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  1. An exciting event no matter what, as Elon said.
  2. discordauth:iUTw4_pALI6Tx5b9F9vYlWZfoBVJr5Tko_FW-AUiSEY=

  3. So far so good. Great start to a project which will be important come game release.
  4. Excellent to have you here Firewerk! Hope to see you around!
  5. It will be beneficial to have a universal naming standard. Marketing of ships comes to mind as well as a basic understanding of the enemy fleet composition. "What does the enemy ship classify as?" "Captain it has er.......uh.....a few guns......a large front and slim middle.....I guess." Instead if we had a universal system "Captain it's a corvette with 8 laser turrets along the port and starboard side." The standard should probably be based on ship length. (The actual names can of course be debated) Also as mentioned before, sales and ship design would be much easier. "The contract calls for a corvette class." (now you know the size limitation without much prompting from the contract customer)
  6. This is really coming together already! I spoke with Yamamushi and told him I was interested in doing a radio show with Minermax555. He had me fill out a simple application which asked about the type of media I wanted to do (a talk show) and a few ideas on what I'd discuss. Then, I was in. He had me scheduled for a time slot that fit my personal schedule perfectly and I was ready. Now the rest of the process is on me and Max. Content has to be developed and various aspects planned. Yama made the process simple and to the point. I am extremely impressed with the setup he has so far and I know it's going to get even better. Hats off to you Yamamushi for such an exciting idea!
  7. I think that's a good idea. A universal standard?
  8. Glad you're here! I look forward to seeing you in-game.
  9. How about Diplós? It's greek for dual (which i think is fitting), it's easy to remember, and i think it sounds cool. What do you guys think?
  10. Hi emperor, have you tried looking at the company organizations? Silverlight Industries, Objective Driveyards, and Vortrex Mining and Science (who i am a part of come check us out). We tend to have a democratic setup.
  11. Has anyone from NQ mentioned different weapon types? Railguns? Laser weapons? Missiles? Something like that might change how things are set up logistics wise.
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