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  1. A greeting from Psi-Corps

  2. Upgrade Silver Founder

    Yea you can upgrade
  3. Question to NQ: server up time

    Even the server times of 6 hours isn’t always 6 hours sometimes they end up 24 hours arm
  4. Did someone say.... Wednesday? :O

    yea but gamers are a finicky bunch and dont know what an actuall alpha is but hey for 60 you can get into alpha 2 of fo 120 you can get in at some point in alpha 1. Actually i think 120 is alpha 1 access as soon as it opens
  5. Did someone say.... Wednesday? :O

    I wonder if I was first 1 to see it
  6. Custom Quests

    There going to be scarce content provided by the devs besides new tools and elements and stuff everything else is player made so any quest will come from them not say they won’t add more solar systems and planets and stuff
  7. Greetings!

  8. Convince Me To Buy a Pledge

    Well people need to look at it subjectively and not go in what they like or don’t like aka twitch or mmo style combat
  9. Convince Me To Buy a Pledge

    there going to have to make combat at least decent and fun tho
  10. holy cow

  11. Hello there

    welcome how are you doing
  12. Convince Me To Buy a Pledge

    it probly have aiming mechanics but it be target lock XD
  13. Hello Folks!

    or just wont take off or uncontrolable XDDD
  14. HuskyTeufel

  15. i would contact support also could you post a screenshot or come into discord so someone can try to help you https://discord.gg/GX2tQSW