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Dear DU Community, so long I didn't posted here and I hope you are all doing well considering what we are all facing in real life right now.


FrogSwarm is still following DU development without being actively involved with the game yet.

However, we still are a strong group playing other games and this year FrogSwarm will reach 10 years !


We bonded together in 2006, created FrogSwarm late 2010. So many years have passed, we saw so much extraordinary groups / alliances forming, fighting us, be or became our friends. Ultimately with years a lot have shattered or disappeared in the dark, enemies and friends with no distinctions.


Years have passed and we still stands !

A lot happened this last year and instead of words I'll let the lasts agitprop productions explain it in picture : https://pics.frogswarm.fr/#15729849986004

Also check our Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/FrogSwarm/playlists


See you soon and be safe o7


PS: Special COVID-19


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