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Project Hyperlink by Luminous.


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Project Hyperlink

A Luminous initiative




What is Project Hyperlink?


Project Hyperlink is an initiative started by Luminous in an effort to create an open forum for org leaders to discuss issues and share projects,

without the hassle of joining a billion servers or creating infinite DM groups.


In essence, it's a discord for the users who suffer from fiftyplusdiscorditis,

we've created this in an effort to cure this ailment and bring efficient communication into the picture for organisations.


Interested? This next section will be relevant to you then.


What are the requirements for joining?

  • An org must at least have 10 members on the community site, or pass the quality standard.
  • An org must agree to the guidelines written below.


Project Hyperlink Guidelines

  • An org can have a maximum of 3 representatives including the org leader.
  • An org can bring up any topic for discussion.
  • An org can share projects in the dedicated channels.
  • An org leader/representative cannot officially represent multiple subsidiaries and the whole. They can either represent the whole, or one of the subsidiaries. (They can still speak on their behalf unofficially)


Project Hyperlink is moderated by Luminous staff. The guidelines above also apply to Luminous with the exception of the representative limit.


How are orgs added to this server?

Orgs can be added through Luminous, DM Dxeo#1776 or Soarnir#1776 on discord, or head on over to the Luminous discord found on our community page here.

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The post will be modified shortly to include details on how to reach us.


If you'd like your org to be added or have any questions feel free to DM Dxeo#2670 or Soarnir#0959 on discord, or head on over to the Luminous discord found on our community page here.

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