows

    Windows of all shapes would be interesting.
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    An Idea

    I like this idea and I believe it would function best as an extension to the community pages for Dual Universe.
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    Welcome to the dawn of a new universe!
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    Welcome to the universe known as dual
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    Automated object movement

    It is the main cause of instability and lag in space engineers. So I imagine NQ wants to stay far away from those same problems in a large scale MMO.
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    Maglev technology

    No problem, I have seen NDA slapped on things covered in the dev videos though. I even debated a dev about how a publicly know bit of data someone shared on discord was not NDA. After the comment was already deleted, so let that be a fyi. Back on topic, With lua coding we could probably manage to refine the system a little for specific purposes such as turning. In SE there was two ways around "turning", that would either be building shorter in length rail cars or to have a very long bend in the track like real life. Really no way around that. However DU does have gravity shield ramps, it might be possible to extend these ramps over long distances to act as a road or anchor. Just a theory at the moment.
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    Maglev technology

    Just remember to not be too specific, I would hate for NDA to get slapped on this intriguing topic.
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    Maglev technology

    In space engineers, in order to achieve a "train" using vanilla mechanics we would need to apply force from all directions against the rail. There are several iterations of the concept but this covers the most common. Personally I think it would be easier to place the train inside a crateled track that is shaped like a U, then use the hover engineers to push against the walls. In SE we are limited to wheels instead of hover designs. free handing in paint for the win!
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    Maglev technology

    Would it not be simpler to place hover engines downward and on both sides then contain the craft within two rails for this same purpose? Or do you want these to specifically lock on to the rail or source?
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    Welcome to the universe of two.
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    I'm here !

    By all means explore and find the place that best suits your desires and dreams. Our universe is not small by any measure and there are many new realms to explore. Here is our page https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/15036-cerberus/
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    Official Dual Universe Lore Bible

    I would like to know the answer to this question as well. Right now we only have a small bit of universe lore to go off of.
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    Light Trails for Mining

    Personally I prefer if the mining ore scanner was "not" inverted because it makes no sense for the ground beneath you to be represented upside down. As for the topic at hand, I think the navigation to the surface should simply be the depth scanner informing the player distance to surface. It should be the player's preparation while digging down, whether or not they become lost.
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    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    Hmm but if his finger is pointing that direction, the direction is represented as east, which is a directional form of subliminal navigation, and can only mean Aaron knows something more than he is telling us. Thus there is more to this hidden message of 42 than he has admitted. 🤪🤫🤓
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    Welcome to the universe of dual.
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    I'm here !

    Welcome to the dawn of a universe. If you have any interests in programming or learning to program in DU, send me a message. My organization is always seeking talent.
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    The Outpost called Zebra

    It is a pleasant read as well 😉
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    Hi all

    Welcome to the dawn of a universe.
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    7o Hello and hi

    Welcome to universe of dual, the dawn of a universe. Where the days are wild and the nights are dangerous. If you have any interests in programming or learning to program in DU, send me a message. My organization is always seeking talent.
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    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    It would technically be a lost civilization.