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  1. Upgraded graphics card GTX 1070ti 8 GB

    as good as it can atm yes but isnt this supposed to be in the pre alpha section
  2. Im new but not new to space!

  3. Is the monthly payment going to be 30$?!?!?!?

    or a troll saying crap
  4. Alpha 1& 2 Server times

    o yea im pretty sure alpha 1 will be this year unless something comes up again
  5. man I cant wait for this game

    Aren’t we all
  6. Is the Game Worth it ?

    Damn son
  7. Game needs Digfighting

    it will probly be more aim and lock with hit chance
  8. Will Dual Universe Be Free To Play?

    but the pacs do come with dacs that you can use for your sub the patron packs comes with a year of play
  9. FPS Combat?

    cant wait to see a preview of it
  10. Cannot access the game...

    Did you figure it out
  11. Canadian

    I don’t think they are thinking like that. But do they have any rules saying you can’t use a proxy to change where you live
  12. Canadian

    All you need is a USA proxy and you can pay in American dollars or have a friend in the USA gift you it and you pay him the money. I tested the change with a free web proxy I’m not sure if it will go through but you can try
  13. Pre-Alpha Access expectations

    the thursday test are 24 hours atm and ussly once a month there is a 48 hour test or more
  14. o7 wow

    there will be some simularities
  15. Next build: Scanning, Mining and Markets

    It probly won’t be alpha until they add crafting