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  1. Hey Vendar, welcome! Good to see more interest from the US in the Alpha. If you come from any other gaming communities (EVE, Star Citizen, etc) a lot of those players have migrated here. Also on the DU discord there’s a recruitment channel showing groups that are actively recruiting, and a LFG (looking for group) channel where you can post more about what type of group you’re interested in. Hope you find what you’re looking for and have fun!!
  2. Welcome fr4me, sorry there wasn’t much testing this weekend but this exciting new update definitely has the game moving in the right direction, and will keep you entertained many weekends to come!
  3. Welcome, the Alpha is a blast, hope you enjoy! Be sure the check out the alpha beginner's guide once you have access to the NDA topics to get started on the right foot...see ya in there!
  4. Hey Praetorianv! Welcome!! Good post, it's nice when people add a little more than just "need approval" or "real person here". I can definitely relate to the feeling man, your post took me back to that moment of stumbling across the alpha showcase vid and just being glued to the screen for all 53 mins thinking "oh my god, this is it!" I hope you enjoy the game man, its a great time to come aboard with the new updates taking effect...2 more days and its on, DU it big!!
  5. Awesome that you reduced the nanopack but kept mining times the same, this really makes all containers relevant...awesome job!
  6. Alpha tests for May have been posted... https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/
  7. I won't speak to the details of a full wipe just to be on the safe side of the NDA. But this week is not the last test of Alpha 1, they only release the dates a month in advance. So after this test we will get the dates for Alpha 1 testing in May. A similar topic already exists:
  8. Hey, Welcome! Glad you decided to get in on the alpha. Thursday cannot get here soon enough...Be sure to get your questions answered on the discord and have fun man!
  9. Freakin Hilarious!...when can you start??
  10. A man with a plan, welcome! The alpha is a blast, get out there & explore!...feel free to ask questions, my name’s the same on discord. Later!
  11. Hey PaulFisher, welcome! Hopefully the wait for Alpha 2 won’t be too long for ya. Not sure what type of gameplay you prefer, the org page is a good place to start and see what’s out there. But if playing with a good group of guys is most important, then check us out too. Promise we have no anarchist on board ?. Good luck and have fun! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-alpha-colony
  12. Hey CorpseChain, I don’t believe there will be any PvE, but it sounds like you’re down for combat. Some of the more popular PvP based orgs are Band of Outlaws, Empire, & New Genesis. Check them out on the community page, hope you find what you’re looking for an have fun!
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