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  1. NinjaPlease1221

    Be part of the Founding Council, Build with Us...

    Are you here to be a Private, or a Pioneer?... ...Pioneers Wanted!!
  2. Yes sir, you’ll get 7 DACs as a silver sponsor...do the math on the estimated monthly sub cost, it’s worth it.
  3. NinjaPlease1221

    Does Org-discord need authorization?

    Yeah, keeping things simple and less stressful that way. Thanks for sharing.
  4. LOOKING FOR 2 ADDITIONAL MEMBERS TO COMPLETE THE FOUNDING COUNCIL AND DEVELOP AN ORGANIZATION... With the r0.15 updates on the way and PvP around the corner, Org affiliation will become imperative as gameplay evolves for us all. As a Founding Council member you’ll play a vital role in: -Establishing a base and laying the ground work for the colony -Implementing security measures & partnership agreements -Determining the most profitable industry for operations and the long term direction of the colony If you’re looking for more than just playing a role in someone else’s Org, here’s an opportunity to build and develop your own. The Alpha Colony https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-alpha-colony
  5. NinjaPlease1221

    Does Org-discord need authorization?

    Ah I see, so I would be personally taking responsibility for the content on my discord at the risk of my own alpha status. That was an awesome response, thanks for taking the time to respond.
  6. Hello...when setting up a discord server for a new organization, is there some sort of approval/verification process to go through for alpha members to discuss the game on our organizational discord?? (tried searching for the info but got over 1500 hits) Thanks in advance for the help!!
  7. Working on an Org...gotta do something to stay busy when the server's offline

  8. NinjaPlease1221

    in need of moderator approval!!

    Hello, introducing myself so I can get access to the Alpha discord. Thanks!!! Yours Truly, NinjaPlease1221
  9. discordauth:7A24iwzGaSwKsZSfldeWo0KfYyLVRWtCJvah9L7LDzk=