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  1. i dont understand why the email doesnt show up for some people. and there costumer support is just not big enough at . They are supposed to be bringing more people in
  2. thre is actully possibility for other solar systems in beta its on the road map
  3. there working on making this easyer so you dont have to do this
  4. join the du discord and ask in there
  5. i didnt have issues did you ever get it solved
  6. i think you have to get xsolla to accept the payment before you can download the game if not get a hold of support
  7. Be very careful sometimes test get shutdown early and are shorter in time for the first test
  8. i would have hope they fixed the damage model in this build 2
  9. I think there at that gaming convention this week hence no test
  10. he probly can get used stuff to run this game or upgrade to a ryzen setup for not to much
  11. Voxels need avx instructions they can't change a few lines of code
  12. lonly yama i would have loved to go but the plane tickets are steep
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