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  1. yamisniper

    no AVX = no go ?

    he probly can get used stuff to run this game or upgrade to a ryzen setup for not to much
  2. yamisniper

    no AVX = no go ?

    Voxels need avx instructions they can't change a few lines of code
  3. yamisniper

    Pledge Upgrade Issues*

    Contact support cause it should let you upgrade
  4. yamisniper

    Who is attending the Montreal meetup?

    lonly yama i would have loved to go but the plane tickets are steep
  5. yamisniper

    Question about alpha access

    96 hour test 3 times amonth now
  6. yamisniper


    Hows it going
  7. yamisniper

    New player!

    Your mean test XD
  8. yamisniper

    Im not a robot, come on

    Should be 😅
  9. yamisniper


  10. yamisniper

    Hello everyone

  11. yamisniper


  12. yamisniper

    I want to pledge but is the game playable

    i mean the road map tells you what alpha will have