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[FROG] FrogSwarm (French)


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[iMT] War - Chapter 1
[iMT] War - Chapter 2
Act 1 : A new approach
Since we destroyed their bases in Neptune we didn't had any news from our talk offer, however, tones of tears appeared in the official forum from them, accusing us of backstabbing. Blackmailing the traders, got kicked and then cry for backstab... Easy to blame the others for your own mistakes. And so, they decided to rename themselves in [iFK] Interstellar Frog Killers (which was funny imo), and declares war upon us.
In the same amount of time they allied up with a well known pirate faction called [u-P] United Pirates, which was expected, to fight us in the space (Pirates factions can't get in the Trader planet, but can stay in orbit and create a blockade). One day we spoted [u-P] in fleet with [iFK] roaming the galaxy to kill some frogs. We decided to give them what they were searching for.
We setup a juicy bait, an over-tanked miner capital ship with guns and sent it in an asteroid field on the road of their destination. But to ensure they wouldn't escape, we setup our guns battery to focus on their warp drives first. Our cap fleet was waiting out of sensors in the nearest system. They jumped in, saw the miner ship and took the bait. I bet you know what's followed. We jumped in and turned them to shred without a single loss.
Right after that round we never crossed them again.

Act 2 : Crazy WooDy
Things became quiet for some days, then [iFK] decided to play dirty and tried to destroy the Mining Deposits in the planet to be sure we couldn't use it for mining resources and also destroyed some Hydrogen factory from the traders. As this came to us, we decided to make sure they will not annoy the traders again, we designed an hover vessel with sentries and big guns and heavily armored with a minimum range of 800m that would be able to be moved and guard anything we want. We called it 'Fisty' in the name of 'it's gonna hurt'.
We started the mass production of the Fisty and placed them in all strategic points as a defense.
A day after, someone from IFK got killed ~100 times. This guy is called WooDy and died again and again in the try of ammo draining.
Someone in Neptune complained about WodDy using dirty mechanics. Then we got accused by one [iFK] Cologne_Bulldog of spawn killing and we should be punished for it, which is a very bad excuse since you have the choice to respawn in the closest medical of your faction or on the starter planet when you get killed.
Act 3 : Easier target
One of my members spotted some strange gun sounds during the night not far from the [bLA] outpost on Neptune. We saw a strange [iFK] activity all the nights and days connected. We started to think that maybe, since they couldn't took our base out from the air, they would probably try from the ground. In normal time no one is able to drill on the ground were a faction is the owner. But there was a bug on Pulse Lasers and you could drill the terrain with it no matter what. We suspected them to once again using dirty method to get their revenge. And so, we tracked them but without any success. During that time I called for the last resources removal in Neptune base just in case and prepared a trap base full of guns inside ;-)
Some days after, [bLA] called for help. [iFK] took their base from the ground. What a shame they didn't even tried us, instead, they attacked some traders. So we came back on Neptune and recaptured back the base from [iFK]. We discover they drilled so much in the ground that should have took them weeks of work, effort destroyed in 20 minutes.

Act 4 : The IFK last stand
IFK became very quiet for weeks, then one day they finally took the bait of our fake base, again attacking it from the ground. We don't count how many times they got killed before be able to destroy our core, but it was a blood bath. We asked them if they liked it, but... Hey they never answered and didn't brag about the base destruction.
At this point we started to think they had a point of recover somewhere in the planet with resources and stuff. You can't attack something with nothing, then I asked the internal frog organization FIA (Frog Intelligence Agency) to try to find any evidence and movement from them to find out if they had a base or anything that could help them to stay hidden in Neptune.
3 days after, the FIA found out the secret [iFK] base on Neptune. They once again used exploit and didn't respect the server rules by making a base on the lava (which is not allowed) but more than this, there is a bug with the water, a base under water can't be shoot from the sky but can shoot anyone in the sky. So this time we said enough, the admin refused to interfere so we drilled as they did and destroyed the base from the ground too. We also discovered that in fact [u-P] and [iFK] were the same group from the start, they split in two and tried to take advantages from the traders by pretending to be one of them. So [iFK] renamed themselves in [u~P].
They tried to ask the admin to ban us ? Because we weren't playing by the rules... Yeah obvious... The admin refused their arguments and since then, U-P / IFK never connected again, they leaved the server, unhappy, which is unfortunate because it was fun overall.
Then we transformed their last base into a memorial named: "U-P Last Stand Memorial"
End of the story, until then, fly safe o7

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OP updated.




@ALL : Please don't apply, FrogSwarm is a French speaking corporation only, restricted to FrogSwarm members and exclusive (no affiliations).

@GOON MEMBERS : Please don't apply to FrogSwarm and wait for the SA corporation to be created, check the SA Thread faggots.

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Dear all,


After so many times of inactivity let me post few words about us.


As it as been announced in 2016, we don't get involved in the game until it comes out playable in full scale player group, stable and no wipes. It means you won't see us at least not before the beta, but it doesn't mean we don't exist or are a ghost organization. We are waiting, patiently and killing random pubbies in others space games. We are watching DU community moving and growing, fighting for the top 10 member podium which is nice for the game, more people mean more fun. But a friendly advice: on the war field, only the real number count. Having your organization in the top 10 does not represent the reality. FrogSwarm is one of the organizations that counts no affiliations, all our members are dedicated.


Our number is not a lie.


This year, FrogSwarm will open recruitment for all french speaker, if you love the pvp and space battles, if you love conquests and geopolitics, stay tuned and don't miss the wreck train.


(and fucking use the paplink ffs)



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Dear community,


Since we lost all interest in it, FrogSwarm is leaving Dual Universe.


From our point of view, the direction of the game design is unfortunately going the wrong way. Ships that you have made for days will not re-spawn after a being destroyed and you'll loose everything. PvP in the game is unfair, we were looking for a 100% safe universe to be able to peacefully mine ORE or explore, but not to be griefed in a non consensual PvP turn. Griefing should never be allowed in a game like this, this is harassment to players and these people should never have the right to annoy anyone, because players behind the screen are real people and they are suffering actions like destroying their ships.


Enough is enough, we are going back on our old roots : Eve Online and World of Tank Classic.


Have fun in the game.

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FrogSwarm is now open for Dual Universe recruitment.

After this last pull request we are glad to announce the opening of the recruitment to all french speaking player for Dual Universe. Stick in mind we won't play the game until it at least reach the beta, but now you can join and wait with us : http://frogswarm.fr/apply


With our recruitment also comes the integration of Dual Universe in our standing board : https://sb.frogswarm.fr/game/du

Feel free to contact us and ask for standings because you feel friendly, want a non-aggression pact or because you want to declare war on us for god sake reasons.



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